Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 5: Bridge to the Turnabout/Part 3-1: Investigation

Hotti Clinic Edit

You will return to play as Phoenix Wright once more. Apparently he just read the case of the Valerie Hawthorne murder, as he did in the last episode. Also, all your items will be returned from Edgeworth so you can continue on this case. Lastly, you will catch up where you left off before you got on the suspension bridge.

You automatically return to the Dusky Bridge entrance.

Dusky Bridge Edit

Edgeworth informs you that the murder weapon isn't the Shichishito and is yet to be find another sword-like weapon. He leaves to look more into your client's past. Gumshoe will also leave. They are reconstructing the bridge so you can get to Maya as soon as possible so she's safe.

Time to do some investigating.

Move to the Main Gate.

Main Gate Edit

You will see Larry and Von Karma arguing with each other. Larry is adamant that he saw Iris fly. After you help finish the conversation, Larry will leave and Franziska will talk to you.

If you want to know more about her, here's the available info so far:

  • Franziska von Karma: She explains that she comes from Germany, was related to Manfred, her father and has a perfect record prior to meeting you. She's determined to beat you in court for herself one day. Lastly, she made a debut at thirteen years old.
  • Today's trial: She's surprised on how well Edgeworth performed as a defense attorney for the first time, and was fully expecting to pulverize you in court again instead. You also mention Coldkiller X from the first episode.
  • What happened: She read through the whole case file on the flight to America, and criticizes you for trying to cross a burning bridge.

Move to the Main Hall.

Main Hall Edit

Bikini looks very depressed. Elise dead, Iris a criminal, Maya stuck at the Inner Temple, and Pearl missing. Talk to Bikini:

  • Iris: Bikini was sure that she saw Iris pull the sword from Elise. But thanks to Larry, she isn't quite sure. Edgeworth saw no Psyche-Locks when Iris told him she wouldn't kill anyone, and Larry thinks he saw Iris fly. You see no Psyche-Locks on Bikini, so you conclude that they didn't see what they think they saw.
  • Inner Temple: Bikini notes that the Inner Temple is just like an island. It is surrounded by nothing but river and canyon. So if a criminal were to run to the island and the bridge collapsed, he would have to stay there. So, does that mean that Maya is probably stuck with the real killer!?
  • Elise Deauxnim: Just why did Elise come here in the first place? 5 Psyche-Locks appear, as Bikini doesn't want to say anything. It seems Elise was more than just a visitor.
  • Pearl: Bikini says that she never saw Pearl since dinner that night. The detective confirmed that she wasn't in her home. This brings in one more place she could be hiding. Hopefully Gumshoe finishes repairing the bridge as everyone's lives is at stake!

Move to the Courtyard.

Courtyard Edit

Nothing here. Look around if you want, but other than that Nothing Move back to the Main Hall.

Main Hall (2) Edit

Gumshoe arrives to tell you that he is finally done with the repairs to the bridge! Now you can go get Maya! Von Karma will arrive and will say she will help you on her investigation after whipping Gumshoe until he drops. Also she whips you for daydreaming!

Move to the Inner Temple Gate! (accessible from Suspension Bridge)

Inner Temple Gate Edit

Upon entering, you will find Pearl! It looks like she was here all along feeling all alone. Pearl recognizes Franziska and blames her for bullying Maya. When you ask Pearl if Maya is here, she will run off crying, blaming herself for something. Anyway, at least you know Pearl is all right, but what about Maya?

Before you could look for her, Examine the incinerator on the right. All of the snow is melted and it's open, but yesterday it was entirely covered in snow! It looks like someone used it. Just like your time with Maya, examine this place for interesting dialogue exchange between you and Franziska.

Move inside the Training Hall.

Training Hall Edit

File:PWAATaT Hanging Scroll2.png

You don't see Maya anywhere, but you do see a Psyche-Lock (a real one compare to using the Magatama) at the back of the room. What is it doing here?

Examine the lock first. Then Examine the scroll with Misty on it. It looks like someone put gravy on it to cover up Misty. But, why? And it looks like the same gravy from that dinner on that night. The Hanging Scroll will be updated to the Court Record.

Just then, a surprise meets you. It's Godot! What's he doing here!? Was he here stuck with Pearl? Godot seems different today. Do you think that behind the mask, is he feeling angry or sorrow? He also acknowledges Franziska for taking over for him. Talk to Godot:

  • Why didn't you show?: Godot will say that he "died" once, and was revived by the magic of modern medicine. He was forced to wear his mask because he can't see. Godot presumes you know who "killed" him and when. You do get a tug in your memory.
  • Can't undo?: Godot tells you that Maya isn't on this island. The search party hasn't searched the cavern inside here, especially behind the bars the lock is guarding, where Maya is! Does that mean she is dead!? What's more is that Godot tells you that you let Maya die... just like you did to her older sister, Mia Fey!
File:PWAATaT Psyche Lock.png
  • Mia Fey: It looks like Godot has heard of Mia's death and how it happened. He blames you for taking her life, and now you have done the same thing to Maya!
  • Trick Lock: Godot says it isn't possible to break the lock yourself. He thinks the lock was set by Iris, who can open it too! Iris, the defendant!? Apparently accompanying nuns can use the locks to guard the acolyte. Godot will leave to call Iris (hopefully, before another earthquake strikes.)

