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Non Linear MotionEdit

Non Linear Motion refers to any non straight line motion with changing direction


For any Non Linear Motion can be represented mathematically as a function of speed in time, v(t) then

  • Speed
v = v(t)
  • Accelleration
a = \frac{d v(t)}{dt}
  • Distance
s = \int v(t) dt
  • Force
F = m \frac{d v(t)}{dt}
  • Work Done
W = F \times s = F \int v(t) dt
  • Energy
W = \frac{F}{t} = \frac{F}{t} \int v(t) dt


Characteristics Symbol Calculus Equation
Speed v \frac{ds(t)}{dt}
Accelleration a \frac{dv(t)}{dt} = \frac{d^2s}{dt^2}
Distance s \int v(t) dt
Force F m \frac{dv(t)}{dt}
Work W \frac {F}{t} \int v(t)dt
Pressure P \frac{ds(t)}{dt}
Impulse Fm m t \frac{dv(t)}{dt}
Momentum mv m \frac{ds(t)}{dt}
Energy E F \int v(t) dt