Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 5: Bridge to the Turnabout/Part 3-2: Investigation

Training HallEdit

You ask Iris to unlock all 5 real psyche-locks, but unfortunately, she says she can't. But how!? Edgeworth will take care of the investigation in the garden, while von Karma will help unlock the real psyche-locks and part ways with you. Talk to Iris:

  • Escape: Iris says she did run off, but when the earthquake hit, she was worried and came back. Here, she saw those five mysterious locks.
  • Trick lock: Iris says there are different ways to set up these locks. She promises to do what she can to solve them, though it will take some time, like a whole day or so! Can Maya survive that long?
  • The night of the crime: If she was spotted at the Inner Temple, yet Iris claims she was in her room, just where was she really? You ask her that question and what do you know, 3 Psyche-Locks. Now you have to go and talk to the one person you haven't seen for a long time: Pearl.

Move to Heavenly Hall.

Heavenly HallEdit

You will see Pearl, along with Larry. It looks like they call the place the Loser's shack. You can understand Larry, but how is Pearl a loser? Talk to them:

  • Laurice's Sketch: Pearl likes Larry's sketch but doesn't agree that Iris can fly in real life! Just why is Larry adamant that Iris flew in the air?!
  • The night of the crime: Pearl was supposed to be at the Main Temple, reading with Elise, but she was actually at the Inner Temple when the murder happened. You ask Pearl what happened, and she will bring 5 Psyche-Locks and the fact that her powers had disappeared. Disappeared?
  • Lost powers: Pearl seems hopeless without her powers. So it looks like she tried to channel someone. How can a medium with spiritual powers even stronger than Maya fail to channel someone?

Move to the Main Hall.

Main HallEdit

After telling Bikini the condition of the Inner temple and the new problem with the locks, you ask her why exactly did Misty come here suddenly. Bikini will say that Misty proved herself that she was the Master and told her that someone is trying to destroy the family line and she is determined to stop it.

Talk to Bikini:

  • Kurain Channeling Technique: You were reminded of the many times Maya channels her spirit from the dead. Usually her sister Mia that helped you both inside and outside of cases including most recent ones. This technique works until the incident that allowed it to crash down, resulting in Misty's disappearance.
  • DL-6 Incident: For those who didn't play the first game or can't quite remember what the case is about, here are the details. Misty was called in for a channeling session. She has used her powers to channel the victim who can spell out the murderer. The murderer was found innocent in court, causing the public to label Misty as a fraud. Misty disappeared, not wanting to further the embarrassment she made to her family. You solved the case and found the real murderer 3 years ago, restoring the reputation in Kurain Village once more.
  • Family feud: You'll find more about the feud and Morgan Fey, who tried once to get Maya away from the Master to get her daughter to be the one in the seat. Bikini notes on Morgan's daughter... no not Pearl, but Iris!
  • Morgan and Iris: Apparently, Bikini didn't know that Pearl was Morgan's daughter. She always thought she had two daughters, not three! And the third, Iris's twin sister! Iris had a twin sister!? Bikini said that the father of the twins left Morgan after she was thrown off the Master's position. Bikini can't exactly remember the name of Iris's twin, but she does know that her father was a jeweler.

What a twist! Let alone several! Could her twin sister remind you of someone you met before?

Move to the Courtyard.


German translation: Prüfe means Check in English.

File:PWAATaT Burnt Letter.png
File:PWAATaT Crime05c.png
File:PWAATaT Victims Staff2.png

You will find Gumshoe, who is searching for the real murder weapon. He finds a letter, but thinks it isn't important. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The investigation: Gumshoe says there is nothing important found here, yet.
  • The letter: Gumshoe says it is just a burnt letter, which he found at the incinerator at the Inner Temple! Does that mean someone really did use the incinerator!? It also says something about spirit mediums and Master's, so it has to be important! The Burnt Letter will be added to the Court Record.

Check the Burnt Letter. It looks like instructions to channeling someone to earn the Master's position. The letter doesn't give any details, since they're all burnt out. Just who is channeling who?

