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Human characters edit

Dr. Thomas Light edit

File:Normal drlight7.gif
Dr. Thomas Light
  • Born: Circa 1958
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
  • Occupation: Founder of Light Labs and world's premier robotics engineer
  • Likes: Internet and helping those in need
  • Dislikes: Violence

Thomas Light was born in the mid-20th century and studied electrical engineering and robotics alongside his good friend Albert W. Wily and the two graduated in the 1980s with doctorate degrees. With the major advancements in technology in the mid-1990s, Light and Wily went on to found Light Labs with the goal to further technological advancements and the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. By the 2000s, Light and Wily had created several robots to ease human life and by the middle of the decade they had begun developing Robot Masters. Though Blues/Proto Man went awol (he was a success nonetheless), Light and Wily insisted on creating two more- Rock and Roll and then the six industrial robots, which attained him the 2007 Nobel Prize. Wily's revolt the following year would cause panic throughout the world, and Rock's strong sense of justice urged Light to convert him into the fighting robot known thenceforth as Mega Man.

File:Right Labs Logo 2(RB).png
Right Lab (Light's name is Right in Japan) logo from Rockboard for the Famicom

From then on, Wily and Light became bitter rivals throughout the remainder of their 21st century lives and Wily would again and again attempt to destroy Mega Man and take over the world with his robotic armies. Dr. Light, however, through Light Labs and his fellow colleagues would continue to create helpful robots to ease human life. Thus, Light was always seen as one of the greatest men in the world. If someone was in need, Light and Mega Man would always be there to assist them, and if there was a process that seemed difficult for humans, Dr. Light and his colleagues would build a robot to make that task possible and easier.

Dr. Light technically is the creation of what is later known as the Reploid race of artificial beings, that is, of the advanced form of robotics. In other words, he creates an advanced robot named Mega Man X later in life, and X is the type of robot that can feel emotions and make his own decisions in life, and thus, in the 22nd century from his design the Reploids are created by archaeologist Dr. Cain.

Dr. Albert W. Wily edit

Cosplay of Dr. Albert W. Wily
  • Born: Circa 1958
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
  • Occupation: Worked to found Light Labs and was Dr. Light's assistant; now he is Dr. Light's rival and attempts to take over the world.
  • Likes: World domination
  • Dislikes: Mega Man and those who oppose him

Albert W. Wily was born in the mid-20th century and went to school with Thomas Light, receiving a doctorate degree in electrical engineering in the 1980s. They both saw the technological advances of the 1990s as the perfect opportunity to found a scientific research institute, known as Light Labs, formed with the intention of furthering advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics. In the early-2000s, Dr. Light and Wily built several lines of robots that made humanity's life much easier, and by the middle of the decade their Robot Master project won Dr. Light the 2007 Nobel Prize and Light also won the LIT Manual Design contest whereas Wily only received honorable mention status in both.

File:Dr W Logo.gif
Dr. Wily's trademark logo

Thus, his jealousy boiled over the next year, and then he reprogrammed the six industrial robots and most of the other robots that he could get his hands on in the lab (though failing to reprogram Rock and Roll), and fled to start his own rebellion. Little did he know, however, that Rock would have the strong sense of justice to wish to be converted into the fighting robot Mega Man, which would prove to be his greatest nemesis.

Dr. Wily continued to revolt, though he was captured and escaped several times, throughout many years known as the "Wily Wars" which continued into the next decade (and possibly beyond?).

Dr. Wily is also credited with creating the second advanced artificial being, known as Zero (whom Bass was technically a prototype of sorts for), and it was Zero's discovery in the next century that led to the spread of a computer/biological virus that devastated the Reploids, causing the Reploid Wars that lasted throughout the 22nd and into the 23rd centuries.

As of present in the series, Dr. Wily has yet to be brought finally to justice.

Dr. Sergi Cossack edit

File:Drcossack art.gif
Dr. Sergi Cossack
  • Born: Circa 1970 (he appears to be in his 40s in Mega Man 4)
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
  • Occupation: Robotics engineer who becomes world renowned after his creations take the stage when Wily forces him to attack Mega Man and Dr. Light; he now works with Dr. Light at Light Labs and is his very good friend.
  • Likes: World peace and his daughter, Kalinka.
  • Dislikes: Chaos and those that create it.

