Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 2: The Stolen Turnabout/Part 1: Investigation

File:PWAA Magatama.png

Wright & Co. Law OfficesEdit

Maya announces that she and Pearl are about to hit the "big time". Pearl will shove a poster at you. It looks like The Sacred Urn from Kurain Village. (Maya and Pearl's hometown if you don't recall) The poster says they are about to do a treasure exhibition. Maya and Pearl are inviting you to visit tonight. The exhibition doesn't start until next week, so the manager send them VIP tickets.


Phoenix introduces you (the player) to Maya and Pearl. He gives a brief history of the two of what he knows about them so far. Play the two previous Ace Attorney games to know more about Maya and her family.

You reluctantly decide to go with them (because of Pearl's presence). The Treasure Exhibition Poster will be added to the Court Record.

You automatically go to the exhibition.

Main Exhibition HallEdit

Wow, feel the nostalgia, Maya says someone is waiting for you at the basement.

You now have your first investigation gameplay of the game, you are given four primary options. Examine, Talk, Move, and Present. You can choose Examine to check more of the room you're in if you want, but right now, it is necessary that you choose Move. You are given choices of where to move to, choose Basement Warehouse.

Note: The folding screen relates to the previous game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All in the case "Reunion, and Turnabout" in which the folding screen played a major role: there was a bullet hole in it. In the end, Ini Miney/Mini Miney was found guilty alongside Morgan Fey as her accomplice for the murder of Dr. Grey.

Basement WarehouseEdit

There, a familiar face greets you. Hey, it's Adrian Andrews! The woman you saved in the last game! (Play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All to learn more about her) She seems quite different from when you first met her. (Black clothes, ponytail and a cheerful attitude.) You can now Talk to Andrews. You are given the following topics:

  • Adrian Andrews: She was involved in the "Nickel Samurai" case. (Maya doesn't remember it, because she was held hostage by an assassin, Shelly De Killer.) This happen seven months ago. Since then, Andrews quit being a manager and now works as you see her now.
File:PWAATaT Ami Feys Golden Statue.png
  • Lordly Tailor: The Lordly Tailor is celebrating its 200th anniversary. This room seems well protected.

Now Pan right (You should see two arrows on the bottom of the screen.) and Examine a golden statue. It looks like the statue of Ami Fey, the one who invented the Kurain Channeling Technique. The statue had just arrived this morning. Ami Fey's Golden Statue will be added to the Court Record.

On the WiiWare version, press the Minus (-) button to pan right, move the cursor with the D-Pad and examine with the A button.

You notice the strange thing the statue is holding. Andrews will say it is the Kurain Shichishito. A ceremonial sword.

After accomplishing those tasks, you go back to the office and wait for the exhibition to open.

Wright & Co. Law Offices (2)Edit

The next day, Maya arrives with some terrible news: Pearl turns on the TV and you hear that there was a treasure heist. The thief is known as the renowned phantom thief, Mask☆DeMasque. Maya says that it took place at Lordly Tailor. Their most valuable treasure has been stolen, the Sacred Urn! Talk to Maya:

File:PWAATaT Sacred Urn.png
  • Sacred Urn: Maya reminds you that the urn was supposed hold the spirit of Ami. Why does this say I AM on it? (You should know) The Sacred Urn will be added to the Court Record.
  • What to do: Maya tells you to catch the thief.
  • Last year's incident: You recall the case you took a year ago. You are reminded that Pearl accidentally broke it. She tried to fix it, but instead of "AMI" it says "I AM".

Move to the Main Exhibition Hall.

Main Exhibition Hall (2)Edit

It looks like everything is the same as yesterday. You then meet another familiar face, Detective Dick Gumshoe! Talk to Gumshoe:

  • What happened: Apparently, the Sacred Urn was stolen by Mask☆DeMasque. The urn was kept at the basement warehouse, where an "Ace Detective" is currently investigating.
  • Mask☆DeMasque: The guy is a phantom thief. He sends calling cards when he is planning a heist.
File:PWAATaT DeMasques Calling Card.png
  • Ace Detective: Gumshoe will tell you that the "Ace Detective" had investigated all 4 of Mask☆DeMasque's last heists. He managed to get the 4th stolen treasure back.
  • Calling card: The picture in front is Mask☆DeMasque's emblem. Gumshoe says it is not to be revealed in public. The DeMasque's Calling Card will be added to the Court Record.

