Learning with Leap

Learning with Leap was the original pack-in cartridge game for theLeapster Multimedia Learning System and also built in onto some systems (omitting some features).

In the game, Leap, Lily and Tad visit the farm, and Edison joins them.



The player can earn seeds as they play.

  • Rabbit River - The player must guide rabbits across the river, while answering the questions and collecting carrots along the way.
  • Chicken Coop - Matching game, player matches either letters, numbers, shapes, colors or sounds with chickens.
  • Shape Shop - Assemble the shapes together to make objects.
  • Color Corral - Draw, color, and decorate to create your own fantasy farm.
  • Catcher Field - Leap and Tad harvest the crops, Leap drives the tractor, and Tad is the catcher. The player controls Tad the collect the crops with the matching letters.
  • Musical Meadow/Birdie Bonanza - Using the seeds collected, the birds preform their music and you can touch Opera Rooster to change different instruments.

Introduction clip transcriptEdit

(Rooster crowing in distance)

Leap: Howdy! (UK: Hi!) I'm Leap. This is my sister, Lily, and this is my little brother, Tad!

Lily: Hi.
Tad: Hello!

Leap: We're visiting the farm, and you can come too! We'd better get going. We've got lots to do!

Edison: (whistles) (calling excitedly, off view): Hey! WAIT FOR ME!!

Frog Children: (in unison, excitedly): EDISON!!!

Edison: (happily): May I come, too?

Frog Children: (in unison): Sure!

Edison: Let's GO!!

Edison: (enters the main menu the first time) Welcome to the farm! Let's explore! Ooh, and if you happen to find any seeds, you can feed (Alt: collect) them to the birds.

Rabbit River (intro Clip) transcriptEdit

(shows Leap at the farm)

Leap: Welcome farm friends! My vegetables are growing big and delicious. (shows a lot of crops growing) Those rabbits are going to have a feast!

(shows rabbits smiling at the vegetables)

Rabbits: (chattering happily)

(scene goes back to Leap, who rings a bell)

Leap: Come and get it!

Chicken Coop (intro clip) transcriptEdit

Tad: Sometimes I have more chores play games more fun. I call this one, the super chicken challenge! Let’s get started! (Alt: Let's play the super chicken challenge!) Choose your challenge!

Announcer: Letters, Shapes/Numbers/Rhymes, Numbers/Shapes/Opposites, Colors/Sounds.

Tad: Choose your chicken!

Announcer: Pick a number of chickens you want to play with. 8, 12, 16.

Grand Seed Total Score transcriptEdit

Edison: Good o', kiddo!/Oh yeah! You got it!/Whoa!/Sensational!/Score!/You're a brainiac!

Announcer: And your grand seed total is... (insert number)!

Edison: Alright!/Yahoo!/Amazing!/Oh yeah!/Brilliant! The more you play, the more you get!


  • Catcher Field is absent in built-in versions, an ABC version of Rabbit River is added, and Musical Meadow now offers web codes that at one point could be entered at leapsterworld.com (first code is 100 seeds). Musical Meadow is also renamed Birdie Bonanza, where players can watch a birdie show if they get 25 seeds.
  • For 2005 Leapster models and L-Max, Rabbit River and Color Corral are built-in, and the rest is replaced with "Educational Game Tour" with previews of other Leapster games available at the time. In other versions of the L-Max, Rabbit River is replaced with a Scooby Doo game.
  • Rabbit River, Chicken Coop and Shape Shop were made available to download for Leapster 2 as individual games.
  • In the introduction clip, Leap says "Hi!" in the UK version and "Hello!" in the Australia, New Zealand, and Tanzania versions instead of the usual USA "Howdy!" .
  • In the built-in version of color carol it has diffrent backgrounds and diffrent stamps such as a house with a full moon a underwater background and a moon background witch they replace the kitchen the windmill and the scarecrow backgrounds
  • In the built in verison of rabbit rabbit river Leap doesn't tell the rabbits come and get it