Sergi Cossack's origins are not specified, though he was most likely born sometime in the later-20th century, around 1970, as he appears to be in his early 40s when Mega Man 4 takes place. Cossack, like Dr. Light and Wily, is a robot designer, so he most likely received his doctorate in electrical engineering in the mid-1990s. It is unknown whether or not he is married, but he does have a daughter named Kalinka who seems to be approximately 10-12 years old and lives with him in Russia, though later Cossack and Kalinka may reside elsewhere since he also works at Light Labs.

File:Dr Cossack Logo.jpg
Dr. Cossack's Logo

Dr. Cossack is a robot designer and is known to the world, but he still felt that his creations should be better appreciated. However, Dr. Wily manipulated him by kidnapping his daughter, Kalinka, and forcing him to build an army of robots to attack Mega Man and the cities of the Earth. However, when Mega Man confronted Cossack after defeating his forces, he realized he was not to blame as Proto Man teleported in with his daughter with him, revealing Wily to be the mastermind behind the plot.

Thenceforth, Dr. Cossack's brilliance was known to the world and he worked with Dr. Light at Light Labs, increasing the power of Mega Man's Mega Buster by modifying his reactor, building a robotic bird named Beat, and supporting Mega Man in his missions.

Currently, Cossack works with Light at the lab as a good friend and colleague and spends a lot of time with his daughter.

Mr. X edit

File:Mr x.jpg
Mr. X, the mysterious billionaire
  • Born: Circa 1950 (he appears to be in his 60s in Mega Man 6, though his real age is unknown)
  • Occupation: Billionaire; he hosts the First Annual Robot Tournament circa 2014
  • Likes: Money and technology
  • Dislikes: Those that oppose his rise to fortune

Not much is known about the real Mr. X except that he is a billionaire who, two years after Wily disappears, in honor of a new age of world peace, hosts the First Annual Robot Tournament. However, once again Dr. Wily steps out of the shadows, this time kidnapping Mr. X and impersonating him, hosting the final round of the tournament, taking control of the eight most powerful robots, and using them to lead another army on a path to destruction, claiming that he (Wily, pretending to be "Mr. X") was controlling Wily all along. Ultimately, Mega Man defeats the army of robots and foils Wily's plot and brings the madman to justice, this time leading to his arrest and imprisonment...

Mr. X's logo

Kalinka Cossack edit

Kalinka Cossack
  • Born: Circa 2001 (she appears to be about 10-years-old in Mega Man 4)
  • Occupation: She is the daughter of Dr. Cossack
  • Likes: Helping her father and those in need
  • Dislikes: Injustice

Kalinka is the daughter of Russian scientist Sergi Cossack who is kidnapped by Dr. Wily in order to force Dr. Cossack to build an army of robots to destroy Mega Man, defeat Wily's rival Dr. Light, and take over the world. However, Proto Man rescues Kalinka before Mega Man defeats Cossack, and thus Wily's plans are foiled, so Mega Man defeats Wily and all is well again.

Thenceforth, Dr. Cossack's creations were recognized by the world as brilliant and he went to work with Light at Light Labs and Kalinka, together with Cossack, served as support on some of Mega Man's missions.

Robotic Characters edit

Mega Man/Rockman edit

Cosplay of Mega Man.

Mega Man is the main character of the series. Template:SectStub

Proto Man/Blues edit

Cosplay of Proto Man (aka "Blues")
  • DLN-000
  • Created: Circa 2005 (sometime prior to Dr. Light's reception of the 2007 Nobel Prize)
  • Likes: Justice and being alone.
  • Dislikes: Those that try to control him and stand in his way.

Proto Man was the first humanoid robot created by Dr. Light and Wily during their Robot Master project- their attempt to create a truly humanoid artificial being. His design was based after the Sniper Joe police robots that had been designed in the earlier part of the decade, though Proto Man was modified with a truly superior AI system, power reactor, shield, and plasma cannon. Thus, in essence, the project was a success.