After talking, Move to the Basement Warehouse.

Basement Warehouse (2)Edit

You will meet the "Ace Detective", who will introduce himself as Luke Atmey. He likes to use his magnifying glass from his right eye and likes to be a show-off. Also his favorite catchphrase? Zvarri! That word will latch on to Maya and you until the end of this game. As for a bit of fun, you introduce as an Ace Attorney, Maya's Ace Spirit Medium and Pearl Ace Cousin-Apprentice. Talk to Atmey.

  • Ace Detective: Atmey will say he has been on Mask☆DeMasque's heels since his first heist, he once returned one of the treasures stolen. You consider the jewel on Atmey's ring. He says it is a reward.
  • Mask☆DeMasque: Nothing new here. He's just telling some story.
  • The night of the crime: Atmey will reveal that he was called in 10 days before the calling card was received. He was called BEFORE the card came!? It was Andrews that called him, fearing something bad would happen, it did. Afterwards, Atmey set a trap for Mask☆DeMasque and waited alone without calling help from a "useless group of nincompoops" (police). He was hiding in such a secret place, not even the guards notice him. He waited at the entrance, but no one came through. However, the Sacred Urn just disappeared anyway. How is that possible?

Atmey won't let you investigate, so Present to him DeMasque's Calling Card. This will make Atmey change his mind and leave. He tells you to meet him at his office.

File:PWAATaT Shichishito.png

Before you do, let's take a look around, Examine a wooden box on the floor. Maya made it to contain the sacred urn.

File:PWAATaT Data.png

Next, Examine the Shichishito on the floor. What's it doing here? And why is it bent? Wasn't it on Ami's hand? It looks like someone used it. The Shichishito will be added to the Court Record.

Then, Examine the computer. It looks like it runs security cameras. You don't know how to bring up photos, but you do print out a record. You see that the security camera went off last night. The Camera Data will be added to the Court Record.

Finally, Examine the statue. Pearl will notice something strange. Wasn't it in a different place from where you last saw it? What could have moved it? Ami Fey's Golden Statue will be updated in the Court Record.

After completing everything, Move to the Main Exhibition Hall.

Main Exhibition Hall (3)Edit


You receive a call, from Gumshoe. (listen to that ringtone) He brings you rather surprising news. Mask☆DeMasque has been captured and arrested! Actually, he had turned himself in for some reason. What about the Sacred Urn? Gumshoe informs you that Mask☆DeMasque wants to talk to you at the detention center. Really!?

Move to the Detention Center, not Atmey Detective Agency. It's Accessible from the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Detention CenterEdit

Ah, the good ol' detention center. After going through a few conversations, you will meet a rather whiny guy with a strange (yet familiar) costume. He will introduce himself as Ron DeLite, who claims to be Mask☆DeMasque himself. Ron is quite the character. His traits is trying to interrupt conversation and usually ends his conversation quietly. He also conflicts with himself. Talk to Ron:

  • Mask☆DeMasque: He says he is the phantom thief. Does that mean he stole the urn? Ron makes a request, to talk to "Dessie". Dessie?
  • Sacred Urn: Ron will say that he lost it. What?
  • Lost it?: Ron doesn't know where he lost it? Is he sure that he is Mask☆DeMasque?
  • Dessie: He inadvertently reveals that "Dessie" is his wife, Desirée DeLite, who advised him to talk to you. Ron tells you she is at his "hideout" (actually an apartment).

Move to DeMasque's Hideout.