Move to the Inner Temple Gate.

Inner Temple Gate (2) Edit

If you haven't investigated this area before, Gumshoe will not appear. Otherwise, he will show up, pondering if he should "wash" something or not. He refers to the gate with the sign "No Entry" on it. Behind it is a garden. He tells you not to enter and leaves, as it is under investigation right now, but heck, check it anyways. After all, Franziska is tagging along so there's no way you can say "no" to her!

Move to the Garden, where Gumshoe is.

Garden Edit

File:PWAATaT Kurain Masters Talisman.png
File:PWAATaT Maya Down.png

It looks like there is strange atmosphere here. What's that writing on the lantern? Gumshoe is here. Also Franziska and her whip too.

Take a look around, as usual. Examine the red thing in the snow on the left. It looks like a charm. Gumshoe says it belonged to the victim! The broken cords around her neck matches the ones on the charm. This could be vital evidence. The Kurain Master's Talisman will be added to the Court Record. (Kurain Master's... it doesn't mean?)

Now Examine the ground surrounding the stone lantern. It looks like the snow is cleared and in good rectangular shape. Gumshoe says it was like that from the very beginning.

Finally, Examine the red spot on the stone lantern in the middle. It looks like blood! It says Maya upside-down! Kind of similar to the first game's second case (Turnabout Sisters) in which Maya's name is written in blood on a lamp receipt.

Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The investigation: Gumshoe says they found nothing yet, it looks as clean as a whistle.
  • Maya: Gumshoe says that there was no where else where Maya disappeared besides the secret cavern. Edgeworth is escort Iris there, but don't expect any good news from him.
  • Bloody writing: Gumshoe confirms that the blood was Elise's and that she was the one that wrote it! Why is it upside-down? Gumshoe also says that here in the Inner Temple Garden is likely the real crime scene.
  • True crime scene: Didn't Bikini see the murder occur? If so, then was this a set up? Gumshoe will say Dusky Bridge was out. So no one had no chance of going over to the Inner Temple and as Gumshoe was watching the whole time, no one else went through. What does this mean for Bikini's Testimony!?

You'll have to talk to Bikini about this. Move to the Main Gate.

Main Gate (2) Edit

Iris and Edgeworth had finally arrived. As you expected, Edgeworth tells you that Maya is in a rather "delicate" position, so the place is being investigated, thus off limits to you, much to your dismay. Looks like you can't go back to the "Training Hall" for the moment.

Von Karma reminds you of something more important after she whips you. You thank her for reminding you.

Move inside the Main Hall.

Main Hall (3) Edit

Bikini still looks down after yesterday, but you (getting whipped) and von Karma reassures her that she did a good job in testifying in court and her testimony won't go in vain. Present the Magatama.

Bikini's Psyche-Locks: Elise Deauxnim Edit

Bikini's Psyche-Locks: Elise Deauxnim
5 Locks

You suspect Elise is more than just an author and has great significance to this temple. Present the Kurain Master's Talisman. It is the master's talisman right? So it is obvious who Elise Deauxnim really is. When asked who, Present the Hanging Scroll. It has the obscured picture of Misty Fey on it. Not only that, but the symbol on the talisman is the same one as the symbol on the scroll! This can only mean one conclusion.

Elise Deauxnim is actually the long lost Master of the Kurain Channeling School, Misty Fey!

5 Psyche-Locks Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Bikini

  • Elise Deauxnim: Bikini recognized her as Misty when she showed her the talisman. No one has seen her for seventeen years. So why did she show up? Bikini will say that something happened that called her out of hiding.

Before Bikini could tell you what happened, an earthquake strikes! Then that means the temple could be collapsing! What does this mean for Maya!? And Edgeworth; he has a great fear of earthquakes! You'll have to check out the Inner temple right away!

Quick, Move to the Main Gate!

Main Gate (3) Edit

Edgeworth comes looking quite pale. When the earthquake hit, he passed out, and when he came to, Iris is gone! Before a manhunt is authorized, you decide to look for Iris anyways, as she isn't the type of person to leave the Inner Temple when an earthquake hit. You go to the Training Hall automatically.

Training Hall (2) Edit


In here, you find something unexpected and surprising. Instead of 1 real Psyche-Lock, there are 5!!! Iris will then appear in front of you. What's going on?!