Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 5: Bridge to the Turnabout/Part 1-1: Investigation

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Wright & Co. Law OfficesEdit

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Maya and Pearl seem awfully excited. In the New Year's issue of "Oh Cult!", they saw an ad to the mysterious Hazakura Temple, where they train mediums to the max. They really want to go and want you to be their guardian. You refuse at first. However, you see something odd on a promotional picture... the girl, she looks just like Dahlia Hawthorne! How is she out here?

After questioning the promotional picture, you decided to go with them. The "Oh Cult" New Years Issue will be added to the Court Record. Here we go! To the temple!

Main GateEdit

Upon arriving, you will meet one of the nuns, who calls herself "Bikini". She doesn't seem very serious about the dangers of this place and likes to laugh a lot. Probably the happiest nun in this game. Talk to Bikini:

  • Channeling dojo: Bikini will say this is a spiritual training ground. This "Special" training course is when a medium sits on a block of ice while chanting a spell 30,000 times while being hit by an extremely cold shower. This has got Pearl worried about Maya.
  • The other nun: The familiar-looking girl in the photo is named "Iris", according to Bikini. She is currently preparing the Inner temple, but Bikini recommends that you check out the Main Hall first.

Move to the Main Hall.

Main HallEdit

There you meet a woman, who got Maya looking quite shocked. Pearl recognizes her as Elise Deauxnim, a famous children's picture book author. Talk to Elise:

  • Elise Deauxnim: Through the conversation, you will learn of her apprentice, Laurice Deauxnim. You will meet him soon.
  • Why come here?: She is here for materials for a new book to work on. She got her clothes and props from the Hazakura nuns.

After talking, Elise will leave to help with dinner, accepting Pearl's help yet rejecting Maya's. She will give you the Hazakura Temple Map, which will be added to the Court Record. Check the map, and you will see something strangely familiar.

Move back to the Main Gate.

Main Gate (2)Edit

Bikini has left, probably to help with the other nun. There's a snowmobile on the right of the entrance. If you examine it, you'll get interesting comments between Phoenix and Maya. She'll mention Desiree (from the "Mask DeMasque" case") and coming up with names for "snowmobile".

Move to Suspension Bridge.

Suspension BridgeEdit

It's the bridge from the last episode! It looks like a public phone next to it. If it's of interest to you, Maya calls it a "Dusty Bridge" but the sign says "Dusky Bridge". Also, Phoenix is scared of heights and Maya suggests you jump out of a bridge! Great advice Maya.

Move to the Inner Temple Gate.

Inner Temple GateEdit

Nothing interesting here, except for the incinerator on there. The building looks like it could collapse at any moment. Still, you can examine this place to your heart's content, just to hear more interesting conversations between you and Maya.

Move inside the Training Hall.

Training HallEdit

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You will finally meet Iris, and it looks like she recognizes you somehow! She will leave before you could say anything.

Take a look around, Examine a hanging scroll on the right. It is the painting of Misty Fey, Maya's mother. The symbol on top is the Master's symbol. Maya says she couldn't recognize her face. The "Hanging Scroll" will be added to the Court Record.

Move back to Suspension Bridge.

Suspension Bridge (2)Edit

You will meet Laurice Deauxnim himself, who is actually none other than Larry Butz! It looks like the apprentice Elise is just another part-time job. Also, did he mention he's going to "sketch" the Dusky Bridge? Talk to Larry:

  • Laurice Deauxnim: Larry wanted to start a new life since that "Mask☆DeMasque" case a year ago. He took inspiration from "The Magic Bottle".
  • Elise Deauxnim: Larry will give you the Photo of Elise, which will be added to the Court Record.
  • Picture Books: Larry will say something about falling in love with "that girl". Not Elise.

Present Iris's Profile. It looks like the girl for Larry.

Just then, Pearl will come, announcing that dinner is ready. You will automatically move back to the temple.

Main Hall (2)Edit

After dinner, Maya leaves for her training, Iris goes to the bell to ring out the lights at 10:00 PM, Elise takes Pearl to learn new words.


You run into Elise, who is very worried about Pearl, she has been gone for a while and decides to look for her.

You then run into Iris, who calls your name. Talk to Iris:

  • Iris: She says she has been raised here as a little child and she has spent a little time in the big city. No Psyche-Locks here, so how does she know you?
  • Hazakura Temple: Iris will say she hates the idea of spirit channeling.
File:PWAATaT Iriss Hood.png

Iris will then leave, but before she does, she inadvertently calls your name and gives you her hood, which is said to protect you from evil spirits. Iris's Hood will be added to the Court Record. Before she can leave, you call out to her, saying that you don't remember introducing yourself to her. You ask her if you met before. Iris will give out 5 Psyche-Locks. She will then leave to ring the bells.

You decide to go to bed. One hour later, a lightning strike, and a chilling scream! You race outside to check on the commotion.


You see Elise... lying on the ground, not moving with the statue and a weapon on top of her! You step on Bikini by mistake, who then advises you to use the phone at Dusky Bridge to call the police.

Suspension Bridge (3)Edit

You see something shocking, the entire bridge is burning! You run into Larry in a panic. The lightning must have burned the bridge after crossing to the other side... where Maya is! You advise Larry to call the phone as you attempt to cross the bridge...

Bad idea. The bridge collapses and you fall into the river as Larry helplessly watches you fall into the lake...

Is this the end? Who's going to take Phoenix's place? What will happen to Maya? Who would have killed Elise in the courtyard? All the answers would come on the next page of this episode.