Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 3: Recipe for Turnabout/Part 1: Investigation

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Wright & Co. Law Offices Edit

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As you celebrate New Years, Gumshoe barges in looking very agitated. Despite the constant interruptions of Maya (it's obvious she likes to joke around), he shows you a magazine article saying a poisoning brought the guilty verdict and you were "trounced". However, you have no recollection of being involved in a poisoning case let alone being "trounced" in one. The magazine has been issued a month ago. Does this mean a "phony" Phoenix is around? The Magazine Clipping will be added to the Court Record.

Gumshoe suggests you visit the detention center to set things right. Just why is he acting so worked up? Is it because of the client? It looks like you have to know what is going on. Move to the Detention Center.

You can Talk to Maya on What to do? and Any ideas. The only interesting thing is the name of the phony you: Xin Eohp! What kind of name is that? But if you reverse the name, it's spelled Phoenix! Maya sure has a bizarre idea of an evil double. Before you ask, Ayam is not Maya's evil double!

Detention Center Edit

There, you meet another familiar face of the series. It's Maggey Byrde! You know, the police woman you saved from the last game (In the beginning of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All). You explain to her what you know about the case. Talk to Maggey:

  • Maggey Byrde: Maggey says she was fired as a police woman after the incident last year. She now works as a waitress at a French restaurant.
  • What happened: It happened at the 3rd of last month at the Trés Bien. Two men were sitting at one of the tables. Maggey saw one of them slip some poison into the other's cup. The other man drink the poison and was gasping for some air. Maggey fainted as a result. She claims she saw the victim, but was found guilty anyway. Maggey also says she never knew the victim, so she must have no motive right?
  • Guilty verdict: Maggey says no one else saw the real killer at the table, everyone testified that way. What's more, while she was unconscious, the killer slipped some poison into her apron. Why did no one else saw the killer?
  • The other guy: Maggey says the two men are quite interested in music. The victim was wearing an earpiece, he even had a CD named MC... something, Maggey doesn't remember. She does remember the killer. He was well built and quite muscular too.

Present Maggey the Magazine Clipping. She will tell you about how she met "Phoenix Wright" at the Detention Center last month. She describes the fake Phoenix as taller, shady, weird voice and different accent. The courtroom noticed, but didn't say anything. You decide to clear her name again and find out who is really impersonating you! If you want, present your badge and Maggey will leave bite marks on it.

Maggey will tell you about her misfortune-prone life before you leave. Move to the Trés Bien.

Trés Bien Edit

File:PWAATaT Sports Paper.png

It looks like no one is here, so it looks like you could search the place. Examine the magazine rack on the right side of the screen. It looks like a sports paper. You see some doodle written on it. It says MC Bomber with the number 100,000... dollars? The real interesting thing is the date. December 3rd! The day of the murder! The Sports Paper will be added to the Court Record.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2) Edit

Present the Sports Paper to Maggey. She suddenly remembers something. MC Bomber, that's what it's written on the CD. There is also something about a $100,000 deal. If the victim had the CD that said MC Bomber, then the paper must belong to the victim!

Move to the Trés Bien.

Trés Bien (2) Edit

File:PWAATaT Oel.png

There, a rather flowery sight greets you. It looks like the chef of the Trés Bien. Go through the conversation and he'll reveal that he was cross-examined by "you" at the trial. The chef introduces himself as Jean Armstrong. His trait obviously is overusing French words. So unless you understand French, you'll have to put up with the way he talks! Talk to Armstrong:

  • Trés Bien: In English, Trés Bien means Very Good. Armstrong claims to be the chef here. He doesn't have enough hands now that Maggey's gone.
  • What happened: Jean was at the kitchen when the murder occurred. He says he didn't see the other man at the table, thinking the victim was all alone. Armstrong wasn't alone of course, an old man said the same thing.
  • Old man: There was another customer when the crime was committed. He says he saw the victim was sitting alone as well.

Present Maggey Byrde's Profile to Armstrong. He tells you that he wasn't surprised that Maggey killed the victim, not after "something" took place right in front of his eyes. Does that mean Maggey did have a motive?

  • Maggey's motive: 3 Psyche-Locks will appear. However, before you begin, you realize that your Magatama is gone! But how can you see the Psyche-Locks? The magatama must be nearby.

Armstrong will tell you where the old man is. Move to Vitamin Square.

Vitamin Square Edit

File:PWAATaT Job Listings.png

Here you will meet the grouchy old man throwing bird seeds at the birds like crazy. Examine what looks like a magazine on the orange bench on the lower-right side of the screen. It look like it is full of jobs. The Job Listings will be added to the Court Record, much to the old man's chagrin.

