Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 2: The Stolen Turnabout/Part 4-2: Trial

Now you have two objectives. The first is to crush Atmey's alibi and the other is to prove Atmey's motive for the murder.

Atmey is called up to the stand and is asked to testify about where he has been when the murder occurred.

Atmey's Testimony: The AlibiEdit

Atmey's Testimony
- The Alibi -

  1. I was stealing the urn as Mask☆DeMasque, just as I announced I would...
  2. I had more than enough time to prepare. It was a pathetically easy job.
  3. A photograph contains no words... But in this case, one turned out to be my witness.
  4. The time at which the camera captured Mask☆DeMasque was the same time as the murder!

The Alibi: Cross-ExaminationEdit

Press statements 2 and 4.

File:PWAATaT Crime2b.png
  • 2: Atmey was called in by Andrews. Atmey would have the perfect opportunity to steal his new target. Maya spots something odd, if Atmey was watching the urn when it was stolen, then his reputation of being an "Ace Detective" would be damaged.
  • 4: Atmey could have altered the photo in some way, but Godot said that Lordly Tailor printed it out, so it isn't possible.

After pressing both of those statements, now you can Press 3. Atmey insists that the photo proves his crime, but something in it looks something odd. When given the option, choose You bet there is. You examine the crime photo, Present The pink splotch. You checked the basement warehouse before the crime is committed. There is something that is supposed to cover up the paint. When asked what, Present Ami Fey's Golden Statue.

File:PWAATaT Crime2c.png

You visited the warehouse the night before the heist and saw the statue covering the stains. Godot says he visited the warehouse after the heist and saw the statue farther from the door. When asked who moved it, Present Luke Atmey's Profile. The reason Atmey moved it is in the photograph. Something in it would expose Atmey's lie if the statue was in there. When asked where, Present the timestamp on the upper-left corner of the Touch Screen.

Atmey knew it was impossible to murder the CEO of KB Security and take the photo in a matter of seconds, so he took the crime photo days before the crime was officially committed. When he came back on the day of the murder, he noticed something that wasn't supposed to be on the photograph, the statue. Atmey wanted the statue to be placed, so the whole scene looked like as in the photo. That's why he moved the statue! Luke tries to counter your idea by showing the records, that says the camera was indeed taken on the night of the crime, but you block it by reminding Atmey that he was in charge of the data alone, giving him the freedom to manipulate it.

It looks like a great theory, but Godot says what you just said is only a possibility. He has Atmey state a new testimony about his strategy of the heist.

Atmey's Testimony: The Sacred Urn HeistEdit

Atmey's Testimony
- The Sacred Urn Heist -

  1. I first received the request from Lordly Tailor about 20 days ago.
  2. The urn was placed in a box, and Zvarri! It was then sent to the warehouse.
  3. Hence, I was actually unable to see the urn for myself until the day of the crime...
  4. I knew it was an extremely valuable treasure, so I sent my card 10 days beforehand.
  5. I then handled security by myself to ensure that my crime would go smoothly!
  6. At last, I held the urn in my hands for the first time at 1 AM on October 12th.

The Sacred Urn Heist: Cross-ExaminationEdit

On statement 2, 3, 4 or 6, Present DeMasque's Calling Card. In the card, it says "take care of the speckled urn." The "speckles" the card is referring to are the pink splotches on the urn, but they are actually paint stains. Furthermore, the stains were put on there after the urn was delivered to the Lordly Tailor. Remember, Andrews dropped the urn, so she hid the urn to keep out of sight, so Atmey could not have seen it, unless he was taken it with him in the fake photo.

It looks like you have crushed Atmey's alibi, but Godot now brings in a new challenge. You now have to prove Atmey's motive for murdering Bullard. This will lead to a new testimony.

Atmey's Testimony: Motive for MurderEdit

Atmey's Testimony
- Motive for Murder -

  1. I, Luke Atmey, had no points of contact with the victim whatsoever.
  2. Kane Bullard decided to investigate Mask☆DeMasque and simply mistook who he was!
  3. It was Mr. Bullard who wrote the blackmail letter and sent it to Ron DeLite.
  4. And it was again Mr. Bullard who harbored a grudge against Mr. DeLite for his betrayal!
  5. Mr. Bullard's mistake is quite excusable. The defendant truly believes he is Mask☆DeMasque.
  6. That is why Mr. DeLite saw it fit to kill Kane Bullard. Truly a tragedy...

The blackmail letter was analyzed recently and the handwriting was indeed Bullard's. The Blackmail Letter will be updated to the Court Record.

Motive for Murder: Cross-ExaminationEdit

Present the Blackmail Letter at statement 3 (you as well can present Newspaper Clipping right away). The letter says that it is addressed to Ron, but you find a contradiction here. When asked what, Present the Newspaper Clipping. It says the Tear of Emanon in there was "blue". However, in the letter it says "I'll take that 'red' diamond you received the other day." This doesn't describe the "blue" diamond Mask☆DeMasque stole, so the letter may be intended for someone else. When asked who, Present Luke Atmey's Profile. Alternatively, you can present Newspaper Clipping on statement 3 and skip presenting the Blackmail Letter for the same result.

