Latin-American History/Before European Contact

When Columbus arrived in America there were multiple distinct groups with separate ways of life living within the new world. These groups most likely developed independently from the rest of the world despite possible random contacts between America and Asia.

Ancient Cultures edit

The early human groups within America were able to adapt to their various environments and evolve culturally in their own individual way, un-influenced by other cultures. Like other early human groups, they followed similar patterns of cultural development (Stone Age, New Stone Age, Bronze Age Empires). The first humans probably arrived from Asia utilizing the Bering Strait some 40,000 years ago, and continued until 10,000 B.C. However there is currently dispute about the estimated arrival of humans due to arrow tips found in Chile and Brazil that suggest an earlier occupation, as well as the significant amount of time which would be required for the formation of the many languages within Latin America.