However, before Light and Wily could finish the final stages of testing, Proto Man went "AWOL", with his sense of independence, and fled from the lab.

Thus, Proto Man was not heard from for several years until he trained Mega Man circa 2010 during the events of the Gamma Project.

Since his reemergence, Proto Man is seen as a loner, not wanting to be a permanent part of the Lights Lab team, but he still fights for justice- he saved Kalinka (Cossack's daughter), foiling Wily's plot then, revealed that he was the real Proto Man and revealed the Dark Man clone foiling Wily's second plot and saved both Light and Mega Man from Wily's collapsing lab, and he was instrumental in fighting the Robot King later on.

Whenever Proto Man's blues whistle is heard, you know that he is on his way, signature yellow scarf and all!

Roll edit

File:Normal rollsit.jpg
Roll, the "sister" of Mega Man, aka "Rock"
  • DLN-002
  • Created: Circa 2006, along with the creation of Rock.
  • Occupation: Housekeeping assistant; Roll also serves as a supporter for Mega Man on his missions.
  • Likes: To cook and clean.
  • Dislikes: Cockroaches.

Roll was created with Rock as a sister robot during the Robot Master project after Proto Man went missing. As Rock was originally designed to be a lab assistant, Roll was designed to be a housekeeper. Thus, the two served as the children that Dr. Light never had.

Later, after Dr. Wily's revolt, when Rock is converted into Mega Man, Roll assists him as a supporter on his missions (such as via telecom during the Robot King rebellion).

So, whenever someone is in need of care, Roll will be there to help!

"Good luck, Mega Man!" ~Roll

Rush edit

File:Rush MM.jpg
Rush, the "robotic dog"
  • DLN-009? (His serial number is technically unknown though he the first robot mentioned to be created after the Industrial Series).
  • Created: Circa 2010
  • Occupation: Support canine for Mega Man, and the family pet!
  • Likes: Playing with Rock/Mega Man.
  • Dislikes: Surgery/Reconstruction.

Dr. Light created Rush to be a support canine for Mega Man on his missions, and his first appearance is during the Gamma Project (circa 2010) when Mega Man had to travel to the mining outposts of the nearby planets in the solar system. Rush has the ability to transform into various useful forms, such as the Rush Jet, Rush Marine, and the Rush Coil.

File:Jet Megaman.jpg
Mega Man combined with Rush in the "Jet Mega Man" form

A few years later, Dr. Light upgraded Rush with an adapter so that he could combine with Mega Man to form two powerful combination forms- Jet Mega Man and Power Mega Man, allowing him to defeat enemies far easier and increasing his mobility while allowing him to reach all new areas.

When not in action, Rush lives at Light Labs with the good doctor, Mega Man, and Roll as their family pet.

Eddie/Flip-Top edit

Eddie, aka "Flip-Top"
  • DLN-010?:(Like Rush, his serial number is unknown but he would be next in the series)
  • Created: Circa 2011
  • Occupation: Support robot created by Dr. Light to deliver items and assist Mega Man in combat.
  • Likes: The Lottery
  • Dislikes: Wasting money.

Eddie was created by Dr. Light just before Mega Man's fight with Dr. Cossack with the intention of supporting him through the delivery of supplies. Since then his delivery methods have changed, but he has continued to provide such assistance.

In later missions, Eddie has served as a combat assistant, dropping bombs on enemies from the air, providing cover fire for Mega Man during intense battles.

Beat edit

Beat, the "robotic bird" Art by Hollow Zero.
  • DCN-009/DLN-011?
  • Created: Circa 2012
  • Occupation: Supports Mega Man by saving him from treacherous falls, carrying him to new places, and helping him in combat.
  • Likes: Flying in the air.
  • Dislikes: Heavy things.

Beat was a robotic bird developed by Dr. Cossack as a gift for Mega Man (and which Dr. Light was modifying with him when taken hostage) and which Mega Man used during the Dark Man incident when Dr. Light was kidnapped. Since then, Beat has served as a support bird, and when Mega Man blows the Beat Whistle, Beat will carry him to special places, help him in combat, or save him when he is falling to his doom!