Mask☆DeMasque's HideoutEdit

You will meet Desirée DeLite herself. Talk to Desirée:

  • Ron DeLite: Desirée says that Ron is deluded. She thinks that the fact Ron insisted that he stole the urn and turning himself in is just crazy for her.
  • Desirée DeLite: She really likes to put some "excitement" in her life. She enjoys riding a motorbike in full-throttle. Ron isn't the same type (obviously), but he does make up for it for the tons of money he receives. She spends lots of money shopping. Ron receives so much money, because he is a security guard. (Really?)
  • The night of the crime: Desirée says she got pulled over at the time of the crime. She finally got home at 3:00 in the morning. She doesn't know about Ron, as they weren't together when she was out. She went home to find Ron asleep. It looks like she has an alibi.
File:PWAAJFA Desirées Letter.png

Present Mask☆DeMasque's Profile. Desirée says that Ron is just a big fan of the phantom thief. She thinks that Ron is delusional, actually believing that he is Mask☆DeMasque.

Talk about Delusions. Desirée doesn't believe that Ron is actually Mask☆DeMasque. She assumes the decorations as just fandom. (Judging by his uncriminal-like attitude, she could be right) Desirée requests that you send Ron a letter she wrote for him. Desirée's Letter will be added to the Court Record.

If you are playing the HD iOS port or the HD Trilogy on Steam, make sure to examine either the fishbowl helmet on the left or the sci-fi style vest next to the fishbowl helmet to get one of the two things needed for the Smells Like Oldbag achievement.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)Edit

Present Desirée's Letter to Ron. It will be removed from the Court Record.

After reading it, Ron requests that you will be his lawyer (from Desirée's request). It doesn't matter what choice you choose, as both will end up in Phoenix saying he will take the case. After hearing you'll be defending Ron, Pearl will get mad and run off, with Maya following her.

Maya comes back and tells you that Pearl is at the Wright & Co. Offices. Move there.

Wright & Co. Law Offices (3)Edit

Pearl is there and depending on her suspicious attitude, she still isn't quite happy. Talk to Maya about all of the available topics. Just a brief mention of what you already know about her and Pearl, (unless you are a newcomer of the series.) Pearl had a father, who left her some time ago.

Pearl will apologize about earlier and will leave the office to look for evidence.

Move to the Main Exhibition Hall.

Main Exhibition HallEdit

You'll see a panicking Andrews, who seems highly apologetic for the urn's disappearance. Talk to Andrews:

  • DeMasque's calling card: Andrews tried to show the calling card to the police, but Atmey stopped her. She does admit that she did call for Atmey 10 days before the card is received, because she feared, that something bad might happen. Lordly Tailor does have good security.
  • The security: Andrews says she felt that the urn wasn't really valuable, so she polished it. She also says she left all of the security to Atmey five days ago. She checked everyone that entered and none of them are Mask☆DeMasque.

There's nothing else you could do here, Move to the Atmey Detective Agency.

Atmey Detective AgencyEdit

You will see Atmey there. Talk to him:

File:PWAATaT Tear of Emanon.png
  • The night of the crime: Atmey says that Mask☆DeMasque's first heist was the "Tear of Emanon". (Take note of this) He insists that he watched the scene alone. He also set up security cameras as a trap. How did Mask☆DeMasque manage to steal it in the first place? What was his modus oprandi?
  • Sacred Urn: Atmey shows no interest to the urn, as he thinks it is just to lure him to catch his prey.
  • DeMasque's M.O.: It is strange how Mask☆DeMasque managed to steal the urn while the "Ace Detective" is on watch, so how did he not know how the thief stole it? Atmey stays quiet. As a result, everything turns black around Atmey and chains appear with 1 Psyche-Lock.
  • Psyche-Lock: Maya wonders what a Psyche-Lock is. You explain to her that her Magatama can give you the power to see if people are hiding something. You Present the Magatama and you have to Present evidence and choose the right answer to break their Psyche-Locks. If you break all of them, the person will confess. If you present the wrong evidence or choose the wrong answer, your health bar will drop depending on the circumstances. It would be wise to prepare your evidence before you're ready to bring out your Magatama.

If you want the origin of the Magatama, play "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All" to learn how to use it to break people's secret.

So, without further ado, Present the Magatama and you will begin your first Psyche-Lock challenge of the game.

