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Can a real apparatus manifest non-physical data into real quantities? Can an imaginary apparatus de-materialize physical quantities into non-physical data?

For decades science has been tabulating systematic descriptions of fundamental, complex and concrete quantities of information, which possess substance or mass-less energy.

Scientific conceptual frameworks presuppose abstract objects, as non-physical data for there is little if no way to quantify it. As an apex point in scientific research, the tenancies for science to be dispositional to hard, physical evidence, given the correct information that objects and quantities possess certain types of behavior because of the various quantities of the object; does phenomenalize, and while natural laws govern the properties of the actual quantities, but any physical possibility or possible quantity.

We necessitate the requirement for defining the difference between the possible and the probable. A possibility is not identical or the same as a probability.

Potential proceeds what is possible. A potential for information and energy to be established is prevalent before it becomes possible. Metaphysical abstractions originate in a potential state or condition; with a capacity for becoming actual - in an manual form.

Before possibility can be expressible into the probable, weather these are thoughts or expressions of thought, there must first be a potential for such a possibility. Akin to G. Spencer Brown’s paper on The Laws of Form.

This is to suggest that all thought has a tendency to be transmuted into it's physical equivalent provided much repetition. Assuming also a real basis in some sense exists that matches the potentiality of those thoughts being probable. Let us define the potential for something such as an abstraction that exists in a state of potency for developing from a state of potentiality into a state of actuality. The definition of potentiality, is potency of potentiality, that is Something which is potent expresses possibility - it possesses an undeniable capacity for acting or being acted upon, and hence for undergoing interchange.

This means that interchange exists as a potential state, however we did not indicate here where that potential state exists at. We assume that the potential state of it could become any number of possible states, probabilistically speaking. However, if we assume energy as having the capability to actualize into multiple states, probabilistically, then constraints would not hinder faster than light speeds, time travel and various phenomena as relations tell us of teleportation, folding space-time,gravity, etcetera.

An identifiable potential state is definable as a potent state of information; a possibility in it's own potential form is a “potential possibility”.

What does/is the requirement for a potential possibility to become possible and thereby transmogrify into actuality via establishment? (this is not to mean the imaginary) A possibility can be drawn as the definition so eloquently from Claude E. Shannon's Information Theory (1948) - as one possibility out of a set of all probable possibilities probable by potential possibilities.

Therefore what is possible, potentially, is potentially possible by a limited set of potentially probable possibilities, and while this mights sound weird at first it makes sense because possibility is the expression of potentiality. What is not possible is not probable; it does not exist, and therefore cannot be possible. The number that do are the number of outcomes these possibilities are constrained to these these limits, as a contingency of them all being equally likely. One might ask at this juncture, what is it that is causative of the delimitation?

Strikingly, we reveal this as being gravity, and while this may not make complete sense now, but the author will explain it as we gain insight through out this book.

The less probable, *then something is, the less likely it will be for it to manifest, just as 2 and 12 in a pair of dice. The more probable, *then something is, the more possible it will be for it to become manifest. Hence the more probabilities, that exists for something, the more it is for it to be possible from a potent state.

The Assumed Nature of Space (time)

*Then indicates time

a/I =c3÷I=a
a=Δν= nambla−ν or Δ−ν−ν

This is the assumed nature of space-time as it moves forward morphologically.

The limitations of potential possibilities are the constraints set upon “them” (The reference here to “them” or those is only an inference) by all probable outcomes of the potential thing/body/energy or information equaling the future outcomes of all it's capable states in actuality. That is to say with respect to time, the future equals all possible outcomes; all outcomes therefore equal all possible futures that “might result” as opposed to what currently occurs to what can transpire. This is what sets apart simultaneity; literally the differential between THE now and THE future.

Physical existence as it is perceived though our five senses, are four-dimensional according to Einstein relativistic flower children. 4D space-time delimits the possibility of time travel emergence no matter how you slice the pie, and while mainstream science insists that relativity tenants are absolute, it ceases in light of extra dimensions.