Tango edit

File:Tango MM.jpg
Tango, the "robotic feline"
  • DLN-012?
  • Created: Circa 2013
  • Occupation: Supports Mega Man on missions and serves as another family pet!
  • Likes: Dried bonito.
  • Dislikes: Trap holes.

Tango is a robotic cat that was developed by Dr. Light in order to offer additional support for Mega Man during the Star Droid incident (Mega Man V for the Game Boy), and since his creation he has served as a supporter and as an excellent pet for the Light Labs family!

Auto edit

File:Auto MM.jpg
Auto, Dr. Light's "#1 Lab Assistant"
  • DLN-013?
  • Created: Circa 2014
  • Occupation: Dr. Light's new "#1 Lab Assistant" (according to Auto himself).
  • Likes: Trivia.
  • Dislikes: Studying.

Auto was created after the First Annual Robot Tournament by Dr. Light to serve as his new lab assistant. Since then, Auto has worked in Light Labs building many new helpful inventions for Mega Man to use while out fighting Wily's forces. Typically, Mega Man could bring Auto screws and other parts that he receives while fighting and Auto would use them to build upgrades and other such things.

Additionally, Auto has supported Mega Man in combat with his giant rocket-launcher, proving to be quite a powerful ally!

Bass edit

Bass, Wily's attempt to create the "world's strongest robot"
  • SWN-001
  • Created: Circa 2014
  • Occupation: Created by Wily as the ultimate counter against Mega Man
  • Likes: To be the ultimate destroyer legend.
  • Dislikes: Anybody who is stronger than he is.

Dr. Wily, tired of constantly being defeated at the hands of his rival, Dr. Light, and Mega Man, finally decided after six defeats that it was time to construct a robot that would be far more powerful than any of the "Robot Masters" that he had ever constructed- a robot far surpassing even the power of Mega Man!

Wily begins to experiment with a new element named Bassnium and thus through its production he does create something that far surpasses his expectations- Bass! Bass possesses a rapid-fire energy cannon that can, of course, fire in any direction (and through amplification can rapid-fire in a charged-up state!), and additionally he possesses a quick dash and double-jump capacity! Thus, Wily was sure that he had finally built something that was capable of destroying his rival!

This creation is even capable of merging with its canine side-kick, Treble, forming a combination that is far more powerful than the Jet Mega Man and allows him to fly around and rapidly fire at all nearby targets.

Yet, Bass' arrogance makes him extremely independent of his creator and he often acts on his own, seeking to find the "strongest robots" of the world and fight them, believing that he is indeed the greatest of them all. He does befriend Mega Man shortly after his creation, claiming that he was going after Wily as well, only to gain entrance to Light Labs and destroy it. After that, he and Mega Man were bitter enemies until the two occasions when they fought together- once to stop the Robot King's armies from stomping the world and then again to stop the Time Trekkers and Rockman Shadow/Quint.

Later, Wily mentions that Bass' creation was accidental as he was experimenting with Bassnium. Bass, of course, is outraged, believing that he was meant to be the "perfect" robot, to which Wily scoffs in response. Wily then reveals that he was actually creating a far more powerful robot to which Bass was simply a precursor- Zero. Bass describes this "advanced robot" as girlie, though Wily claims that he will possess an advanced AI system and far more power than anything the world has yet seen.

Treble edit

Treble, Bass' robotic werewolf
  • SWN-002
  • Created: Circa 2014
  • Occupation: The wolf-like support robot for Bass built by Wily.
  • Likes: Girls.
  • Dislikes: Leashes and cigarettes.

Treble is the robotic husky that was created by Dr. Wily in order to serve as Bass' companion and supporter. Treble has the ability to merge with Bass to in a maneuver known as the Treble Boost (or Gospel Boost, after Treble's name in Japan), where Bass can fly around like Jet Mega Man and blast his targets to scrap. Thus, Treble is truly a force to be reckoned with.

King edit

File:King MM.gif
The "Robot King"
  • SWN-003? (It is unknown exactly what serial number King is, though he would come next in the Special Wily Series)
  • Created: Circa 2015
  • Occupation: Wants to create a Utopian society for robots and rebel against humans.
  • Likes: Chess
  • Dislikes: The human race.

