Massachusetts Modern World History Textbook

Modern World History: Perspectives and Interpretations Since 1750

This is a collaborative effort by faculty AND junior-year Modern World History students to create a dynamic wiki-based textbook that will provide both factual information in context as well as perspectives on the current scholarship of the various issues and topics examined under the current Commonwealth of Massachusetts World History II Curriculum Frameworks. This is an on-going project with teams of students each academic year contributing, editing and improving the textbook to make it a valuable and permanently improving resource that can be used by Massachusetts history & social sciences teachers and their students even if their school districts cannot provide access to sufficiently up-to-date printed materials on the subject. It is hoped that this will be a perpetual learning project both for students and faculty.

:::: Table of Contents
Chapter I. The Growth of the Nation State in Europe
  1. The Rise of Nation States and Absolute Monarchy.
  2. England Escapes Royal Absolutism. Why?
  3. The French Revolution: Causes & Events.
  4. The French Revolution: The Effects on Europe and the World.

Chapter II. Industrial Revolution: Causes & Effects, 1800-1914

  1. Causes of the Industrial Revolution.
  2. Social and Economic Effects of the Industrial Revolution.
  3. The Rise of Unions and Socialism.

Chapter III. Social and Political Change in Europe, 1800-1900

  1. Antislavery in Britain.
  2. Social and Political Reforms in Europe.
  3. The Unification of Italy: 1828 - 1871.
  4. The Unification of Germany: 1828 - 1890.

Chapter IV. Western Imperialism & Non-Western Nationalism

  1. Imperialism: Causes & Purpose.
  2. Great Britain & The "White" Dominions.
  3. India: Jewel in the Crown?
  4. China: Confrontations With The West.
  5. Japan: From Medieval to Industrial.
  6. Africa: Modernization or Exploitation.

Chapter V: Latin America: From Independence to US Influence.

  1. The Wars for Independence: L'Ouverture, Bolivar & San Martin
  2. Mexico: From Independence to War to Revolution
  3. The Monroe Doctrine, Spanish American War and the Panama Canal: The US Takes an Interest