Mythology/Egyptian Mythology/End of the world

End of times (2045 is like 34 years from now).

End of times is where Sun will turn extremely hot ,and that will make all humanity to die in suffocation of not being able to breath in hot air

Those times I don't think anything or anyone would be able to survive such time of our loveable home planet Earth turns into a living hell, right in front of our eyes and we can't even do any about it .

They say when all of that happens , rich citizens might be organised a transport to Mars while humanity living in poverty is left all alone. And the information all over the Internet tells us that the transport which is a train would departure citizens to the Mars from Earth. It's also said that the train will be taken somewhere country name can't be revealed for no full information, but I wonder why that place isn't there another place to choose???. Okay lets say a country and each country have it own transport to the Mars. We think it'll work best for all citizens, Is that right???.

Some call it revolution but I call it End of life for all ........