The "Robot King" made his debut in the world with a declaration that robots were the superior beings in the earth (despite the fact that they were created by humans), and therefore it was his goal to create a robotic utopia. He proceeded to kick Dr. Wily out of his newly constructed Skull Castle, attacked the Robot Master Museum, stealing the Data CDs for Dr. Light and Wily's creations, and recruited many robots to his cause as well as creating his own (the KGN Series).

Mega Man was dispatched by Dr. Light immediately to stop the ambitions of the robotic despot, and the newly deposed Wily sent Bass, who was eager to fight the fool who claimed to be the "strongest robot", after him as well. In the end, King was defeated thanks to the efforts of Proto Man, who sacrificed himself with his Big Bang attack and was nearly destroyed, Mega Man, and Bass.

File:King Logo.jpg
King's logo

However, when Mega Man and Bass speak with him and Mega Man attempts to reason with him, King reveals that he was created by none other than Dr. Wily! Mega Man and Bass have to fight King again when Wily reprograms him, and in the end Mega Man regrets destroying him, but later he finds out that King survived!

King writes Mega Man a letter after the event telling him that he has survived and has learned that humans and robots should coexist and from that point on he works together with Mega Man to ensure peace - after all, as the "King of the Robots" he owes it to them to set a good example!

Wily reveals to Bass that he simply created King in order to test Bass' strength and see if Bass was the strongest robot, which indeed he was! Then, he shows him the blueprints for a "King II" robot, but Proto Man teleports in and destroys it. Yet, there is speculation that the King project as a whole is part of Wily's work towards the creation of an advanced and more powerful robot- Zero.

Rockman Shadow/Quint edit

File:Rockman Shadow Quint.jpg
Quint, aka "Rockman Shadow"
  • DLN-001
  • Created: Circa 2006
  • Came From: Circa 2048 (37.426 years in the future from 2011)
  • Occupation: Mega Man from the future that Dr. Wily brought back to destroy the present Mega Man.
  • Likes: Digging holes for traps.
  • Dislikes: Time paradox, himself.

Around the year 2011, Dr. Wily stole a device known as the Time Skimmer from the Chronos Institute and traveled 37.426 years into the future (to around the year 2048) and not only did he steal some of the technology from the future, but he stole Mega Man himself, convincing him and reprogramming him to his cause.

This new altered version of Mega Man becomes known as "Quint," which like many of the other robots created/altered has a musical significance, in this case being the Quintet. Quint is a part of Mega Man just like members in the quintet are part of that group. Alternatively, Quint is known as "Rockman Shadow."

This new version of Rock, however, is a bit different. He comes equipped with a pogo-stick like ride instrument/weapon known as the Sakugarne that can shoot plasma beams at the enemy, and when Mega Man encounters him a few years later as "Rockman Shadow" he fights with a beam sabre and missiles.

File:Quint and Mega Man Friends.jpg
Quint, unmasked without his helmet, and Mega Man and Friends at the end of Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future

Some find it interesting to consider that Quint is Mega Man from the future whose goal it is to destroy himself in the past. Thus, if he did succeed to destroy himself in the past, he would no longer exist in the past, therefore he would not exist in the future, but the reason that he did not exist in the past was because his future self had killed him. Thus, this creates an interesting time paradox, because the future Mega Man could not exist because he had killed himself in the past, but with his death in the past he would no longer exist in the future to travel to the past in order to destroy himself... So, thus, this paradox may very well destroy the fabric of the universe and everything would break down, but perhaps Dr. Wily did not consider this fact?

Quint leads an army of Robot Masters from the past during the Time Skimmer incident and Mega Man defeats him then, but then he returns in the year 2016 with his Time Trekkers (Robot Masters from the future that he created, part of the Dimension Series) and destroys Symphony City, so once again Mega Man and Bass are called into action. However, in the end, Rockman Shadow's death is depicted, though there are later scenes of him and the family at Light Labs, so it is generally accepted that Dr. Light repaired him and reprogrammed him to compensate for his time anomaly.