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Computer Programming

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Assembly is not used that much today, but learning it will greatly help you understand how a computer works and how to better structure high level code. Plus, if you really need speed on a couple often used routines in your program, you can and should use assembly to write them.
Another distinction must be made between [[programming:scripting|scripting]] languages and [[programming:highlevel|very-high-level]] languages and other languages. Scripting languages, like [[programming:Perl|Perl]], [[programming:Python|Python]] and [[programming:Ruby|Ruby]] are interpreted languages that have been designed for speed and ease of coding in performing short tasks, often offering elastic synthaxsyntax and allowing to shrink complex tasks in just a dozen lines of code. They have been successfully implemented to solve day-to-day problems and not to build up complex, monolithic applications, although there are exceptions (Python-based applications like MayaVi or Zope are a notable example).