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Solutions to The Impossibility of Energy Causing FTLEdit

We know Ke and Pe are interchangeable and neither is isolatable either from another. All measurement originates from one form of energy or another that has the property of materialism. If it is physical, it possesses energy in one form or another, And energy is equivalent to mass.



Light speed without intervention in vacuum is mass-less energy with zero mass. Hence it is limited by it’s four velocity motion to the speed of light and no more. Energy, relativistically induced by an immense power source is simply the sum of a push in 1 direction absent of a pull. Distance plays it’s part in time as a constant varies in ETA by how much it is varied.



E is always established from potentiality but never automatically.

A degree of freedom is a positional relation in which Pe is necessitated to Δd (change in direction).

MC: Gravity and Pe seems to be united in some way.

E in it’s establishment and further development necessitates distance over time. Pe simulates Gravity in propagation where E is used by mass. Disengagement of a force is falsely assumed to be Gravity acting on the mass to bring it to rest by virtue of position. Pe or potentiality would then seem to indicate that it is Gravity where:

                                  G = Pe


                                 Pe ≠ G

Pe can only equate to two things, itself and energy or kinetic.

                                PE = Pe


                              Pe = Ke or E



The term "kinetic energy" stems from the theory of gases wherein it is or starts out at thermodynamic equilibrium. Hence energy of motion, in that being kinetic. Whenever Ε is established by an external force (which also originates from Pe and therefore is Ε) (F = Ε). Pe in it’s establishing’s is never absent and therefore can in no sense omit itself. Thus Ε with the presence of Pe – from which it originates – possesses position (Δd) although Δd may never be implemented in constant ν it is always there due to Pe being present with Ε.


                                ∫ ΕF = Ρe/P

Now while all this originally stems from gravity, the oversight comes from the fact that Pe and Ke are not actually interchangeable where one disappears in the presence of the other, but in relationship to either’s establishment of motion over time one is in debt to the other. Since F = Ε also then it becomes easy to say how can energy overcome energy to cause FTL?

It cannot and especially when that motion indebted to it’s counterpart is a force that all consists of a push absent of any pull. Hence relativistics. Thus due to Ke indebted to Pe in a push, relativistically,

Ke is always in debt to Pe and Pe is all potential by virtue of position(s). This is evident from consideration of rapidly rotating rings generated from laser light. The analogy is seen in ω = c about a fixed D. As you can see a reference point placed on the outer circumference indicates the RPS that the ω of c repeats at in so many seconds –


depending on D in 1d. But no actual position exist in the rapid repetitions of the light ring – hence any actual position that may exist in the light ring’s energy is purely one of conjecture and therefore purely imaginary. Constant change in direction occurs for c to give angular velocity. Tangents transpire for slower objects not duplicating the repeats and eject. If the circumference of the light ring’s distance is shrunk the angular velocity of c traverses D faster and with it the loss in energy reduces depending on the RPS of Ε renewing itself about D.

As it becomes more finite at specific distances the loss in Ε becomes negligible and then proceeds to become null by renewal but always remains in the present or the now via global causality violation (GCV) because the RPS of the energy’s renewal avoiding loss in Ε possesses no actual position. So initially, because no actual position exists the constant change in direction avoids position by renewal of Ε about the finite D in 1 d. So it is one of time. If the light ring is broken two positions are created which at the same ν would cause a change in d at the ends forcing and oscillation provided two barriers.

When the bend is straightened out we can see that the renewal ends because positions were created to form a line-segment. Now two directions exits.

Straightned Bend

Because renewal has ended and oscillation is evident renewal back upon itself cannot occur because ends split at either end causing a timitic difference – that no matter how finite still exists.

Removal of one barrier allows the oscillation to escape in one direction and since the propagation is non- re-establishing, it cannot avoid position because the energy is not avoiding loss in energy by renewal in energy, which is timitic. Deriving from RPS to the line- segment, infinite chains of them are not appropriate. Hence we have no RPS in altering our perspective so we have no RPS – but we have t and Ε.

And even with an oscillation at a finite distance a small time in the same space coming from opposite directions that is not equivalent and therefore no simultaneity and thus no renewal in energy.


We conclude therefore that energy is prohibited by itself by non-repetitious renewal of energy in a straight – line and that because renewal of Ε cannot avoid Pe/G in a straight – line and hence positions in relationship to Pe/G result. Hence FTL cannot transpire and therefore we conclude that whenever energy is established in space-time which does not renew to avoid positions, degrees of freedom result to constrain the energy from going beyond them-timitically. In other words energy causes positions.

This energy in straight-line traversement cannot cause time travel. In it’s absence however positions do not result and therefore energy in relationship to space-time positions are an illusion.