Atmey has been involved in all of Mask☆DeMasque's cases. He recovered the item on the last heist, so as a reward, he received a "red diamond". If you hadn't noticed (though you probably did when you first met him), Atmey has been wearing a red jewel on his ring. So, if the blackmail letter was referring to the "red diamond" on the ring Atmey was wearing, then it is obvious that Bullard was blackmailing Atmey, not Ron!

Godot now reminds you that the blackmail referred to Atmey's secret identity. If he wanted to keep it, then he would have to do what it said. When asked what the secret identity was, say Atmey was a blackmailer. At some point, Ron started receiving blackmail letters after his first heist as Mask☆DeMasque. He began to receive detailed plans since. So if Atmey wanted to keep his identity as the blackmailer, then it would be obvious that Atmey was the one selling plans and blackmail letters to Ron!

Luke is not willing to give up just yet, he wants to know how he knew that Ron was Mask☆DeMasque. Present the Newspaper Clipping. In the front page photo contains only Atmey and Ron. Ron said he put his costume in the trash can. And being the so-called "Ace Detective" he is, Atmey eventually finds the costume and knew that it belonged to Ron. He probably has been blackmailing and sending plans to Ron to give the stolen treasures to him for one thing, just to get attention from the public.

You now have proven Atmey's motive. Just look at him now, he is breaking down. Things might just work out right after all...

...Not! Godot wants you to prove one more thing: was Atmey really at the CEO's Office at KB Security? He wants proof from you that Atmey really was at the murder scene at the time. However, you can't prove it right now. Choosing otherwise would get you nowhere. You request for one more cross-examination but Godot calls it off, as Atmey was going to get the "guilty" verdict as Mask☆DeMasque. Maya wants to investigate more, but that would risk double-jeopardy, meaning that if Ron is found innocent of the heist, then he wouldn't be tried again for the same crime. If that happens, then it is likely that Atmey will get away with murder.

It looks like time has ran out for you, but fortunately, Mia comes to your rescue! Using the Kurain Channeling Technique, Maya can summon her big sister to aid Phoenix when things look the bleakest. Mia helps The Judge recall Atmey's remarks after his last testimony: Atmey declared that Ron was the true killer. The Judge says they're not important. Mia suggests another cross-examination would help prove their importance. Judging by Atmey's number of remarks after the last testimony, Mia and you assert your rights to cross examine them.

Take note that Godot, for some reason, spaces out for a moment. What is he thinking about? Anyway, he agrees to hear Atmey's final testimony.

Atmey's Testimony: The Last TestimonyEdit

Atmey's Testimony
- The Last Testimony -

  1. Indeed, it is true that I was not at Lordly Tailor.
  2. I had to leave to see about another vitally important job request.
  3. I had known about the date beforehand, so I had this photograph readied.
  4. My brilliant deduction was what informed me that the true culprit was Ron DeLite.
  5. And thanks to the Key Card and Wallet, it was abundantly clear that he was there.
  6. I was also able to make a deduction from the buzzer, which only sounded once.
  7. The button did not have any fingerprints on it... Why?
  8. The victim would have left prints if he sounded it. Which means the killer sounded it.
  9. Mr. DeLite was wearing his Mask☆DeMasque outfit, which is why he left no prints.
  10. And, the blackmail letter? The victim likely just mistook the color of the jewel.
  11. Zvarri! Therefore, all the evidence points to that poor boy!

The Judge gives you only one chance to find a contradiction, even pressing the wrong statement will be an instant game over! There isn't any evidence that contradicts any of the statements. Mia says evidence doesn't always have to be presented. So it looks like you just have to press the statement, matching Ron DeLite's testimony with Luke's statement. Remember, press the wrong statement once and you'll blow it. Save before you try this testimony!

The Last Testimony: Cross-ExaminationEdit

Press on the 9th statement. Count in your head while going through each statement until you reach the part about Ron's outfit. While Atmey was on trial next door, Ron confessed that he was wearing the Mask☆DeMasque outfit during his visit to the CEO's Office. Atmey wasn't there when he confessed, so how did Atmey know that Ron was wearing the costume? Recall Ron's testimony. As soon as he entered the office, he was knocked out by the real murderer before Ron could see him first. If that is true, then the real murder must have seen Ron in his costume as well!

At this state, Atmey will break down and admit to the crime.

Ron will take the stand one last time. He once again admits that he really is Mask☆DeMasque, but thanks to the Double-Jeopardy rule, he is now cleared of all charges and has come off scot-free... for now.

Ron DeLite is found...


What REALLY HappenedEdit

It all started when Ron DeLite was fired as a chief security guard at KB Security headquarters. Apparently Ron's wife, Desirée DeLite, had been spending too much money to Ron's liking. To keep up with her spending spree, Ron had been selling secrets of the company to rival companies for large amounts of money. However, Kane Bullard, CEO of KB Security, caught Ron and immediately fired him.

