Practical Electronics/Test Equipments/Multimeters

Types of MultimeterEdit

There are two types namely analogue and digital multimeter.

Multimeter types
Analogue Meter
Digital Multimeter

Functions of multimeterEdit

A standard model DMM

Depending on the multimeters build and model, it may have function as followed

  • Voltage Measurements (Denotes by V)- Measures voltage
  • Current Measurements (Denotes by A)- Measures current
  • Frequency Measurements (Denotes by Hz) - Measures frequency
  • Resistance Measurements (Denotes by Ω)- Measures resistance
  • Capacitance Measurements (Denotes by F)- Measures capacitance
  • Inductance Measurements (Denotes by L) - Measures inductance
  • Continuity Testing - Evaluating if the circuits is connected/closed