Einstein rubber-stampers usually debunk exciting and new concepts drawing it back to relativity and four disabling dimensions, consisting of three spatial dimensions known as the material plane, or physical realm. Zero-point enthusiasts claim quite the contrary deriving their observations from energy teeming with life at the potential level and quite rightly so. Like so many others they never take the time to fully analyze mathematically or physically their ideas to be entirely applicable or commercially salable.

So, the laws governing forces, phenomena, and the materials within the material plane continue to be known as conventional physics, and the dreamer's dream dies with the dreamer.(But not all, as some have come forth with amazing theories and are beginning to sway the scientific community).

Matter and conventional energies exist within the physical only. These possess no existence in any other conjectured or actual plane hypothetically or not.

As a consequence of this, conventional energies and all forms of matter are limited to influence or be influenced by objects and forces only within the reality of the limits of the physical realm. The known spatio-temporal dimensions together with matter and energies that occupy these, and the laws governing them constitute the whole of this reality.

We Therefore exist in a spatio-temporal environment where positional relations become actual only when energy is manually established, “in-debt” to gravity via potential energy, and setting upon motion degrees of freedom.

In other words gravity is the cause of degrees of freedom, acting through energy, therefore the following identity equation:

                             G = df

We will estimate here that Parallel Universes are not necessarily parallel universes but are rather alternate time lines existing/co-existing parallel to what are generally termed as current events. That being said is the difference between THE past THE now and THE future as opposed to A past, A Now and A possible future.

The choice that being a change-in direction ( Δd ), means that gravity acting through energy must come to a halt (in-debt) where the potential for the possible event branches out for multi-probabilistic outcomes to determine it through energy interactions with space-time. In other words we are stuck here because gravity acting through energy, delimits us to a limited set of degrees of freedom.

To illustrate, the product is degrees of freedom that in fact is gravitation ( df ) only establishing when “manually” elicited via mass-energy or pure information, which of course all comes back around to the physical.

Parallel Universes are therefore alternate time-lines, the interpretation comes when one sees that it is only by time travel procedure in relationship to the degrees of freedom to multiple outcomes at an instant in time where t1 returns to the same position multiple times imagining them all in different outcomes in all degrees of freedom. From this we get the impression of a sphere but absent of the opposing directions because a change-in direction is pre-required in order for all to be occupied and this therefore is not applicable due to them.

A time-line that is THE time, is one where everyone and in the main, everything is effected. That meaning, that we assume to send a photon back to t1 at the same space in all possible directions - then those will be all the possible outcomes.

Conversely, A time-line that is A time, is one where everyone and in the main, everything is effected. That meaning, that we assume to send THE photon back to t1 at A same space in all possible directions - then those will be all the possible outcomes for A time weather past, present or future. Now while all this may seem increasingly funny to you, you will soon learn that it is not from several example and most importantly why.

The number of possible outcomes for a single event in THE now - as opposed to it's alternates - out of all possible outcomes - transpire at THE potential level given by positions ( again Δd ) with respect to energy in-debt to gravity resulting in df. i.e.; ††the less space available, the less possibilities that the potential can assume when actualization occurs by energy over time.

Let us distinguish the difference of an alternate time-line from the current time-line as the difference between traveling to THE future or past as opposed to travel to 'A' future or past - given that emergence is indeed by travel.

Which might require manual energy, however energy is in debt to gravity through potential energy, and that THE future equals all possible outcomes with respect to degrees of freedom, which is gravity; dictating whenever present by positions through establishment(s) of energy.

Non-contingent motion although has more complexity to determine. Simultaneity is the estimation to be the unison between two places A and B, separated by intervening space, C to a single possibility created, by definition, by 2 positions-without the intervention of intermediate space.

We might envision how this could be accomplished, but one should know about rapid rotation involving mass-less energy. Can it be applied to straight-line travel?

According to Frank J. Tipler, whenever we create a rapidly rotating object we in effect create a time traveling device. However, this is partially true as will soon reveal to the reader.

(The need for repetition in many of these statements, is to give more insight to information’s given to the reader at every possible vantage point).

One of the first things to understand about rapid rotation of a beam or cylinder of laser light bent into a 360° configuration, and independent from the source, is that repetition is occurring in 1 direction ( 1d ) through a fixed (not stable) circumferential distance at c. (186,282.4 mi/sec) usually rounded off to 186,000 mi/second, per second.

