Packing & Moving Household Goods/Safety of the article being moved and the surfaces involved

Generally speaking, prior to being carried or dollied out of your residence, most household goods should be blanket wrapped or boxed up in order to prevent damages to them while they are being transported.

Boxing items edit

All goods that can be packed in boxes should each be thoroughly bubble wrapped or paper wrapped in such a manner that they won't clank or roll around loose inside the box. If bubble wrap is unavailable wrap items in paper and use crushed paper all around the box and in between each item for further protection. Actually, bunched up paper is the best cushioning for boxed goods, even better than bubble wrap because the bubbles can break within the bubble wrap, especially along the edges of things so it can lose its cushioning property.

As the box is being filled, the things inside should be further protected with additional bubble wrap or bunched up paper on the bottom, on the sides and on the top of the box. Then close and well seal the box with tape. Don't just slide the four flaps on the top and bottom together because they can come loose as it's being handled and breakables can fall out of the box. Instead, again not sliding the flaps together but just closing them, always use at least 3 runs of tape to seal each end of the box. Run the tape from the middle of the side of the box up and over or down and under it and down / up the other side finishing by overlapping the top and bottom tape ends in the middle of the side of the box so that they won't come loose. Run your hand over all of this taping to make sure that it is stuck tightly to the box sealing it well.

Padding furniture edit

All furniture should be completely and snugly blanket wrapped top and bottom. This protects the furnishing from scuffing, scratching or scraping. Moving pads can be rented with your truck from the truck rental facility.

Items that can't be protected edit

Any thing that cannot be padded for protection like bicycles, long floor lamps, rolled up big rugs, etc. should be very carefully carried and loaded somewhere in the truck where nothing will damage it. If this is not possible, you should put it into someone's car. The key consideration when relocating your home, after the mover's safety of course, is to do the move without damages to your goods or furnishings.