Atmey's Psyche-Lock: Mask☆DeMasque's M.O.Edit

Atmey's Psyche-Lock: Mask☆DeMasque's M.O.
1 Lock

You accuse Atmey for not seeing Mask☆DeMasque. Atmey insists that no one passes through. You know it's not possible. Look's like you need to show proof. Present the Camera Data. According to the data, the camera only went off once. Atmey will say that the computer might have malfunctioned, but you suspect he is hiding the fact that he did not see the thief, because he was unconscious.

Atmey wants proof. Present the Shichishito. Before the night of the crime, the sword was on Ami's Statue's hand. The next day, you find it on the ground, and bent. The explanation? The thief knocked Atmey out cold!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

  • DeMasque's M.O.: Atmey finally admits that he was suddenly knocked out when he turned to look at the computer. The Shichishito will be updated to the Court Record. It looks like Atmey never actually saw the thief, but Atmey shoves one important evidence to you, the photo the security camera took! And it looks like it's Mask☆DeMasque himself! The Security Camera Photo will be addd to the Court Record. Atmey will tell you that he had good reason to commit such crimes.
  • DeMasque's reason: Atmey suspects that Ron had a good reason. It is in a green envelope that is currently in his room.

Move to DeMasque's Hideout.

Mask☆DeMasque's Hideout (2)Edit

File:PWAATaT Blackmail Letter.png

Examine the green envelope on the stool at the lower-left corner of the screen. This is what it says.

"If you don't want your true identity revealed to the world, come to KB Security at 1:00am on October 12th and bring $50,000. If you don't, I'll take that red diamond you received the other day instead."

$50,000!? This is blackmail! The Blackmail Letter will be added to the Court Record.

Just, then the doorbell rings. Those who played the first game will recognize the guest.

Larry Butz!!!

If you remember, the "Von Karma" case, he's the one who created the "Gourdy". And he wasn't seen in "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All". Talk to Larry:

File:PWAATaT Rons Wallet.png
  • Larry Butz: He will say he doesn't trust women anymore. It turns out he was dumped, twice. Looks like he is the same old Larry.
File:PWAATaT Key Card.png
  • Why you came here: Larry says he found a wallet during his shift last night. It looks like it has a driver's license in it. Ron's Wallet will be added to the Court Record. You notice that is has Desirée's picture in it. Larry says his part-time job is a security guard.
  • Wallet: Larry says he found it around 1:00 in the morning last night. He says it isn't weird because Ron works there. There is actually a key card inside his wallet. Sounds interesting. The Key Card will be added to the Court Record.

Present the Key Card to Larry. He will reveal that the card has a serial number that gains access to the CEO's office. Any one who enters there will leave a record of who entered and when. The Key Card will be updated to the Court Record.

Now, Present the Blackmail Letter to Larry. After initial thinking that you are blackmailing him, Larry will say he works at KB Security.

  • KB Security: Larry will say that it takes 30-minutes by car to reach from here to the KB Security building. So it would take 1 hour to reach the KB Security Building and back, so if Ron was there at the time of the crime, then he wouldn't have enough time to steal the urn!

After talking, your phone rings. It's Pearl, who tells you she has gotten lost and after much talking reveals that she is at the Atmey Detective Agency. Move there.

Atmey Detective Agency (2)Edit

File:PWAATaT Bag.png

You'll reunite with Pearl there. Maya will say that something in this room has changed. She is right. Examine the bag on the table. It looks full, so something is inside it. You are prompted to open it. You feel something hard and smooth. But, before you could see what it is however, Atmey comes back. He mentions something about tomorrow's trial. Talk to Atmey:

  • Tomorrow's trial: Atmey will say he will be taking the witness stand tomorrow. Not only that, you will be facing a new prosecutor named "Godot".
  • DeMasque's identity: He will be certain that Ron will receive the death penalty, but you know that Ron is likely not Mask☆DeMasque.
  • Godot: Atmey will call this "Godot" the best prosecutor of the country, even Miles Edgeworth acknowledges him. (really?)

You decide to wrap things up for today. A new prosecutor, an "Ace Detective", and a thief. Yep, this will be one tough trial indeed...