Radium SmartChain/registration walkthrough

Radium Wallet & SmartChain User GuideEdit

This guide was created for the Radium Community to assist with the installation and synchronization of the Radium Wallet and Radium SmartChain Clients. By the end of this walk-through, you will have accomplished these goals:

  • Develop a basic understanding of what the Radium SmartChain is and the purpose it serves.
  • Install Radium Wallet & Sync with the SmartChain
  • Register a SmartChain username
  • Switch SmartChain Users

Registering a SmartChain UsernameEdit

Description: Registering a username on the SmartChain allows for easy target account identification by name as opposed to the typical wallet address. This is done by linking your wallet addresses public key to a registered SmartChain Username.

1.)   To register your username with the SmartChain, you first must have 5 Radon in your associated account address in order to submit the registration. With the Radon in the desired SmartChain address, enter the SmartChain as the user you are going to register (the picture below does not have a Radon Balance, you should have 5 Radon in order to register your SmartChain Identity.)

2.)   On the next screen, select the Register button. If your address does not have enough Radon at this point, it will throw a prompt stating that. Also check out, [How to get Radon] if you have questions.

3.)    A registration window will appear for you to enter the desired username and any comment you would like to add identifying the account holder. Fill these in and select Register.

4.)    Confirm the Username you want to register

5.)   Acknowledge and accept the cost of this procedure.

6.)   Congratulations! Now you have an account on the SmartChain.

7.)   If you would like to have a Verified account, send the SmartChain lead developer a PM on bitcointalk at this handle - JJ12880. He performs a manual verification and sets your account status to Verified. For now there is no vetting process for individuals on the SmartChain, but as organizations look to register they will have a more rigorous registration process to prove their identity.

Switching UsersEdit

Description: You may need to switch users are some point, or you may want to register a second account on the SmartChain. This can be accomplished without shutting down the SmartChain Client.

1.) To Switch Users go to File > Switch Users and you will go back to the Address Selection Screen

Please reach out to someone in the Project Radon Slack Channel with any issues or questions!

Guide created by SmartChain user boardwalk, feel free to donate RADS if this was useful. XyTKQq3JLPH8ZAY1rKucK1xJenLZEJUZ3E