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"Drive By" is a song by American band Train. It was released on January 10, 2012, as the lead single of the band's sixth studio album, California 37 (2012).

Rows Data
Title Drive By
Artist Train
Released January 10, 2012
Recorded 2011
Studio Integrated Studio (New York City) and Ruby Red Studios (Los Angeles)
Genre Pop rock
Length 3:16
Music Video Date February 15, 2012

Music videoEdit

The official music video for "Drive By" was released on February 15, 2012, at 08:00 UTC (midnight, Pacific Time, start of day). In the video, Monahan portrays a character who reconciles with an old flame during a weekend trip to Wine Country and features the other band members driving classic cars.

The video starts with Pat Monahan talking on the phone. The other person tells him, "You should be sorry. You're the one who left. Listen, I'm gonna be late for work. Bye." At the 0:11 mark, Pat Monahan pulls the cover off a 1967 Firebird car, and the song begins. Pat then gets in the car and begins driving it. As he sings the first verse, other band members are playing drums, and some people are gathered at a table, drinking wine. At 0:35, Pat can be seen holding a glass of wine as well. At 0:45, just before the chorus, Pat reunites with his lover and holds her hand, and at 0:48, as he sings the chorus, he is back in his Firebird, this time with her in the passenger seat. The couple also plays in the sandbox as Pat sings the "hefty bag to hold my love" line. When Pat falls down in the sandbox, his lover falls down to join him, and they throw some dirt into the air. Then, they share wine. The couple rekindles at the end of the video.


Unlike many other music videos released around that time, "Drive By" did not have much viewership when it was new. It had only 4,689 views in its first 36 hours. Despite initial obscurity, the video eventually took off in popularity and, by July 2012, had over 40 million views, on par with "Hey Soul Sister" at that time.

As of February 2023, the video has 189 million views.

Views Date Achieved
20,000 February 17, 2012
50,000 February 18, 2012
100,000 February 19, 2012
1,000,000 March 4, 2012
10,000,000 April 20, 2012
20,000,000 May 17, 2012
30,000,000 June 13, 2012
40,000,000 July 11, 2012
50,000,000 August 21, 2012
60,000,000 October 18, 2012
70,000,000 January 26, 2013
100,000,000 October 28, 2014
150,000,000 August 19, 2018
160,000,000 July 19, 2019


  • The date of the music video's recording is revealed in the video, but if you blink, you miss it! At 2:17 in the video, his phone shows 5:34, Monday, January 16.
    • January 16 fell on a Monday in 2012. This is the only plausible date for this recording, as the previous time January 16 was a Monday was in 2006, and the first generation of the iPhone wasn't released until January 2007, a year later. Therefore, the video was filmed on January 16, 2012, a month before the Feb. 15 release.
    • The display of "5:34" can refer to either 5:34 a.m. or 5:34 p.m. According to Timeanddate, sunrise in San Francisco, the location of the video, was at 7:23 a.m. that day, and sunset was at 5:15 p.m. Of the two possible times, 5:34 p.m. is more plausible for two reasons: I) Nautical twilight ended at 6:22 a.m., so at 5:34 a.m., the sky was still very dark, and II) the lighting of the video at that point suggests that it was filmed around sunset. Therefore, that part of the video was filmed at 5:34 p.m.
    • Putting the above information together: this video was filmed on January 16, 2012, and that part of the video was filmed at 5:34 p.m. of that day.
  • The cumulative view count on the video more-than-tripled between 35 hours and 59 hours. Between 11:00 a.m. PST on February 16 and February 17, 2012, the video increased 222% from 4,689 views to 15,122 views.