Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 2: The Stolen Turnabout/Part 3: Investigation

Wright & Co. Law OfficesEdit

Pearl decides to take the urn and bring it back to Kurain Village. The Sacred Urn will be removed from the Court Record for now. Talk to Maya.

  • What to do: Maya thinks you should talk to Desirée. Since her husband works at KB Security, she should know where the headquarters is. Phoenix also has some questions for Ron, so be sure to hit the detention center, too.
  • Sacred Urn: Maya notices something strange. The urn says AMI again rather than I AM. What's more is that there are pink splotches all over it.
  • Kurain Village: It's really a flashback involving the death of Dr. Grey and how Maya got framed for the murder. Still, it's not Maya's fault for getting caught up in a scandal.

Move to DeMasque's Hideout.

DeMasque's HideoutEdit

Desirée looks very worried for Ron. Talk to Desirée:

  • Ron DeLite: Desirée will say something about love at first sight.
  • Detective Atmey: In short summary, Miss DeLite hates cowardly men. Also, during the trial, she gets nervous so she went to Detective Atmey's office. His secretary told her that he wasn't in his office. But Miss DeLite manages to force her way into the office to retrieve the bag and bring it to the court yesterday.
  • KB Security: It looks like Desirée doesn't know that Ron quit the job as a security guard. She gives you the directions to KB Security headquarters.
  • Love at first sight?: Desirée will reveal that Ron once saved her life. She was held hostage by a couple of robbers when Ron came and fought them off (okay, he scared them off... unintentionally). They fell in love with each other since.

After talking, Move to the CEO's Office.

CEO's OfficeEdit

File:PWAAJFA case 2 paper2.png
File:PWAATaT Kanes List.png
File:PWAATaT CEO Office Buzzer.png

Here it is, the crime scene, and of course, Gumshoe is there. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • What happened: The victim's name was Kane Bullard. His body was discovered on 9:00am this morning. He died at approximately 1:00am on October 12th due to blunt force head trauma. Kane's Autopsy Report will be added to the Court Record. Bullard's body was discovered when it fell out of the safe when they opened it.
  • Detective Atmey: After a few concerns about Atmey's "investigations", Gumshoe will show you a news article about the Mask☆DeMasque's first heist involving the robbery of the "Tear of Emanon". He says there is something that bothers him. You note about the security guard in the picture. He looks kind of familiar. The Newspaper Clipping will be added to the Court Record.
  • Prosecutor Godot: Just who is this guy? Gumshoe couldn't figure out who he is. Why does he hold some sort of grudge against you?

Present Kane Bullard's Profile. Gumshoe doesn't really have much info on him.

  • The victim: Gumshoe will say Bullard often uses money to trade secrets with rival companies. It turns out KB used what they have to catch Mask☆DeMasque, but failed many times. As a result, they started losing money. Is this why Bullard had been blackmailing Ron?

After talking, Examine the thick file sitting on the table on the bottom of the screen. It's files are about Mask☆DeMasque! It has everything in it, his methods, the crime scenes even the items he stole! Kane's List will be added to the Court Record.

Examine what looks like a buzzer just right of the painting. It looks like the emergency buzzer. Gumshoe says that someone should have push the buzzer during the struggle, but the security says it never went off. Kane wasn't wearing gloves either. What happened? CEO Office Buzzer will be added to the Court Record.

Present the Blackmail Letter. Just why did Bullard want to blackmail Ron anyway?

Move to the Security Room.

KB Security, Security RoomEdit

You will meet Larry there (oh no) who claims he knows something about the murder. Talk to Larry:

  • Good info: Larry will tell you that Ron was fired from the headquarters a year ago. Why?
  • Security guard: Nothing important here. Just a job description on what he does in this room.
  • The night of the crime: You ask Larry if he was in his position when the crime occurred. Instead of answering, Larry presents 2 Psyche-Locks.

Fortunately you don't have to search for more clues, so go right ahead and Present the Magatama:

Larry's Psyche-Lock: The Night of the CrimeEdit

Larry's Psyche-Locks: The Night of the Crime
2 Locks

Larry says he was in his office the whole time. You need to prove him wrong. Present Ron's Wallet or the CEO Office Key card. Yesterday, he handed the wallet to Desirée. He said he found it, and the key card, at 1:00 in the morning, the same time as the crime, meaning that Larry wasn't in his station after all.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Larry now tells you the murderer sneaked in the crime scene before his shift started. You know that's not possible. Present the CEO Office Key Card. The card was used in 1:00AM, right in the middle of Larry's shift.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

  • The night of the crime: Larry will confess that he had to talk to his "Donna" that night. Larry is extremely apologetic and will do anything to make up for it. Maya suggests to show evidence that will make him help you out.

Present the CEO Office Buzzer. This will open up a new topic.

File:PWAATaT Data.png
  • Emergency buzzer: Larry says the buzzer leaves a record of whenever it's pressed. Larry checks the records and what do you know, it went off around 1:00AM, the same time as the murder! The Buzzer Record will be added to the Court Record.

Easter Egg: If you check the big wall paper on the left, it goes as follows from one to five.

  1. Obey thy superior.
  2. Respect thy superior.
  3. Smile at thy superior.
  4. Salute thy superior.
  5. Buy donuts for thy superior upon command.

This paper is signed by "Wendy Oldbag, Head Supervisor"! Larry will mention that she wears the same astronaut costume and ray gun since the last game (involving Maya's kidnapping). Fortunately, she's out on vacation. If you want to see Wendy Oldbag once more, get to the end credits to see what she says!

If you are playing the HD iOS port or the HD trilogy on Steam, this previously mentioned command list is what you are supposed to examine to get the second and last piece for the Smells Like Oldbag achievement. However, you need to examine Larry's seat on the bottom right of the screen instead of that list to get this achievement because this achievement probably has a bug.

