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Joining the TeamEdit

Everyone needs a place to belong. If you have nowhere else to go, we'll take ya! By joining up with the team, you'll be able to participate in our uphill swim as we work to turn Quantum Nanotechnology into a real winner. Take a look at the current tasks below to get an idea of how you can help. Add yourself to the team list above and get started helping out. It doesn't matter if you know nothing about the Science of QN, you can also be an artist. So join the team.

Current TasksEdit

  1. Every page needs an editor assigned to it. (editors)
  2. Every page needs to be reviewed by editors/or the Author and needs a task list added to it. (editors)
  3. Every page needs to be taught visually/or in Layman`s Terms. We must have better screenshots and applicable renders on every page to inspire the reader with instructions overlaid simple paint drawings will do. (editors & authors)
  4. Every page needs its "previous/next" navs (top & bottom).
  5. We need legible equations and screenshots to include throughout the book.
  6. Always Upload images via wiki commonsand choose (recommended)

Current ResourcesEdit

Team DocumentationEdit

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