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Open Source Technology

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Open Source Initiative
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This book is motivated by unavailability of a text book for Open source technology in Rajasthan, India. The book is intended to be an introduction to the Open source technology. At the moment a basic outline is available below.


Introduction and History
Initiatives, Principle and methodologies
Licenses and Patents
Economics of FOSS
Case Studies : Apache, BSD, Linux, Mozilla (Firefox), Wikipedia, Joomla, GCC, Open Office.
Open Source Projects
Open source applications and its competitors

Syllabus CoveredEdit

Unit IEdit

Introduction : Open Source, Free Software, Free Software vs. Open Source software, Public Domain Software, FOSS does not mean no cost. History : BSD, The Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project.

Unit IIEdit

Open Source History, Initiatives, Principle and methodologies. Philosophy : Software Freedom, Open Source Development Model Licences and Patents: What Is A License, Important FOSS Licenses (Apache,BSD,GPL, LGPL), copyrights and copylefts, Patents Economics of FOSS : Zero Marginal Cost, Income-generation opportunities, Problems with traditional commercial software, Internationalization

Unit IIIEdit

Case Studies : Apache, BSD, Linux, Mozilla (Firefox), Wikipedia, Joomla, GCC, Open Office.

Unit IVEdit

Starting and Maintaining an Open Source Project, Open Source Hardware, Open Source Design, Open source Teaching. and Open source media.

Unit VEdit

Open source vs. closed source Open source government, Open source ethics. Social and Financial impacts of open source technology, Shared software, Shared source