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Since physical information constitutes the heart of q-matter and energy, communication with information indicates that messages must be heard - and for it to be heard, that information must possess intelligence.

Quanta must therefore be intelligent. It is automated to a certain degree, except where decay occurs or entropy ensues. We all recognize this intelligence when attempting to instill discipline into a cat. Such as when it leaps up on top of the dinner table when company arrives. Spoken, commands such as that of “get down” don’t mean anything to the cat’s mind if unaltered plainly.

The cat may sit starring at you as if to mock you. Whatcha ya going to do meanie? Even though the cat at first may not get the message, the animal has heard it before and when the words are spoken and “meant” semantically, via your ‘tone of voice’ and a possible thwarting action such as the raise of the arm to put a stop to… and a “GET DOWN”!!

The cat then associates by the tone and response mechanisms through much repetition that this signifies to move elsewhere other than where the cat presently is. The action of raising one’s arm may instill the message further with a sense of not to do it again and away than relocating to someone’s lap or begging for scraps off the table.

And so the cat receives the message and it scats away quickly around the corner almost as if to indicate to you ha-ha that was funny. Naturally when the guests have left and everything quiets down, the cat does not retain the incident and seek revenge, the cat does not instinctively hate you to plot in the middle of the night when you are asleep to scratch your eyes out.

A good master is like a good parent if you show the cat kindness love food (survival) and caressing (perhaps with a prickly hairbrush). It will come to associate you as the leader of the pack and hence sleep with you on the bed. Lie on your chest or instinctively be there perhaps due to a chest cold and purr endlessly.

Scientists have yet to figure out “why” cats purr-but if you own such well mannered cat and it is purring near you move your head to the cat and you can almost guess why-the vibrations set up a wave or cycle a type of serene healing, which is why at times there is an ease in sleeping if the cat is there unless you of course are just an insensitive person and can’t associate yourself.

However this is not a lesson on cats. The instance is with tones and how we approach situations. Touch is another matter that may be “felt”. Some of these tones are “trouble tones” and we “feel” them on a day-to-day basis as opposed to what we normally hear such as traffic.

There are tones of anger. Hate and love. We have all heard these ‘tones’ and just about all of these communications can be felt, and some, like music can effect us psychologically-literally making us via our own subconscious sick because when music is heard it goes through your ears into your mind and straight to your heart. But the mind of discretion can differentiate and go unaffected by such music.

The tones of love are naturally the best (we are not talking out of sin, such as fornication) and can aid in healing if a person may have experienced hardship or a sour relationship. The others that remain are repugnant. We can categorize these tones into two classifications good, bad or positive and negative. The third is an order or command under service or military instruction. The forth and final are passive tones-those we hear everyday or work related.

What do these tones have to do with the world of the Quantum? First provided that the Quantum has or possesses intelligence, then these tones can be felt when information is communicated to it (or them so to speak) via message components or signals. Provided intelligence, a real, tangible connection exists between communication and “speaking” to the Quantum.


Because it has or possess intelligence controlled by information. Maybe not an intelligence as we understand it, or an intellect in relationship to it bearing a thinking mind but an intelligence that differs from that of normal precepts. It therefore must speak a language. (Complimentary.) Where particles and space-time agree, to function or be automated and affect things and phenomena. That language, then, can presumably be communicated with and even commanded and controlled.

The quanta referred to here as having or possessing the properties of intelligence constitutes consciousness. To possess a conscious and know enough not to rage an assault or attack (know what to do from what not to do) to have an intelligence and be conscious it must be self aware and aware of it’s surroundings. It must be able to decipher correct from incorrect to a certain degree.

Thus may be the automation in reference. To have intelligence means to possess life. As differentiated from being intelligent. (Intelligent-life, artificial-life, self-aware) Aware cognizant or conscious (of), informed, mindful, apprised.

The dictionary definition defines this as; automatic,uncontrollable. Alive; to exist; being, live, energy. The key!

The term here is difficult to explain since quanta are assumed by status-quo to not have life. What is odd is that this intelligence corresponds back to the disturbing of quanta wherein attempting to measure the system disturbs it-it seems to know what is happening and even scarier when! Perceptions may vary.

When we ponder upon something that possesses intelligence it usually is by definition to mean mind or consciousness. But can it be said then that matter possesses mind or spirit?

I am not one to say how to go about communicating with quanta, perhaps it in all truth creates the actual.