Nomenclatural Citations/Manual of style

Structure of this workEdit

As with all wiki projects everyone is invited to contribute. It would be very much appreciated. There are a few rules, though.

  • New pages should be deeplinked from the contents page. This is according to Wikibooks policy.
  • Genera names, order names, etc. (Names that consist of one word) are made directly under Nomenclatural_Citations/ So when adding the genus Chrysosplenium one would create the page [[Nomenclatural_Citations/Chrysosplenium]].
  • Species names are double deep linked. So when adding the species Chrysosplenium alternifolium one would create the page [[Nomenclatural_Citations/Chrysosplenium/alternifolium]]
  • When adding a trinomial name (a name with 3 words, to describe subspecies, varieties, or forms) another deeplink is added.

Constructing the pageEdit

The page should contain:

  • The taxon name (i.e.: Chrysosplenium or Chrysosplenium alternifolium
  • The author of the description. (Carolus Linnaeus)
  • The place where the description was found. (Species Plantarum 1: 398)
  • A link to Wikispecies to give readers an idea where taxons are placed in the taxonomical hierarchy.
  • The original description itself.
  • Possible interwiki links to other Wikipedia projects.
  • Finally, a translation of the original description could be made. Preferably in English, but as of now other languages are accepted as well.


This project uses the following templates:

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