Talk to him if you want, but he won't say anything (except throwing bird seeds at you!). So move back to the Trés Bien.

Trés Bien (3) Edit

Present the Job Listings to Armstrong. He will take away Maya thinking she wants a job. It looks like she'll leave you for now. There's nothing you can do at the moment so you might want to come back later while Maya is working in the kitchen.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (3) Edit

Maggey isn't here right now, looks like you'll have to come back later. Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Criminal Affairs Department Edit

You are greeted by Gumshoe, who brings some good news and bad news. The good news is a retrial has been approved. The bad news is you will be facing Godot again. He looks eager to overturn the guilty trial. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • Maggey Byrde: This topic reveals that Gumshoe may have a crush on Maggey.
  • The victim: The victim's name was Glen Elg, a computer programmer. It was his first time at the Trés Bien and Maggey claimed she never saw him. Though court records reveal that Maggey did have a motive. Gumshoe couldn't see what.
  • The investigation: Gumshoe says that there was something contradictory in Maggey's testimony.
  • Contradictions: Gumshoe says not only Maggey thought Glen wasn't alone when he was killed, she said that there was a CD on the table. The funny thing is, no one else saw the CD. The chef never said anything about a CD, so he must be hiding something.

Present the Sports Paper. Gumshoe will have the handwriting analyzed. The Sports paper will be out of the Court Record for now.

Now, Present Jean Armstrong's Profile to Gumshoe. He says he couldn't stop thinking about his involvement to the case.

  • The charming chef: Gumshoe doesn't want to say anything and tells you to investigate Trés Bien. If you find anything suspicious about Armstrong, report it to Gumshoe.

It looks like you'll have to Move back to Trés Bien again. (accessible from the Detention Center).

If you're curious that there's a change, you might be right. Referencing "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney" episode "Rise from the Ashes", the chief came up with the idea of the Blue Badger and now there's a Pink Badger as well. Including the handcuffs to show that they're married. The most unusual references is in two places: Officer Meekins fight with Marshall/Goodman and Ema's sight of the badger which is actually a vase that has previously been broken before.

Trés Bien (4) Edit

You are greeted by a mysterious young woman, who leaves without saying anything. What's with the bandage covering her head? You then reunite with Maya, who is in a waitress dress. Talk to Maya:

File:PWAATaT Lunch Special.png
  • Waitress: She is fascinated with her new job. Looks good in an orange dress.
  • Lunch Special: You reluctantly decide to try out the lunch special with the extras (After Maya suddenly leaves you before you say anything)! It sounds pretty expensive and it tastes terrible. The Lunch Special will be added to the Court Record. The Lunch Special cost twenty dollars but with the drink, side salad and dessert, it's... forty-five dollars!?. Maya offers you to take a look at the kitchen.
  • Kitchen: Maggey said the kitchen contains all of the chef's best secrets. It looks like you'll have to search there.

Move to the Kitchen.

Kitchen Edit

File:PWAA Magatama.png
File:PWAATaT Small Bottle.png

Examine the green spot on the kitchen counter below right of the bottles on the middle of the screen. It's the Magatama, which will be added to the Court Record. What was it doing here?

Now, Examine what looks like a chest on the lower-left corner of the screen. It looks like all of the bottles are the same... except one. It doesn't smell either. The Small Bottle will be added to the Court Record.

Move to Vitamin Square.

Vitamin Square (2) Edit

File:PWAATaT Scooter.png

It looks like the old man has left. But there is a pink scooter that just appeared. Examine the scooter. It looks like it has been in an accident. You then meet its terrifying owner. You explain your name and job. The man laughs and say he is Phoenix Wright. What?! The man leaves before you could say anything else. Was he your phony? The Scooter will be added to the Court Record.


The old man will return. Talk to him this time. If you talked about everything, you will notice his frequent mention of the waitresses and 3 Psyche-Locks. (You didn't see them at first because the Magatama wasn't with you). If you're confused, the locks cover the topic Tres Bien regular.

Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Criminal Affairs Department (2) Edit

Gumshoe will bring some good news. The writing on the paper was made by Glen after all. He must have taken the paper to the crime scene when he was killed. The Sports Paper will return to the Court Record. Gumshoe insisted that he heard the name "MC Bomber" before.

File:PWAATaT Jeans Loan Contract.png

Present the Small Bottle to Gumshoe. You tell them it doesn't fit what Armstrong has. Gumshoe will take the Small Bottle from the Court Record for some analysis. Gumshoe says he knows something about Armstrong's secret.

