Legal framework of textual data processing for Machine Translation and Language Technology research and development activities/Data Anonymisation Case Studies

Case #15 Anonymising Data SetsEdit

Case description
Actor Researcher-Resource Compiler & Provider
Intended use Distribute a corpus which contains person names and other personal data
Conditions I have a licence for disseminating the material but the personal data should not be exposed
Question Can I distribute the corpus after anonymising the personal data

Or Should I refrain from disseminating it?

Suggested legal solution
Legal position Anonymisation is useful only to the extent that (a) the corpus is still useful and relevant after the anonymisation (b) if it is clear who and under which conditions may proceed with the anonymisation (c) if the data protection provisions allow anonymisation and the subsequent distribution of data.
Suggested course of action See how anonymisation relates to the desired use.
Type of Terms and Conditions Data protection rules/Terms and Conditions
Legal basis Data protection law