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the outset of actually causing time travel with particles these discoveries may shock the entire world. However we are not finished just yet because the formula is not complete and it needs to be furthered to be favorable Aleodelogically. This is to mean that when Aleodelogically done, the energy arrives in THE past it arrives before it left. Initially this was the assumption I made early on in my research.

Though I had previously devised Aleodeology (and named it) in many of my writings, I did not fully grasp how it could be done until I came across this particular information, which I am sharing with the entire world.

What needs to transpire now is how to do it to the particle. Because the spin of the particle is position-less and any point indicating position on the outer circumference is an imaginary reference point measures the RPS of the particle dependent on the velocity of light about the distance of the circumference. Thus the angular velocity of the light is dependent on the distance of the circumference.

The Value of Revolutions

The reference point on the radius is imaginary and in no case can depict actual position. If the reference point is relocated anywhere else along the circumference there is no difference in RPS.

Moving the Revolutions

Therefore at every reference point RPS is still the same and this tells us that arriving and leaving in the now is transpiring at every position indicated by the reference point. Thus at all imaginary positions on the outer circumference must the slow-down be. Generally speaking a sub-division in the RPS in arriving in the now to leaving.

The slow-down can be done magnetically, electrically or with other forces involving light rings and Potassium Di-hydrogen Phosphate Crystals (KDP). Once a slow-down from THE now is induced to create a position in THE past it can then arrive in THE past before leaving. Thus accomplished it is assumed as being in THE past in the same position. Now it can be done in a different position or degree of freedom. The time t1 is the same it can move in all possible df without any prohibition from any other df whatsoever. It can even be spun in multiple df.

We can even cause it to travel faster than light and arrive in t1 at point B from point A without any troubles. Taking this to the biological level and to matter control is to deal with atoms. Atoms constitute molecules. Similar to molecular manufacturing Quantum manufacturing consists of the rearrangement of particles constituting atoms through Aleodeology to rearrange the basic building blocks of the chemicals involved. Initially, the process is, understandably applicable.

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