  • Armstrong's secret: Gumshoe says that because of the food, Armstrong is owing big. Gumshoe gives you his loan contract, which says he owes half-a-million dollars. Jean's Loan Contract will be added to the Court Record.

Move back to Vitamin Square.

Vitamin Square (3) Edit

Present the Magatama to the old man:

Oldman's Psyche-Locks: Trés Bien Regular Edit

Old Man
Old Man
Old Man's Psyche-Locks: Trés Bien Regular
3 Locks

The old man will say that he was at the Trés for one thing, to eat. You know no one would eat the food. Present the Lunch Special. It is very terrible and very expensive. The old man will now say he is very rich, to the prices were nothing to him. Prove him wrong by Presenting the Job Listings. It was his, right?

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Now, the old man will tell you he was there to read papers. But there are no free papers at Trés Bien. Present the Sports Paper. This paper was dated over a month ago. The paper you are holding now is the one a fellow customer brought in.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Now you will show him the real reason why he visits Trés Bien often. Present Maggey Byrde's Profile. Maggey was the waitress at the Trés Bien. The old man doesn't recognize her face. You point out that the old man never looked at the waitress's face, but at her outfit, therefore, the reason the old man was a regular at Trés Bien is the waitress's outfit!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

The old man will admit that he was there for Maggey. He will introduce himself as Victor Kudo. He won't say anything to you as he is too upset, so you'll go nowhere if you just talk to him. You better make him talk when he is in a better mood. You just learned what would cheer him up. Move to the Trés Bien.

Trés Bien (5) Edit

Present Victor Kudo's Profile to Maya. You'll automatically return to Vitamin Square with her, in her waitress outfit.

Vitamin Square (4) Edit

Victor sees Maya in her waitress outfit. It seems to be working at first, but Victor, in the end, brushes her off, saying she is "still a child". Shoot! You were close, but not close enough... until Mia steps in (yes, Mia in a waitress outfit). Victor will become instantly love struck and will finally start talking! Talk to Kudo:

  • What you saw: Victor does admit into seeing the murder took place. He saw the waitress give the cappuccino to the victim. The victim took a sip and died. Victor also says he didn't see the other person on the table.
  • Trés Bien: Victor talks about his young days in France.
File:PWAATaT Victors Note.png
  • Trés Bien regular: Victor will tell you (actually Mia) that Armstrong was an ex-con. An ex-con?
  • Armstrong's record: Victor will tell you that Armstrong had been stealing things from his customers. He was even arrested for it once! Victor's Note is added to the Court Record.

After talking, Victor will leave this place and Mia's spirit leaves Maya's body. Move to Trés Bien.

Trés Bien (6) Edit

Maya is back to her acolyte clothes. She says there's no customers coming to the restaurant at all. Armstrong will arrive feeling disappointed at this development. This is it, Present the Magatama.

Armstrong's Psyche-Locks: Maggey's Motive Edit

Armstrong's Psyche-Locks: Maggey's Motive
3 Locks

First of all, if you are going for the "Le français" de Jean HD iOS achievement, present irrelevant evidence at each of the steps before you present the correct item, as each step gives you a unique response required for this achievement.

Armstrong will confess that Glen had a winning lottery ticket worth $500,000! When Glen was killed, the ticket was gone! The prosecution (Payne) has accused her for killing Glen to get the ticket and the money. But, you know who stole the ticket. Present Jean Armstrong's Profile.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Armstrong wants proof that he stole it. Present Victor's Note. It hints that Armstrong has been arrested once for stealing his customer's belongings. Armstrong wants proof that he was stealing from customers. Present the Magatama. You lost the magatama and found it at Armstrong's kitchen.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Armstrong wants you to prove his motive for stealing the ticket. Present Jean's Loan Contract. He owes $500,000, and the winning ticket is just enough to cover his contract.

1 Psyche-lock Broken

Unlock Successful

If you are going for the "Le français" de Jean HD iOS achievement, present all of your evidence and profiles to Jean.

Talk to Armstrong:

  • Maggey's motive: Armstrong saw Glen listening to the lottery ticket being announced. Glen suddenly shouted in victory. Armstrong thought he needed the money, so he took all of his tickets. Armstrong says he didn't put poison in his coffee.
  • Winning ticket: Armstrong says he didn't take the ticket, but didn't he admit that he did. Before he could explain, however, someone barges in.

It's Godot! He tells you that the ticket Armstrong stole wasn't the winning ticket after all. You ask him where the real one went, but he leaves, not answering.

You decide to throw away Victor's Note, which will be removed from the Court Record.

And thus concludes today's investigation. Can you figure out what happened to the Lottery Ticket? Hope that you do, for Maggey's sake.