Luxembourgish/VI.III Luxembourgish Films

Whilst certainly not the most popular language choice when producing the film, there have nevertheless been several films directed and produced in the Luxembourgish language. Furthermore, due to the increasing usage of Luxembourgish in the media and cinema, even more films are being produced in this language for people.

Besides the forthcoming list, arguably the most extensive list of Luxembourgish films is the one located on the English Wikipedia and can be found here or by searching "List of Luxembourgish films". Any films on the Wikipedia list will not be repeated below.

List of filmsEdit

All of the films link to IMDB where possible. Some films may feature other languages besides Luxembourgish.

  • a Wopbobaloobop a Lopbamboom (1989)
  • Conge fir e mord (1983)
  • D'Symmetrie vum Päiperlek (2012)
  • De falschen hond (1989)
  • Emil (I) (2010)
  • Eng nei Zäit (2015)
  • Gutland (Post-Production)
  • Kropemann (2016)
  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (2015)
  • Mammejong (2015)
  • My Hublot (2013)
  • Mumm Sweet Mumm (1989)
  • Ons Éducatioun - De sëchere Wee (2011)
  • Ons Identitéit - Mir hunn se fonnt (2010)
  • Onst Gewëssen: Wat dir net packt geet an Afrika (2013)
  • Rendolepsis (2003)
  • Rusty Boys (2017)
  • Schatzritter (2012)
  • The Nebula Dawn (2006)
  • The Unemployment Club (2003)
  • Trouble No More (2010)
  • What If It Was Sunny (Filming)
  • Zombie Film (2005)