Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 3: Recipe for Turnabout/Part 2: Trial

Before the Trial


Gumshoe is really getting more threatening. Let's hope you don't disappoint him.

The Judge hints that your opening statement in the last trial is "Youse talkin' to me!?" Does this sound familiar? Also at first, he thinks that you're intimidating but Phoenix tries to convince him that he's not the phony lawyer.

Gumshoe, as usual, is your first witness. He will describe the basic facts of the case.

  • The victim's name was Glen Elg. He was a professional programmer.
  • He was on payroll for Blue Screens Inc., a local company.
  • This is the victim's autopsy report. (Glen's Autopsy Report is added to the Court Record.)
  • And here are the floor plans of the restaurant.
  • When the incident took place, the victim was sitting right here.
  • The poisoned coffee was brought over to him by the waitress.
  • The victim died from poisoning almost immediately after he took a sip of the coffee.
  • At the time of the incident, there were two other people in the restaurant.
  • Jean Armstrong, the owner, and chef.
  • And a regular by the name of Mr. Victor Kudo.

The Trés Bien Floor Plans will be added to the Court Record.

You will now hear Gumshoe's first testimony. Before your cross-examination, the Judge doesn't want you to use any intimidation tactics. But Phoenix replies that it's not me, convincing the Judge that it's the phony he should be worried about.

Gumshoe's Testimony: The Incident

Gumshoe's Testimony
- The Incident -

  1. When the incident took place, the victim was alone at his table, sir.
  2. We understand that the guy, Glen Elg, was listening to the radio at the time.
  3. Traces of poison were found in his coffee cup.
  4. And what we found was potassium cyanide. That stuff really packs a punch!
  5. And, um... it looks like Ms. Byrde might've had, well... some kind of a motive.

The Incident: Cross-Examination

File:PWAATaT Coffee Cup.png
File:PWAATaT Lottery Ticket.png
File:PWAATaT Apron.png
File:PWAATaT Potassium Cyanide.png

Press on the 1st statement. You say that Maggey testified that there was another man next to him. Godot tells you that this wasn't supported by the chef or the other customer. Press harder. Godot will show you the photo of the crime scene. It looks like it was taken from the kitchen entrance. The picture was taken from Armstrong's point of view. It looks kind of clear, sort of. The Crime Photo will be added to the Court Record.

Press on the 3rd statement. Gumshoe says that the poison was powder. Press harder, and you will ask for proof if Glen actually drank the cup. Gumshoe says you're right, but Godot forces him to prove otherwise. Gumshoe shows the victim's cup. It has a coffee stain, showing that Glen indeed drank the cup. Furthermore, the only fingerprints on it were the victims and the defendants. The Coffee Cup is added to the Court Record. If you want to see the "coffee on your face gag" again, it's this statement that you'll find it.

Press on the 5th statement. Gumshoe reluctantly says the motive was to steal a winning lottery ticket worth half a million. Press harder. Godot will show the ticket itself. He says it was found during Maggey's body search! The Victim's Lottery Ticket will be added to the Court Record.

Godot presents more evidence against Maggey. The apron she was wearing. One thing that catches your eye is what looks like blood on it. Godot however, refers to the coffee stain, which Maggey spilled on herself, and the pocket, which contained the potassium cyanide it even has only Maggey's fingerprints on it! Both the Apron and the Potassium Cyanide will be added to the Court Record.

What about the blood-stain on the apron? It turns out Godot never noticed the blood-stain nor did he hear about it. But it looks obvious! Gumshoe will say it is just ketchup. How could Godot not notice the stain?

Things are already taken a downfall, the evidence, the opportunity, the motive, all are implicating Maggey. Nevertheless, Gumshoe will continue to testify.

Gumshoe's Testimony: The Investigation

Gumshoe's Testimony
- The Investigation -

  1. The crime was reported at 2:25 PM by a kind of scary old man, sir.
  2. Poor Maggey had passed out from the shock. It must've been real tough for her.
  3. The victim didn't have any identification on him.
  4. But we figured out who he was pretty quick, and then the investigation went smoothly.
  5. When Maggey was searched, we found the lottery ticket and the bottle of poison.
  6. And that was it. There was nothing else missing from the crime scene.

The Investigation: Cross-Examination

File:PWAATaT Prescription Bag.png

Press on the 4th statement. If Glen had no form of ID with him, how did the police figure out who he was so quickly? Gumshoe suddenly remembers that there was a prescription bag with him. Ask about the prescription bag. Gumshoe says the bag was empty. How so? The Victim's Prescription Bag will be added to the Court Record.

Now you finally have a contradiction for Gumshoe's testimony. Present the Victim's Prescription Bag at statement 6. The prescription bag was empty, right? Gumshoe says the police didn't find the prescription itself. If that is true, then there was something else missing after all.

If the medicine disappeared, then could that mean the victim's prescription was the poison itself? Godot has you read the name of the clinic. "New Ear Otolaryngological Clinic". Otolaryngological? Godot explains that the day before the murder, Glen got into a fight. He took a blow in the side of his head, rupturing his eardrum, so the prescription was actually cream, to be topically applied inside his ear canal not to be ingested. The autopsy report found that Glen did so at his visit at the Trés Bien. So Glen did take his medication.

