Print versionsEdit

The printable versions of the phrasebook are organized according to the regions where refugees arrive. Further versions can be added as needed.

please update versions regularly with the progress in the Gdocs, see below

Phrasebooks for HelpersEdit

A separate booklet with only phrases for helpers

About the PhrasebookEdit

  • Audience: Refugees in Europe. The phrasebook can be easily modified for other areas and languages.
  • Description: This open phrasebook provides lists of helpful vocabulary for refugees. Each main chapters of the book targets a specific area. This areas language is included in every subchapter, with further translations.
  • Goals: Provide vocabulary for basic orientation in everyday life, including topics of law and health
  • WikiBooks Facilitation: Hannah Davis and the Group "Berlin Refugee Help"
  • Website:

How to create new versionsEdit

The book is based on the following Google Docs:

Please check the Google Doc versions for updates regularly. Important:Do not change any phrases in the wikibooks, only comment on the Gdoc version

Set up a new chapterEdit

[[/Name of chapter/]]
  • click on this chapter

Insert templateEdit

  • In your new chapter, insert all the content from the chapter template:
  • write a summary and save

Clean up the Gdoc sheetsEdit

  • Open one of these Google Docs on the main page
  • select the appropriate sheet (e.g. "Short version" or "Phrases for helpers")
  • In the Gdoc, choose "Make a copy" to copy the contents of the translations into a new sheet
    • Structure the cells
      • "Select all" (click on upper left corner of table)
      • choose "unmerge cells", the icon is in the middle and looks like two cells merging
      • choose View --> unfreeze rows and View --> unfreeze columns
      • use standardized names, e.g. "Arabic / Syrian", "English" etc
    • Remove all line breaks
      • select Edit --> Find all
      • Mark "Regular Expressions"
      • search for the following string:
      • replace this string with " / " (space slash space) to transform linebreaks (-> replace all)
  • Arrange the languages in the desired order
  • Rename the language column headers
  • Select the columns you need

Convert Gdoc contentEdit

  • Go to the gdoc copy that you already cleaned up
  • Select the necessary lines
  • Copy the content from the selected gdoc columns and convert with or a similar converter
  • copy the necessary lines, e.g.
[unnecessary crud, e.g. "align" etc]
| Arabic / Syrian||Dari||Albanian||Bos/Ser/Cro||Macedonian||English
[...'''copy everything in between!''')]
* insert these lines in the appropriate place, in wikibooks e.g.
! Arabic / Syrian!!Dari!!Albanian!!Bos/Ser/Cro!!Macedonian!!English
[...'''paste content here!''')]
  • check and adjust the name of the headers

 ! (language1) !! (language2) !! (language3) !! (Language4) !! (language5) !! (language6)

  • write a summary in the save dialog (e.g. "inserted health content", save
  • da capo al fine

Print WikibookEdit

  • check that your wikibook is correct
  • Open the page with a modern browser like google chrome (recommended)
  • print from your browser
  • save as pdf (mac) or print to pdf with third party software (PC)
  • include the link on the main page (under "new versions")