Micronations/List of already existing micronations/The Confederated Empire of Bir Tawil and Territories

The Confederated Empire of Bir Tawil and Territories is an Independent and Sovereign Empire that claims territories in Bir Tawil and the United States and disputed Machias Seal Island. Though they say they are a nation Pursuant to the Montevideo Convention they are classified as a micronation.

Patents of nobility and passports

They are organized as an Empire with various ranks of nobility that are sold to their Citizens, they also make ID cards and passports and have two chivalric orders.

They also allow businesses to incorporate in their Empire for a 500 dollar filing fee then a license renewal fee every year promising no taxes and that the companies will never have to divulge financial information. Emperor Bryce Ivrea I and his wife are the rulers of the nation.