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* [[The_Science_of_Getting_Rich]] - [[User:|]] 23:17, 30 Dec 2004 (UTC)
:(Added by Anonymous)
:Do not delete [[The_Science_of_Getting_Rich]] please. As far as I know, the person who submitted this book for deletion didn't give any reason for the book's removal. Also note that [[The_Science_of_Getting_Rich]] has had its table of contents deleted -- no one can get to the material other than a Google search workaround. And, keep in mind, that although [[The_Science_of_Getting_Rich]] is in the public domain, there are many "Get Rich Quick" scam sites who proffer this legitimate, public domain book as a preface to hawk their own twisted financial gimmicks. My best bet is that some con artist wants [[The_Science_of_Getting_Rich]] deleted from Wikibooks so that people have to get the material from his scam website (and scam deals) instead of losing potential customers (victims) who might've otherwise gotten the book here for free with no strings attached.
:(Added by Another Anonymous)
: The danger of open source and public domain is that scrupulous business men are tempted to use it to sell the information to those that can't find the open source or public domain. Especially wiki's should be aware of that, since everybody can alter everything. [[The_Science_of_Getting_Rich]] is public domain and indeed hard to find. It's a very nice book to read and it's principles are still valid! This wiki location is where it belongs. Please, don't delete it just because somebody asks you to (while adding {{1}} as an explanation). Thanks.
:(Added by Another Anonymous)
: Hard to respond to someone's request for deletion when s/he hasn't stated why. Public domain is one of the fundamental ways we are guaranteed access to information. [[The_Science_of_Getting_Rich]], whether a given reader finds it valuable or not, belongs exactly where it is: posted and available to all. Administrators might consider insisting a request for deletion be accompanied by an argument. Thanks.
* [[UnicyclingOld]] - This page and all its subpages are now obsoleted by the new Unicycling book, [[The Unicyclopedia]]. The old page only contained stolen material. -- [[User:Karlsson.ulf|Karlsson.ulf]] 04:49, 25 Jan 2005 (UTC)
:What do you mean by "stolen"? Thanks, [[User:Mshonle|MShonle]] 04:58, 25 Jan 2005 (UTC).
:The material was copy/paste from the webpage and the newsgroups without permission from the original authors. [[User:Karlsson.ulf|Ulf]] 17:35, 7 Feb 2005 (UTC)
[[User:GSwarthout|GSwarthout]] 18:25, 14 Jan 2005 (UTC)
* [[User:]] contributed a bunch of junk categories (Ingredient-Garlic, Pepper, Salt, Flout, Olive oil, Garlic, etc.) [[User:AlbertCahalan|AlbertCahalan]] 20:22, 17 Feb 2005 (UTC
''These pages are all ready to be deleted, but can not because of a temporary technical error. They should be considered procedurally already deleted, continuing to exist only because of technical problems''
[[Vietnamita]], [[Vietnamita:_Contenidos]], [[インターネット]], [[Main Page:Suomi]], [[Wikiversidad]], [[WIkiversidad:Educación secundaria]], [[The Science of Getting Rich]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Química]], [[Wikiversidad:Escuela de Ingeniería Informática]], [[Talk:The Science of Getting Rich]], [[Wikiversidad:coordinación plurilingüe]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Lingüística]], [[Wikiversidad:Biblioteca de Lingüística]], [[Wikiversidad:Prácticas de traducción]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: Prefacio]], [[Wikiversidad:proceso de fundación]], [[Wikiversidad:Cómo crear un departamento wikiversitario]], [[Wikiversidad:Escuela de Ingeniería Informática]], [[Talk:Wikiversidad:Escuela de Ingeniería Informática]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: A]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: B]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: C]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: D]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: E]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: F]], [[Transcendentalist Theology]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: G]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: H]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: I]], [[Déclaration universelle des Droits de l'Homme]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: J]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: K]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: L]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: M]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: N]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: O]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: P]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: Q]], [[Information Ecology/RGB Matrix]], [[Information Ecology]], [[Information Ecology/Welcome]], [[Information Ecology/Table of Contents]], [[Information Ecology/Table of Contents]], [[Information Ecology/Information habitat]], [[Information Ecology/Information species/Taxonomy]], [[Information Ecology/Queries/Environment and Development]], [[Information Ecology/Information habitat]], [[Information Ecology/Information species]], [[Information Ecology/Information species/Taxonomy]], [[IHWIL/1990]], [[Gapping seat in]], [[Precise steering]], [[Rolling out of drops]], [[Cross country muni training, motivation, etc.]], [[Effective braking]], [[Finding trails]], [[Shifties]], [[Motivating yourself to do something scary]], [[Wheel truing]], [[Cleaning out a water-logged unicycle]], [[Washing your unicycle]], [[IHWIL/1991]], [[IHWIL/1993]], [[IHWIL/1994]], [[IHWIL/1995]], [[IHWIL/2001]], [[IHWIL/2002]], [[IHWIL/2003]], [[UnicyclingOld]], [[Summary of 'Learning To Unicycle' by Andrew Carter and Klaas Bill]], [[IHWIL/2004]], [[Alice in Cyberwonderland]], [[Information Ecology/Information species]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: R]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: S]], [[Mesopotamian Marshlands]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: T]], [[Talk:Mesopotamian Marshlands]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: U]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: V]], [[Information Ecology/Properties]], [[Information Habitat: Where Information Lives]], [[Summary of 'Learning To Unicycle']], [[Riding seat in front]], [[Wheel walking]], [[Spins]], [[Backwards riding]], [[Trials training]], [[Crank grabs]], [[Vandwelling:Roadstories:Europe:Britain:Sheytt]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: W]], [[Diccionario Fructuoso: X]], [[西班牙语:内容]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Informática y Sociedad]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Matemática Aplicada]], [[Die Mechanik flüssiger und gasförmiger Körper]], [[Die Mechanik realer Körper]], [[Study Guide:Greek History]], [[Die Mechanik starrer Körper]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Tecnología Electrónica]], [[Cooking Alla Nonna]], [[Wikilibro de la lengua española: Sintaxis del español: La oración compuesta: Proposición subordinada sustantiva]], [[Wikilibro de la lengua española]], [[Wikilibro de la lengua española: Índice general]], [[Talk:Wikilibro de la lengua española: Índice general]], [[Türkisch:Vorwort]], [[Türkisch:Alphabet]], [[Talk:Cookbook/Planning]], [[Türkisch:Wortliste]], [[Vruchtbrengend Woordenboek: Inhoud]], [[Türkisch:Vokalharmonie]], [[Türkisch:Strukturwörter]], [[Türkisch:Zahlen]], [[Türkisch:Ortsangaben]], [[Türkisch:Deklination]], [[Türkisch:Possesiv]], [[Türkisch:Konjugation]], [[Türkisch:Endungen]], [[Türkisch]], [[Wikilibro de la lengua española: Sintaxis del español: La oración compuesta]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Química]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Informática]], [[Wikiversidad:Departamento de Lingüística]], [[Wikiversidad:Educación primaria]], [[Talk:Wikiversidad:Departamento de Informática]], [[Wikilibro de la lengua española: Índice general]], [[Talk:Wikilibro de la lengua española: Índice general]], [[Wikilibro de la lengua española: Sintaxis del español: La oración compuesta: Proposición coordinada adversativa]]
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