Quantum Nanotechnology/Transportation

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Can a single atom compose an entire ship for interplanetary travel? The answer thanks to Aleodeology applied to atoms, is yes. Assume we have a single atom or groups of atoms.

Group of Atoms Example

The particles of the atom are affected via Aleodelogic techniques and can exits in all diverse outcomes at t1.

Outcomes by Aleodeology

Done properly it can take up so many positions it can actually form the structure for a craft – one that can support life oxygen and travel faster than light Aleodelogically.

Altogether the craft can be flown at incredible speeds repair damage, from any collisions with particles it may encounter while in FTL mode and even induce simulated Gravity. This “craft” can assume any feasible shape and alchemical structure possess food processors add infinitum and caress the inner reaches of imagination.


Occupants (people or organisms) may not travel independently of the craft. They to must be temporarily permeated with the craft until arrival at destination.

Then reconstituted.

The reason is quite simple unless you and any objects surrounding you want to be destroyed.

Various Spin-off TransportsEdit

Predictably with such an ability to transport to distant places there are going to arise transport systems that emulate those from popular science fiction television shows and I am sure that I am going to get lectured on this area since so many authorities in these areas have either debunked the possibility of such transports from being a whimsical fantasy or too far into the future to even consider currently. However with Quantum Nanotechnology and Aleodeology that dream and it’s realization could become a reality within the next hundred years instead of the ongoing search for answers to FTL by energy which results in fruitless research efforts.

A plausible suggestion since it may come to pass one day that our own sun may go nova. Just where would we go to at such a time, and how would Earth be evacuated? It will be a necessity to eventually, just as cars have become a necessity. But such cool transport systems do not make slower modes of transport obsolete unless those modes of transport are immaterial in light of the new transport system by

  • popular consensus.

Eliminating the need to land a ship and having replaced that with a transport system that avoids this is of course a brilliant idea-it’s real name however is called teleportation. Obviously we have extrapolated these ideas from automation and certain themes from fictitious depictions.

  • From sci-fi comes the most popular of these … our friendly space-crew from the 60’s. Universal owns the rights to the fan-based show and from time to time they produce new versions of this show. However the techno-feasible concepts behind them extended far beyond T.V. fantasy of possible life out there, The impact of the show resulted in far reaching implications that went well beyond the fantastical aspects of outer space life in the future and seared the status-quo of outer space life and it’s military operations into the minds of scientists, laymen, theorists and enthusiasts the world over.

But what have you in the face of a malevolent race bent on evil intentions and that in their possession having highly advanced technology to boot? Perhaps even advanced by millions of years? Such transport systems entail Quantum Nanotechnology and details Aleodeology.

At this point in this book I am not able to compile the proper methods to execute such a system, however it will be necessary to create them in positions-less travel in the craft/ship to be designed otherwise the inner walls will have to do the job instead. I am sorry to lift your hopes up on this particular subject but more time is needed to detail the schematics of it so that even a kitten will come out unscathed.