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Spin the solution to it all?Edit

However we can explain how the spin direction is simultaneity. Spin direction 2 of the photon is considerably finite and the speed of light is equal to 186,282.4 miles per second per second.

That is it is a constant and it neither increases nor decreases without some outside intervention to aid it in becoming sluggish or faster. Limited to c = 1 second over which this speed covers. Over half this distance 93,141.2 the mass-less energy covers this distance at c in ½ second and on down the line to 1 mile and 1 inch. Commonly these distances are covered with the use of lasers. Rectilinearly, although mass-less energy from lasers bent into a 360° hoop or cylinder by electric or magnetic fields to it repeats in a circle at c over and over again.

The repetitious rate is measured by choosing a point on the inner or outer circumference to determine in how many seconds the speed of c (in this case angular velocity) (ω) (speed may differ from velocity in that it has magnitude) takes to complete 1 revolution (or many) in 1 second. The RPS is completely dependent on the distance of the circumference. Thus like our prior example ν=c covers 186,282.4 miles in 1 second from point A to point B.

The point on the radius however is both point A and B because NO LIMIT exists in a 360° circle-it is perfectly uniform. So an RPS for the angular velocity of c about a circumferential distance of 186, 282.4 would be 1 second.93,141.2miles would be ½ second. At 1 mile would be 0+1 second. At 1 inch-1 would be absolute zero seconds. And this is approximately equal to 372,564.8 RPS! Now that is fast!

Relativistically,and provided the source is dismissed a ring of light could be observed. Accordingly the light ring created through optics and the usage of a section of a cylindrical Potassium Di-hydrogen Phosphate Crystal (KDP)and laser tech, does this without disappearing from current space-time- it remains here, in current space in current time. It does this through what is known as Global Causality Violation. (GVC for short). (again, Frank J. Tipler) Physical Review D 1974)).

That is a cylinder or ring of light in this case, travels so quickly that the mass-less energy winds around the axis, goes through time, curls through space, arriving at the exact position (on the radius) from which it left, *at a little less than the same time it left.

*MC - we can see here that gravity is the inhibition here preventing the simultaneity of the GCV of the speck, otherwise it would most definitely emerge through time.

That is a return to the point on the radius arrives and leaves simultaneously. It is assumed that arriving occurs before leaving. However this is not the case and does NOT depend on the circumferential distance. Only the energy does this through RPS to renew energy before losing it timitically corresponding to the finite distance. This may tend to go against the grain but as we shall see later the evidence will become clear.

Now imagine how finite a particle is. It is moving about itself so rapidly that GVC is occurring. It is doing so timitically via the initial distance inductive of RPS. Thus the RPS is timitically dependent upon the distance and hence simultaneity, in 1 direction. In another term the RPS rate of the constant c about the axis uses THE past returning to THE future to remain in current time.

As opposed to time travel (That is if travel is required to move through time, since obviously the ring is going “nowhere”), to A past or A future. Supposed “travel” to A past or A future suggests that Parallel Universes are nothing more than alternate time-lines, dependent upon current time to the number of possible outcomes that can become actual to the number of degrees of freedom imposed via positions that a physical object or organism can assume through energy. And you know that energy is the only reason why positions exist and that without the usage of energy to move,positions cannot formulate.

Thus time is an illusion because we perceive prohibitions from a standpoint that FTL can be accomplished by virtue of energy, which is of course is ridiculous in the spotlight of a manually based external force, the force can never overcome the thing to which it`s energy transfers.

Positions and the constraints of these degrees of freedom in light of these positions; manifestations caused by energy in debt to G, is because that is where Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy originate.

So to incorporate a method of travel of Trans-positioning through intermediate space-time, that does not require energy, would eliminate the prohibitions caused by energy establishments resulting in FTL by time travel, alternate time-line exploration, and other spin-offs including teleportation.

From this alone you should know by now that relativity is based on energies in relationship to it establishing degrees of freedom, which are positions, and therefore should a method be unraveled whereby travel is accomplished to other destinations and/or times relativity would fall!