Move to the Main Exhibition Hall accessible from the CEO's Office. Then Move to the Basement Warehouse.

Basement WarehouseEdit

You see Andrews. You tell her the Sacred Urn is taken care of. Talk to Andrews:

  • DeMasque's Identity: She heard the news that Luke Atmey might be DeMasque at the moment. Even though it wasn't her fault, she hired Luke twenty days ago and then the calling card came ten days ago.
  • The night of the crime: She also heard that DeMasque murdered someone on the news. Anyway, she never got a glimpse of him during the incident.
  • Sacred Urn: You ask about how the urn is suddenly different. Andrews says she doesn't know anything about it, but 2 Psyche-Locks prove otherwise.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention CenterEdit

Ron is available now. Talk to Ron:

  • Mask☆DeMasque: Ron still insists that he is the thief, but didn't Atmey tell you that? Ron then admits that he didn't steal the urn, so the guy in the crime photo has to be Atmey.
  • The night of the crime: Ron does admit that he was indeed at KB Security at the time. He opened the CEO's door up with his key, and as soon as he entered he was knocked out cold. When he came to, he saw something frightening, Kane Bullard's dead body. He knew he had to do something with it, so he put it inside the safe. He knew how to open it, because he was one of the chief security guards. He was even the one who set up the camera in the building, so he knew how to avoid being caught by them.
  • Why were you fired?: Ron tells you not to tell his "Dessie", about being in a life of crime. Ron says Desirée spends money "like it was water". He thinks only being a thief would bring enough money every day.

Present to Ron the Newspaper Clipping about his first heist. Ron will say he hid his costume in a trash can. He will also say that the security guy in the photo is indeed him. The Newspaper Clipping will be updated in the Court Record. Ron says Atmey found the costume afterwards. Since then, he began receiving blackmail letters. Blackmail!?

  • Blackmail letter: He said the one you have isn't the first one. The first one said "I know you did it. I know you stole it, so give up." In the end, he did so and gave up the jewel he stole. In return, he received a large amount of money. Ron then started receiving plans.
File:PWAATaT Testimony.png

Talk about the Heist plans. He received very detailed plans and instructions on the heists. It looks like someone else has been planning the heists? If so, then Ron really is Mask☆DeMasque after all? So who is making the plans? Ron says he just submit the stolen items and waits for the cash to come in. He also mentions that he never actually saw the urn, he just did as he was told. Ron's Testimony will be added to the Court Record.

You ask Ron once more if he killed Bullard. He insists that he didn't, he just put the body inside the safe. He was afraid he would be caught for murder, so he would make the judge found him guilty of the theft, thus giving him an alibi. It looks like you ruined such a clever plan.

Just then, Pearl returns. She announces that the urn has been checked and it is confirmed that it is real after all. However, it looks like the pink splotches are actually paint and they were put on just recently. The girls suggest that you find out how they got there. The Sacred Urn will be returned to the Court Record.

Move to the Basement Warehouse.

Basement Warehouse (2)Edit

File:PWAATaT Urn Box.png

Andrews is still hanging around. Maya suggests that you look around one more time. Examine the cardboard box. It looks like the urn was in there. It looks like it has pink paint on it and it matches the ones on the urn. The Urn Box will be added to the Court Record.

File:PWAATaT Paint Marks.png

Pan right and examine the big pink splotch. It looks like it's also the same color as the pink tiny splotches on the urn. Just how did the paint get an odd shape? You then realized it is caused by the cardboard box! It matches! It looks like you have it figured it out. The Paint Marks will be added to the Court Record.

You are now getting closer to the truth behind the urn mystery. Close enough that you can Pan left and Present the Magatama to Andrews:

Andrews' Psyche-Locks: The Sacred UrnEdit

Andrews's Psyche-Locks: The Sacred Urn
2 Locks

You say the urn submitted to court isn't the same one you saw before. Andrews will say that its a fake. Present the Sacred Urn. Pearl recently examined the urn and it looks like it was broken recently, just a year after it was broken last. Andrews wants proof. Present the Treasure Exhibit Poster. On it, it says "I AM", but now for some reason, it spells "AMI" again meaning the spelling was rewritten.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Andrews desperately blames the photo shooters for dropping the urn. She ask for proof that it was broken here. Present the Paint Marks. The paint on the urn is the same as the paint on the floor and wall, so it has to be dropped there. Andrews wants proof that the paint is the same as the one on the urn. Present the Urn Box. It has paint all over it. If you compare it to the shape on the spill, it perfectly fits. So, if the box did contain the urn, it's no doubt that the urn was dropped on the paint. You can swap the Paint Marks and the Urn Box for the same thing when you have to present proof.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Andrews:

  • Sacred Urn: Andrews will confess that she was the one that broke the urn. About two weeks ago, right after the photo shooting, the urn arrived and she thought she'd took it in the basement for safekeeping. Suddenly, she tripped on some paint cans and accidentally lost her grip on the box, dropping it, and breaking the urn. Andrews knew it is the most important treasure in the village, so she fixed it, not knowing how it is originally spelled, but assuming it was "AMI". The Sacred Urn will be updated in the Court Record.

Maya then wonders how the paint got there. You haven't seen it when you first got here. Andrews will admit she covered it with the Ami Fey Statue.

  • Ami Fey Statue: Pearl wonders about something strange. On the day before the murder, it was closer to the door. The day after however, it was moved again. Andrews says she wouldn't move it again and doesn't know who moved it. The Ami Fey Statue will be updated in the Court Record.

You begin to suspect that the urn may have a connection to the murder. If the real Mask☆DeMasque was at the KB Security headquarters, then who was the one that stole the urn? Perhaps tomorrow's trial will hopefully bring out the answers.