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DBMS Linter OverviewEdit

Software License and Limited Warranty

The Linter software to which this document refers is licensed under the terms of a separate contact. That contract also describes the limited warranty.

Publication Notice

Relex has done is best to insure the accuracy of the material in his documents. However, please be aware that the document may contain errors and that enhancements to the software may make pars of the document inaccurate. Relex does not guarantee the accuracy of the information in this document.

Copyright and Contact

Copyright 1999-2015 Relex, Inc.
119, 20-letia Oktyabrya St., Voronezh, 394006, Russia.
Phone: (+7-4732)711-711

Trademark Notices

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Relex, Inc. - data river, inl, lindesk, dbstore, kom, linter, gendb, lhb

Guide's Content

Document File
Installation and Basic Configuration install_en.pdf
Create and Tune Database create_en.pdf
Administration: The LDBA Utility ldba_en.pdf
Administration: The Linter Desktop Utility desktop_en.pdf
Backup and Restore backup_en.pdf
Networking Deamons netwrk_en.pdf
Data Base Structure Testing testdb_en.pdf
Data Conversion dataconvert_en.pdf
Linter Administration Utility for Windows linadm_en.pdf
Linter SQL sql_en.pdf
Interactive SQL inl_en.pdf
Embedded SQL embededsql_en.pdf
Stored Procedure Functions proc_en.pdf
SpDebug spdebug_en.pdf
Full Text Index Functions phrase_en.pdf
Call Interface call_en.pdf
Linter API linterapi_en.pdf
Decimal and Tick Library dectick_en.pdf
PHP php_en.pdf
TCL/TK Interface tcl_en.pdf
Perl perl_en.pdf
ODBC odbc_en.pdf
JDBC jdbc_en.pdf
Asynchronous Replication System repl_en.pdf
Termination Codes code_en.pdf
Troubleshooting Guide repair_en.pdf


We have wren this Guide for programmers developing applications for Linter's RDBMS. The Guide assumes a basic knowledge of SQL database programming and system administration of your operating system.
If networking is involved in your application, the Guide assumes basic familiarity with network administration.
Where your application will be using the OBDC or JDBC driver, the С programming language, php, or a TCL/TK interface, we assume your basic familiarity with the relevant language or standard.

What is Linter?

Linter is a Relational Data Base Management System. It includes tools, utilities and programs, for:
• Creating, testing, and altering the structure of databases.
• Developing database applications in accordance with a variety of standards, using a variety of languages and Linter functions.
Some of these tools are implemented with a GUI interface, some are run from the command line.

Note on Linter's Structure

Linter functions as an operating system running under, and subordinate to, the host operating system. For example, Linter maintains its own prioritized task scheduling and RAM/disk concurrency control. Most Linter functions require that the Linter kernel be running before the functions can operate.

Text Conventions

CAPITALIZED sans serif is used to identify SQL and Linter keywords.
lower case sans serif indicates a linter program or utility, a command, argument, or option to a command argument, a path, a menu selection, or words that would normally be italicized.
[ ] Square brackets indicate optional arguments to a command.
' [ ' ' ] ' Square brackets enclosed with single quotes indicate that the square brackets are, themselves, to be included in the statement.
{ } , is present, one of the options must be included.
" " Double quotes are literal when included in command options or arguments; i.e., they must be included within the command.
An ellipsis indicates that the immediately preceding argument or option may be repeated. On a line by itself, it shows that code text has been omitted.