Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/Social Psychological Theory and the wiki platform

Social Psychological Theory and Wiki Platform I think the Wikibooks platform motivates interactions that are similar to what would be in a face-to-face context. The Social Psychological Theory lends well to this online collaborative tool because it is created and maintained by multiple individuals who are working together as a group to create subject based content. The outcome of the content provided should have better information than that of an average individual. The inputs can contain a more diverse group of individuals (especially since it is not constrained to any one physical location). Communication through contributing members is essential and may take away time from their actual contributions. Even though social loafing is a concern (in SP theory) when individuals work in groups, it is less likely to occur when the members are drawn to that group through their own motivation. In the case of Wikibooks, people are drawn to a subject due to their own interest, so there is a motivation for the content they add. There is also social pressure for detailed accurate information and contributions.