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Re: [[programmingc:ch1_cpp]] (an impossible name to remember, btw) Are you using an automated HTML syntax coloring program? I <font color="#0000FF">do</font> not like the colors appearing in the <font color="#0000FF">main</font> text (not the programs); you shouldn't <font color="#009900">include</font> that text in your syntax-colorer input.
Also, the namespace problem can be fixed by leaving out the .h from iostream. Only in ancient (nonstandard) compilers does <iostream> not exist (as opposed to <iostream.h>), and in all <iostream>-compatible compilers the file's contents are in std. If a compiler does not support the non-h syntax (and the other thirty-odd standard headers), it's not a good one to learn from. [[User:Geoffrey|Geoffrey]] 03:50 28 Jul 2003 (UTC)
I'll try that namespace thing... Yeah, that colored thing isn't that good. I wrote something myself to do the conversion, having things colored in the text didn't bother me, as long as it was actually a command (but if the consensus is not to do it, I won't). That "do" thing, I don't know why its not working? Take, "if", and "while", they don't just turn blue in the text, my program searches for the accompaying paranthesis, but for some reason it won't do that for "do". I can't figure out why... Its probably due to some weird mistake I made when I programmed the parser at ultra high speed... so I'm writing a new parser... [[User:Mrquick|Mrquick]] 18:09 28 Jul 2003 (UTC)