Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 5: Bridge to the Turnabout/Part 2-2: Trial



You ask Iris if she really did use the snowmobile like he thought. She admits she did, but why? 5 Psycholocks appear around Iris. She tells you that she doesn't want to tell as long as the safety of the acolyte (Maya) isn't confirmed. You ask one more time if she killed Elise. Iris will only say she would never take a life. No "Psycholocks", so she really isn't the killer.

Larry will be called to the stand. Von Karma mentions that he was being detained for suspicious behavior in the gallery, as he was drawing a sketch with a demonic looking woman and a vicious whip (no prizes for guessing the subject). This is it, time to bring out what you couldn't yesterday. If Larry can't spill the beans, he'll have the world record of getting whipped on the stand.

Larry's Testimony: What I SawEdit

Larry's Testimony
- What I Saw -

  1. I was at that lodge out in the mountains, looking up at the stars that night.
  2. I walked to the bridge a number of times, but...
  3. I didn't see a s-snowmobile!
  4. I didn't meet anyone at the bridge that night!

What I Saw: Cross-ExaminationEdit

This is a very easy one. Present Phoenix Wright's Profile at statement 4. Phoenix met Larry before falling from the bridge. (You knew that, obviously)

Let's try this again.

Larry's Testimony: What I Saw, Pt. 2Edit

Larry's Testimony
- What I Saw, Pt. 2 -

  1. I went to the shack at around 9, so it would have been about 10:30 PM.
  2. I was lying under my bedding when a white flash almost blinded me!
  3. I looked out the window... and Dusky Bridge was on fire!
  4. There was still some thunder, but I went right away to check it out.
  5. That's when I ran into Nick.

What I Saw, Pt. 2: Cross-ExaminationEdit

Press on the 4th statement. Larry will say it took about five minutes after the bridge caught on fire. When thinking about pressing for more into, ask him Why didn't you call anyone? Larry will answer with a new statement.

  • I arrived at the bridge, and Nick showed up less than a minute later.

Present the Weather Data on that statement. It says that lightning struck at 10:45PM, and if it did take Larry about "five minutes" to get to the bridge, then he could have made it before 11:00PM, the time of the murder. It would be impossible for Phoenix to arrive just a minute later, because he was at the courtyard at the time! Phoenix finally arrived at the bridge around 11:15PM, so what happened during those fifteen minutes?

Larry will testify about the 15 minute gap, hopefully he tells something about those fifteen minutes.

Larry's Testimony: The Missing 15 MinutesEdit

Larry's Testimony
- The Missing 15 Minutes -

  1. I'm a Deauxnim. I'm an artist! What do you think I was doing?
  2. Sketching! In front of the bridge! I was whipped up into a frenzy of art!
  3. The shock and awe that I was feeling... I transferred it all directly onto the page!
  4. ...Before I realized it, the flames had gone out and then he came running up.

Surprisingly, that's actually sounding pretty good (even for Larry), but Edgeworth reminds us all to consider the source.

The Missing 15 Minutes: Cross-ExaminationEdit

File:PWAATaT Larrys Sketch.png

Press on the 2nd statement. When given the option, choose Look at the sketch. Larry will now surprisingly decide to show this "sketch of his".

To everyone's shock, "Larry's sketch" is the burning bridge... with what looks like a woman, flying over it! Larry will say it was Iris that he saw. Seriously!? Larry's Sketch will be added to the Court Record. Larry will add a statement based on this.

  • I saw Iris flying! Her white hood fluttering!

Present Iris's Hood on that statement. If Larry claims he saw Iris flying with her hood, then he really is "high". Before the murder occurred, Iris gave her hood to Phoenix. So why did Larry think that Iris was really flying? Larry claims he has undeniable proof that Iris did fly. Time for Larry's final testimony.

Larry's Testimony: Proof That Iris Flew!Edit

Larry's Testimony
- Proof That Iris Flew! -

  1. When I reached Dusky Bridge she was already gone...
  2. I was so worried! So I frantically searched all over for her!
  3. That led to me finding a beautiful crystal sphere, half-buried in the snow!
  4. I'm sure that Iris was simply wearing a spare hood.
  5. After all, no one else could have lost a crystal sphere that night.
File:PWAATaT Crystal Sphere.png

A crystal sphere? Larry says he found it half-buried in the snow. The Judge takes a look at it and finds something shocking, a bloodstain! The Crystal Sphere will be added to the Court Record.

Proof That Iris Flew!: Cross-ExaminationEdit

At statements 3, 4 or 5, Present either the Victim's Staff, Photo of Elise, or Elise Deauxnim's Profile. If you look at the photograph, you can see the exact same crystal on Elise's staff. Now look at the staff itself. The crystal is gone! So how did the crystal turn up at Dusky Bridge? Probably because someone dropped it, as they landed by flying over the bridge. If Iris wasn't wearing her hood at the time, then it is possible that this "flying" person could be Elise!

So, does that mean the crystal was dropped before the murder took place? von Karma wants to discard it as evidence, unless you can prove that the crystal was dropped before the murder. When given the option, choose Yes I can. If you chose No, it's impossible, Larry will remind you that Phoenix never gives up when he's cornered. There's no penalty here and you get a chance to "turn things around" as the phrase applies.

When asked to show proof, Present either the Crime Photo, or the Crystal Sphere. It looks like it is half buried in the snow, so it could have been still snowing at the time, and if it stopped snowing before the murder, it could be possible that Elise might have visited Dusky Bridge before the crime! And if that is true, then did something happened that the sphere was dropped and covered in blood!?

von Karma will now remind you of Bikini's testimony, about saw the blade being drawn out of Elise's body at the courtyard. You counter it by reminding her that the blade covered up the bleeding, and if no blood was found at the courtyard, then it is possible that Elise died while she was at Dusky Bridge.

von Karma will now ask you to show evidence that Elise's body was carried to the temple. Present the Tracks Photo. Iris probably used the snowmobile to carry the body to the temple.

It looks like you have left some questions: Where was Elise killed? Why was the body moved? And what is with the drawing? It looks like another day of investigation is being called for.

This concludes the sole part when you play as Miles Edgeworth. We go back to Phoenix's POV. This should fulfill his dream as a defense attorney like his father, Gregory Edgeworth.