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Real Time TravelEdit

With enough said here surrounding the semantics of time related to establishments of energy in space-time it becomes clear that time is the key to unlocking the secrets to particles and exotic forms of matter. Now all this is leading to an important pinnacle of which we have not gotten to yet because there are dire moments of scenery that need to be crossed over to solve the riddles behind these secrets in order to expose them and use them correctly.

After all if we miss that scenery the road trip will be missed. With this we can estimate that D approaches 0 whenever arriving occurs more than leaving does. Or to put it meaningfully one part of interdependency would have to be to be avoided. That being when arrival before occurs more than the interdependency of coming back to the present from the past by way of the future. It literally must avoid it, as does loss in Ε by renewal in Ε.

When arrival occurs so much so that going back before leaving transpires more than coming back via the future from the past space collapses where t overrides D. Now comes the hardest part how to cause the particle to do this and do it in another position at t1.

Now that we understand what is going on here any reader might be able to see where this is heading to bring about Quantum Nanotechnology. One should comprehend that there exists an interdependency between past and future in constraining energy to the present-the very reason for df - it becomes clear that the expansion in D of a particle will result in a change in RPS of the particle.

Matching arrivals with leavings at the same time to the exact position(s) – is not actually going back - back in time to the exact position from which it left because there is a dependency for Ε to remain locked in the present by the interdependency between past and future. So every instance where the RPS value arrives at the same time it leaves via a return to the future to the present insinuates in-actual time travel to the past. Instead.

This gap needs to be closed by arrival more. Once the value of arriving occurs more than leaving approaches a full value, say for instance 1, the dependency for coming back to the present from the past by way of the future approaches 0 so that Ε is enabled to go back through time.