Spanish Grammar

Ñ textured with flags of Spanish speaking countries.
Spanish Grammar

Table of ContentsEdit


Prefaceː Spelling and pronunciationEdit

27 letter Spanish alphabet in upper and lower case.

Chapter 1ː NounsEdit

Chapter 2ː ArticlesEdit

Chapter 3ː Adjectives and adverbsEdit

Chapter 4ː PronounsEdit

Chapter 5ː Indicative verb tensesEdit

Chapter 6ː Subjunctive verb tensesEdit

Chapter 7ː Subjunctive useEdit

Chapter 8ː ImperativeEdit

Chapter 9ː Ser and estarEdit

Chapter 10ː Sentence StructureEdit

Chapter 11ː NegatationEdit

Chapter 12ː Por and paraEdit

Chapter 13ː Special uses of verbEdit

Chapter 14ː Discourse markersEdit