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We have, in light of all manual efforts attempted to arrive at a common denominator whereby it might be practically feasible to enable Faster than light travel, emergence through time, exploration of alternate time-lines (Parallel Universes), teleportatics and the such like.

None although to date have seen it nor discovered it through energetic interactions with respect to space-time at mesio-scopic (in between micro and macro)or macroscopic levels. All attempts to satisfactorily overcome such prohibitions have either fallen short or have failed.

The reasoning behind these failures lies in the fact that such goals might not be achievable to the Quantum from the macro. Because the Quantum makes up the macro while the macro consists of the Quantum. These indications lean more toward information.

So communication would serve as a key. There are two schools of thought on the Quantum realm; the first of these has to do with the photoelectric effect. Where discrete ‘packets’ (now called photons) of light quanta originating from the motions involved in rapid friction produce heat.

The heat, like our sun emits rays known as radiation. Whose luminosity or intensity (candela) depends on wavelength, the more compact these wavelengths the more intense the frequency and the higher the absorption of the packet of rays occur to electrons. Photons are electromagnetic.

That is they consist of an electric fields and their frequency is charted in a chart known as the electromagnetic spectrum. In the low bandwidth of this spectrum electrons absorb these photons and experience an excitation or jump (commonly referred to as a Quantum leap).

When the electron emits the photon it returns back to it’s normal orbital about the atom. In higher bandwidths the wavelength is high enough to be completely absorbed by the electron or knocks it out of the atom, ionizing it. This is called ionizing radiation and can lead to radiation poisoning in living tissue.

Through the magic of time consuming mumbo-jumbo we have probability and statistics, where through numerous and exhaustive perplexing calculations we can attain exotic and seeming impossible calculations never dreamed possible in the macroscopic world-many completely laughable…until demonstrated. Insanely enough this is nothing more than repeats of the same things in different colors.

The second school of thought on the Quantum world rests on the shoulders of the famous Everett-Wheeler interpretation of Quantum dynamics. For those of you who don’t know about it-this theory is generally surrounded with defamations in it’s character. Referred to as the many worlds hypothesis, the many-worlds interpretation dismantles orthodox approaches devised from Planck and others.

But wait a minute there can't be two theories! Yet there are, and that comes back to probabilities.

Basically the concept of the states of quanta exist in “many-worlds”, Parallel Universes, is to some paramount and with that is difficult to debunk as invalid. It’s precepts still stand out today as acceptable. It makes sense…a lot of sense. It has yet to be disproven except in the corridors of the avid angiosperm children of Planck’s followers, who swear by it’s absolutions. Both interpretations are although valid and worth investigating. But the point here is that every thing can be just a matter of interpretation.