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< Sport Innovation is the global ready to use site for both participants and event organizers, however, predominantly for the former. Standard links such as "Site Map", Contact, About Us, is provided as well as a possibility to sign up for the active newsletter.

One of the main features of the site, is a search option for future participants looking for an event. Considering time, type or area of the event, users can customize their search. The range of countries to be chosen from seems to be global, indicating that activities and services covers the entire globe. A smaller feature, is that offered to organizers that is not currently using the services. Opportunities are listed under what seems to be the main event organizer advantages; ; the exposure an event can achieve by and the effectivity and ease of registration using the software, i.e. Software-as-a-Service.

Having used the search function before, on future visits, the page lists coming events in the users area. Furthermore, a directory is provided listing the top global cities using Active network, and the top cities offering the range of sports the users previously have stated interest in. Browse options is also provided.

Besides from the options already mentioned, offers a range of tools applicable and of possible interest to the active individual.

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