This is bad when given the choice, Push the medication issue. If Glen did take the prescription at Trés Bien, where was the cream? This will leave to "Objections!" before Godot's mask burns. It looks like he has nothing!

Godot is too speechless to call in a next witness, so Gumshoe calls Victor Kudos to the stand, The Judge will call a recess. Close one.



Maggey doesn't look happy about Gumshoe at all, the way he "betrayed" her.

Victor comes to the stand and testifies about what he saw when the crime is committed. The only thing you have to put up with for the rest of his testimonies is having bird seeds thrown at you since he likes to abuse bird seeds so much!

Victor's Testimony: What I Witnessed

Victor's Testimony
- What I Witnessed -

  1. The young man was reading the sports paper.
  2. The serving girl brought him a javaccino... But she put something in it!
  3. The man took one sip of it, looked like he was in terrible pain, and then collapsed.
  4. That's the serving girl, right there in the defendant's chair. I remember her well!

What I Witnessed: Cross-Examination


Press on the 4th statement. It sounds like he only identifies her by her waitress dress. Press harder, and a new statement will be added.

  • There was a ribbon in her hair, and her apron's straps were loose.

Press on that statement. What he just said does resemble that of Maggey. Ask about the waitress's back. Victor only described the waitress as if he only saw her from the back. What about the most important feature, the face. Another statement will be added.

  • There wasn't anything that caught my interest about her when I saw her from the front.

Present the Apron on that statement. Victor says he hasn't seen it. Finally, you found a mistake. The apron was worn by Maggey the very day of the crime, so if Victor hasn't seen the apron, he would not have seen the waitress in the front!

Godot reminds you that there was only one waitress at the restaurant and when she put the poison in the cup and gave it to Glen, Victor was watching. Victor will now testify about what he remembers about seeing Glen. This is only the test of his memory, so you only have to make sure his memory isn't well.

Victor's Testimony: About the Victim

Victor's Testimony
- About the Victim -

  1. He was another of those pesky young types, wearing a broken pair of spectacles.
  2. He had a newspaper in his right hand, and the noisy brat kept rustling its pages!
  3. The young man was listening to the wireless. I remember that well.
  4. Then the serving girl in question brought over the javaccino.
  5. The little fidget picked up the cup with his free hand and took a sip.

About the Victim: Cross-Examination


Present the Coffee Cup on the 5th statement. According to Victor, Glen was holding a piece of paper with his right hand, while drinking with his free hand, which makes it his left. Look at the mark left by Glen's lips, it indicates that Glen drank it with his "right hand".

Victor insists that he drank it with his left hand and pleas to testify more. The Judge refuses, but Godot agrees to hear more.

Victor's Testimony: Left Hand or Right Hand

Victor's Testimony
- Left Hand or Right Hand -

  1. The boy was wearing the earpiece on the same side as the green lens of his specs.
  2. He kept fiddling with it all the time.
  3. He was fiddling with it just before he picked up the cup, too.
  4. And then he used the same hand to pick up the cup. His left hand!

Godot will explain that the eye piece Glen was wearing was actually an HMD, a small computer monitor Glen used at work.

Left Hand or Right Hand: Cross-Examination


Present either Glen Elg's Profile or the Victim's Prescription Bag on any of Kudo's statements. Glen couldn't possibly have the earpiece on his left ear, because according to the prescription, Glen Elg's left eardrum was ruptured. In this condition, Glen couldn't hear with his left ear.

It looks like you have proven Victor's memory to be shot, even Godot seems frustrated. The Judge decides to adjourn court for today.

However, Victor still isn't giving up yet, as he claims that he hasn't said anything the court hasn't heard yet. He wants one more chance to prove himself. Well, time for one last testimony from the old man.

Victor's Testimony: The Final Showdown

Victor's Testimony
- The Final Showdown -

  1. First of all, I want to stress that this might be nothing. I'm not too sure of myself.
    File:PWAATaT Vase.png
  2. The young boy slumped over the table as soon as he took one sip of his javaccino...
  3. Well, the clumsy idiot upset the vase. He knocked it right over.
  4. It broke, and the strip of cloth covering the table got completely soaked!
  5. Well!? How about that? Turned things upside-down, hmm?

The Final Showdown: Cross-Examination

File:PWAATaT Victors Note.png

Present the Crime Photo at either statements 3 or 4. You can clearly see in the photo that the vase is intact on Glen's table. Victor then remembers that the vase was on HIS table. Victor was the "clumsy idiot" who knock it over when he was startled upon seeing Glen collapse. He demands one more testimony but the judge had enough and ask the bailiff to escort him out of the courtroom, yelling and screaming.

The judge adjourns the court for today but he is very intrigued that Victor wanted his testimony to be of use, so he gives you all three copies of Victor's Testimony, which will be added to the Court Record.

This concludes today's court mode.