  • Murder weapon: Well, since the Shichishito wasn't the murder weapon, as Edgeworth has proven yesterday, Gumshoe has been searching for the real one. Gumshoe says he has a "secret weapon" from the precinct.
  • Secret weapon: Since the murder weapon is a sword, Gumshoe has brought the metal detector (don't tell him it was obvious). He wants you to use it, say Play forensics expert.

Gumshoe will now tell you how the metal detector works. Just move the cursor until you find something, and press the Check gauge to look. You will now begin. Check the staff on the snow. It looks like something metal is inside it. After a few seconds of checking, you will find something stunning. There is a sword inside Elise's staff! Could this mean...

On the WiiWare version, the controls are pretty easy: Move with the D-Pad and press the A button when the Check gauge (all letters) flickers rapidly. It's pretty much like previous Ace Attorney games. The first game involves the DL-6 incident in finding "Gourdy" and detecting Manfred von Karma's hidden bullet. And the second one in the "Nickel Samurai" case involving teddy bears.

Talk to Gumshoe again.

  • Murder weapon: Gumshoe says no one else knows about this. It looks like there is no blood, but someone wiped it off, right? It is also the same length as the Shichishito, so it has to be the real murder weapon!

Gumshoe tries to go to forensics to get it analyzed for blood, but your concerns for Maya have you stop him. Gumshoe will give you the Victim's Staff, which will be updated to the Court Record.

Now, Move to the Garden.


You will see the same prideful Edgeworth investigating the garden. Talk to him:

  • The investigation: Edgeworth suspects that this garden is getting more likely to be the true crime scene. And about Maya? She probably is the suspect.
  • Earthquakes: Just another mention of that case that occurred 17 years ago, explains Miles fear of earthquakes that he'll never get over after that traumatic incident between himself, his dad and the bailiff.
  • Iris: Edgeworth had a strange feeling he saw her face before. He checked all of records and he was right, he had seen her face six years ago. Edgeworth can't tell you who that woman is, because he is sure that she has nothing to do with this case. If you have talked to Bikini first, you can save yourself moving around a lot. But in order to continue, you need the hidden profile from sister Bikini at this point.

Present ??????'s Profile to Edgeworth. After telling Edgeworth that Iris had a twin sister, you finally hear the sister's name, Dahlia Hawthorne. Talk to Edgeworth:

  • Dahlia Hawthorne: As, you and Edgeworth discuss about the cases Mia took, you will learn why Edgeworth doesn't think Dahlia wasn't related to the case... Dahlia is dead!
  • Dahlia's death: About a month ago, six years after Mia convicted her, Dahlia was executed. Edgeworth thinks there is no way to revive the dead. That is why Dahlia had no connection to this case whatsoever, though you wonder otherwise since this is another place where spirit mediums train.

You finally have Dahlia Hawthorne's Profile opened. You know what to do, Move to the Training Hall.

Training Hall (2)Edit

You are now ready to take on Iris's Psyche-Locks. Do the usual, Present the Magatama:

Iris's Psyche-Locks: The Night of the CrimeEdit

Iris's Psyche-Locks: The Night of the Crime
3 Locks

Iris was indeed at her room at the temple, but someone claims to have seen her. Present Bikini's Profile. In her testimony yesterday, Bikini says she spoke with Iris last night about Maya's training, so it is no doubt that she was at the Inner Temple that night!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Iris will now say that she walked to the Inner Temple at 9:40PM. It takes about 20 minutes to go from the temple, to the Inner Temple. You know that's not possible. Present Iris's Testimony or Iris's Hood. She said that she was ringing the bells at 10:00PM, just like she was told to, and afterwards, you met Iris, who gave you her hood! Iris doesn't look like she remembered all of that.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

You have now proven that Iris was at two places at the same time. Your explanation, say to Iris that there were two of you. Iris wants proof, Present Dahlia Hawthorne's Profile. Iris will remind you that her twin sister is dead. But you know that death doesn't stop her from being at the Kurain Training Grounds. It seems that someone has channeled Dahlia that night!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Iris:

