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* [[Por que usar livros abertos?]]
* [[Programmierkurs C-Plusplus]]
* [[Programmierung: Basic]]
* [[Programmierung: Perl]]
* [[Programmierung: Ruby]]
* pages that start with '''Russisch'''
* [[光の偏極]]
* [[Programowanie:Pojęcia]]
* pages that start with '''Fysiikan oppikirja'''
* [[Portada Español]]
* pages that start with '''Métricas live CDs'''
* pages that start with '''Slowenische'''
==[[Cookbook:Mateer Paneer]] and [[Cookbook:Pita with Grilled Vegetables]]==
These look like copyright violations. I suppose a rewrite of the procedures would solve the problem, at least as far as USA copyright law is concerned. If nobody wants to bother though, I think these recipes need to go. [[User:AlbertCahalan|AlbertCahalan]] 03:03, 22 Apr 2005 (UTC)
*'''Delete''' on April 29 (1 week after nomination) unless rewritten. [[User:TUF-KAT|TUF-KAT]] 05:17, 24 Apr 2005 (UTC)
== Gunther research ==
* [[GR]]