Ron feared that if Desirée found out that he was fired, she would leave him. He couldn't find a better job to earn rolls of cash, so he decides to gain money in a way Desirée wouldn't want him to be, like a criminal. Ron creates a fancy costume and a new alias for himself, the mysterious phantom thief, Mask☆DeMasque.

Ron's first heist target was the extremely valuable "Tear of Emamon". He was very successful at his heist and attempted to get away with it by hiding the costume in one of the trash cans. That is when the so-called Ace Detective Luke Atmey enters the scene. Atmey finds the costume in one of the cans and with some research, he manages to find that it was Ron that made and used the costume.

The heist made it to the papers and Mask☆DeMasque became popular with the people. This gives Atmey an idea. If he wanted to get attention from lots of people, he would blackmail Ron into giving him his stolen items to make it look like he "recovered the treasures, and from doing this, he would become famous. He then sends Ron a blackmail letter saying he knows (he) did it and if he gives back the Tear of Emanon, he'll promise to pay him big. Ron does so and becomes rich as a result.

As one year passes, Atmey had been secretly sending planned heist with highly detailed guides and instructions to Ron, who had been following every single one. He gave the treasures to Atmey who in return had been paying him back ridiculous amounts of money, which he used to keep up with his own wife, whom he successfully kept his deep dark secret from. When Atmey "recovered" the fourth item Mask☆DeMasque stole, he was awarded with a red jewel as a present. All goes well with Atmey, until the fifth heist, when Bullard steps in.

File:PWAATaT Case02acrime.png

Bullard's company's reputation has taken a nose dive, thanks to unsuccessful attempts to prevent robberies made by Mask☆DeMasque. He soon began investigating each heist and eventually find out that Atmey was behind the cases. He blackmails Atmey into giving him the ring he has or pay up $50,000. It also said to meet him at his office at 1:00AM on October 12th, unless he wants to expose his identity as a blackmailer. Atmey was filled with rage as a result and started planning to kill Bullard.

Meanwhile, famous museum Lordly Tailor agreed with the mysterious Kurain Tribe to present their most valuable possessions. The treasures were delivered to the Lordly Tailor with former star manager Adrian Andrews taking care of the basement. Andrews feared that something bad would happen, so she hired Atmey to look over the treasures.

As Andrews prepared for the Sacred Urn, she carried it to the basement. There, she met with an unfortunate accident; she tripped one of the paint cans, spilling a huge splotch on the floor and wall. She also drops the box on the edge of the paint stain, breaking the urn apart. Andrews drop some of the pieces on the ground. She picks up the pieces and fixes the urn, but leaving the paint stains on. She also put the Ami Fey's Golden Statue in place where the accident happened: Near the door.

Atmey sensed an opportunity to rid himself of his blackmailer, so he hatched a rather convoluted scheme. Shortly after being hired, Atmey dressed up as Mask☆DeMasque and stole the Sacred Urn, making sure he was captured on camera doing so at 1 in the morning (he could manipulate the software to make it look like the picture was taken on the night of the murder, but he could do nothing about the timestamp). He then sent Lordly Tailor one of Mask☆DeMasque's calling cards, and delivered Bullard's blackmail letter to Ron DeLite, who naturally assumed it was intended for him. Under cover of wanting to work alone, Atmey ensured that no one would be in the basement warehouse on the night of the 12th, when he was due to meet with Bullard. However, that morning, the statue of Ami Fey arrived and was placed next to the door of the warehouse. In order to make the picture he had taken 10 days prior appear genuine, Atmey was forced to move the statue.

The day of the meeting finally comes. Luke went to the CEO's Office and settled things once and for all, leading Bullard to his fate. Ron, as instructed, also arrived at 1 am. He wore his costume to make things more appropriate. Once he entered using his key card, however, he was knocked out cold by Atmey, who then made his escape after sounding the alarm to call for a security guard. That security guard (Larry Butz) never came, because he was in the process of being dumped by his girlfriend.

When Ron came to, he saw the horrific scene of his ex-boss' body on the ground, not moving. Ron panicked and stuffed the body into the safe. Meanwhile, Atmey returned to Lordly Tailor, where he bent the Shichishito and pretended to have been attacked by Mask☆DeMasque. When the theft came to light the next morning, Ron immediately confessed, accidentally hijacking Atmey's plan by hoping that the alibi provided by the fake Mask☆DeMasque heist would protect him from suspicion in Kane Bullard's murder.

The Stolen Turnabout: EpilogueEdit

Ron is still depressed. He had lost everything and doesn't think the broken bowl will never be fixed. It looks like you'll need to encourage Ron. Present the Sacred Urn and things will be just fine. As for Desirée, don't worry. Though she hates criminals and cowards, for Ron's case, he did it all for her, convincing her that Ron is a strong person. So it looks like things will work out between the two after all.

Also, Pearl just came back ... and slaps your pride down after seeing you with Desirée, again. What a funny way to close this case!

File:PWAATaT Case02 End.png