Legal framework of textual data processing for Machine Translation and Language Technology research and development activities/Confidential Information and Other Rights/Agreements

Confidential Information and Other Rights/AgreementsEdit

MT & MP of LRs may be hindered if the content that is used falls under the category of trade secret or confidential information. Such could be the case particularly with regard to technical information, manuals or technical descriptions. While it could be that such information is not marked as such, it is highly unlikely that processing of such material could happen without prior knowledge of the nature of the material by the entity conducting the MP/MT. It is hence highly advisable that the MP/MT service provider obtains the relevant permission before it conducts any processing or indeed dissemination of the material. Other types of rights that could subsist in the content to be processed, such as cultural protection or geodata regulation is highly unlikely to influence any of the processing options, as these types of regulations normally involve material that is not relevant to MP/MT (e.g. maps or digital representations of monuments).