Modern Greek/Lesson 03.3

Lesson 3.3: Summary of PronounsEdit

Pronouns are used to replace nouns, e.g. John goes becomes He goes.

Pronouns have cases, number and gender just as regular nouns do.

A summary of all the pronouns is given in the table below.

NOTE: For the third person they are masc., fem., neuter within one box (in that order).

Pronouns · Aντωνυμίες
Case Nominative (En) Nominative (Gr) Genitive (Gr, Strong) Genitive (Gr, Weak) Accusative (Gr, Strong) Accusative (Gr, Weak)
1st Sing. I εγώ μου εμένα εμένα με
2nd Sing. You εσύ σου εσένα εσένα σε
3rd Sing. He/She/It αυτός/αυτή/αυτό αυτού/αυτής/αυτού του/της/του αυτόν/αυτήν/αυτό τον/την/το
1st Plu. We εμείς εμάς μας εμάς μας
2nd Plu. You εσείς εσάς σας εσάς σας
3rd Plu. They αυτοί/αυτές/αυτά αυτών/αυτών/αυτών * τους/τους/τους αυτούς/αυτές/αυτά τους/τις/τα
  • Though no-one uses this, αυτούς, is used instead.