The revolutions center about an axis and repeat. This recurrence is measured in Revolutions Per Second (RPS) at a point is designated on the radius of the outer circumference to indicate the returning position for measurement.

The RPS is the curve or “curl” by which the velocity or speed of light completes 1 to several revolutions about the fixed distance in 1 direction. It does this by “constantly changing direction”, and this constant change in direction is in an arc, the arcing reduces loss in energy by avoiding stops and restarts, (corners) which is the avoidance of deceleration and re-acceleration this same arcing transpires in wave motion - more specifically the crests and troughs of a photon's snakelike four velocity motion.

This depends for the most part, on the length of circumferential distance beginning at the point of origin back around to the other side of the ending point's point. The reason of which will pivot on the next ingredient.

Although c has not undergone an increase or decrease, RPS has. Depending on this distance, the value of c with respect to the RPS, will drastically change the time of arrival at the point more rapidly with less circumferential distance, while altering the distance with more length, the beam's will take more time to arrive at the point with respect to relativity.

For the value of c to complete these revolutions with a considerably large circumferential distance is the same as light traveling from the past of some nearby star, the longer it is the longer it will take to arrive to it's destination. Thus the value for RPS, depending on the distance will be “unequal” to the velocity or the speed of light.

When mass-less energy conveys itself in such distances where the value of RPS reveals that the energy arrives at the same time as leaving, or would we assume it to do so before leaving by the length of the distance, (D); there are some assumptions that suggest that the energy renews itself before it is lost,although the time of arriving and leaving is identical. However this is not true, even if we want to believe it it just ain't happening.

Again, that is that through the distance alone the velocity or speed of c, RPS is traveling again and again at the point on the radius so fast that it avoids loss in Ε by renewal in Ε by arriving at the same time it leaves via change-in direction (Δd). Applying the situation to straight-line travel becomes impossible because the 360° ring possess no limits.

To show how this applies we can depict any ordinary circle. The radius is at a point on the circumferential distance and this is the renewal position by Distance in 1d. (one direction).

Circle Sectioned down from the Radius

Lets assume that Issac Asminov is right, that the precise center of a spinning object does not move, to all appearances would seems like a sound suggestion that he is correct in stating in his science books that at the precise center nothing is spinning. However if we take a graphite pencil, and apply it to the flat-top center of a solid spinning cylinder, the graphite marks it - suggesting that a solid object’s axis spins altogether, while other bodies rotate about the axis. It seems that the precise center is indeed spinning somehow and that Asminov has misjudged.

When the circle forming the rapidly rotating light ring is broken, a section of intermediate space develops from the break - equal to c between two limits A and B, so that A and B as defined from the reference point as no longer being one component, but now "AB".

With the evidence of limits, the energy's renewal has a break, and must now come to a halt, reverse direction (Δd) and oscillate from limit A to limit B, repetitively assuming a tangible barrier. Or disengaging in the absence of two barriers because renewal and therefore returns to the reference point cannot continue as arrival and leaving occur depending on the distance to the RPS.

Circle Separated creating an oscillation

Thereby we can clearly see that limits result in Δd, and Δd are degrees of freedom which is gravity acting on manual energy in the form of debt through potential energy.

Seperated Circle Transforms to a line-Segment

We straighten the broken circle revealing the final formation of the two barriers into a straight oscillation between two limits.

Near - Simultaneity (leaving and arriving) could have it's way in the absence of 1 direction, but energy can not establish without potential and potential exists at position and a position requires gravity to result in any Δd no matter what the distance is. As far as we are concerned gravity is not absent, it is still present in the ring - it is only conserved by constant change in direction, it seems that there is no way to get around the delimiting effects of gravity in energy and again we are at a stix.

One cannot cause constantly changing direction while moving in straight lines - it is impossible, due to the presence of gravity. But what about the light ring itself, can it overcome the inhibition of gravity seeing that it possesses no mass? What purpose would it serve to cause time travel for macroscopic bodies from the Quantum realm?