  • The night of the crime: Iris says she knew all along that Dahlia was at the Inner Temple. The reason why Iris hasn't tell you this is because she didn't want to get in Dahlia's way. Iris had "betrayed" her once.
  • Betrayal: Iris reveals that she was part of the plan to help Dahlia get away with the crime 11 years ago. However, she couldn't bring herself to do everything, so she ran away, resulting in what you saw of what Dahlia had become 5 years ago. Iris will also reveal that it wasn't for the money, it was to get revenge on their father!
  • Revenge: Their father once threw off Morgan. Morgan was supposed to be the Master, which is why Iris's father married their mother. But after said mother's title was lost to Misty, her younger sister, and Misty's mistake at the DL-6 Incident. The man decide he had no place there after all and decided to leave Morgan and took his two daughters, leaving an emotional blow to Morgan. He then married another woman, who had already had a daughter, Valerie. He decided that two girls were enough and kicked Iris out of the family.

You ask Iris about a certain college student Dahlia tried to kill. (You, obviously) Iris says that her sister told her that she "hated his guts". Franziska whips you to continue your investigation.

You only have one more set of Psyche-Locks to break, Pearl's.

Move to the Heavenly Hall.

Heavenly Hall (2)Edit

Just do the usual, (Present the Magatama) and you will begin the last Psyche-Lock challenge of the game:

Pearl's Psyche-Locks: The Night of the CrimeEdit

Pearl's Psyche-Locks: The Night of the Crime
5 Locks

File:PWAATaT Crime05d.png
Pearl will admit that she was somewhere else when she was supposed to be with Elise. (Misty) It was because she was worried. You will check the map, Present the Inner Temple. After the murder happened, you found Pearl at the Inner Temple since the bridge collapsed around the same time. Pearl will like to know what or who she was worried about, Present Maya Fey's Profile. When Bikini's comments about the possibility of death from the training, Pearl couldn't help but worry for her cousin, so she had no choice.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Pearl will say she arrived at the Inner Temple after 10:00PM, so she heard the bell along the way. She was very worried when she heard it. Present the Burnt Letter. She was following the instructions of the letter. It looks like Pearl recognizes it.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Pearl was given the instructions to channel a certain person. When asked who, Present Dahlia Hawthorne's Profile.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

You will now show to Pearl who wrote to her. Present Morgan Fey's Profile. It is quite obvious isn't it, as Pearl followed it even though she didn't know what it means.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Pearl sounds like you have her cornered, but she will remind you that she can't read well as a child. She wants you to show proof that she followed the instructions. Occasionally instructions were made for adults, so you have to prove to a child that she misunderstood some words. Present the Hanging Scroll. The instructions told Pearl to "gravely roast" the poster, but Pearl doesn't really know what the words "gravely" and "roast" mean. That is why Elise (Misty) "helped" Pearl "learn" what the words are. Pearl thought "gravely" meant "gravy" and "roast" was some sort of food. That is why she spilled gravy all over the poster, because she didn't read the words correctly!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Pearl:

  • The night of the crime: Pearl will admit she went to the Inner Temple, with a pot full of gravy. She didn't want to interrupt Maya's training, so she went somewhere else and stayed there. Pearl fell asleep and woke up to find the bridge collapsed. She thought everyone left her behind and started crying. She put the letter in the incinerator and spilled the gravy all over the poster.
  • Lost powers: Pearl tried many times but couldn't channel Dahlia's spirit. Her theory is that someone else could be channeling her spirit. Pearl is very spiritually powerful, so who was channeling Dahlia at the time of the murder? Pearl will say it was her mother's final wish.
  • Morgan's Letter: Pearl say that her mother told her to go to her house. That's where the letter was. When Pearl found it, it looked like someone else had opened it. The Burnt Letter will be updated to the Court Record.

Just then, Godot comes, again taunting you for not protecting Maya. Is Maya really dead? Maybe tomorrow in court, you will find the truth somehow.

We then see Morgan, again awaiting excitedly for Pearl's time to come. Let's hope that Morgan's wish hasn't come true.

This concludes the final investigation day of the game. You will now do the rest in court tomorrow.