Jeep Liberty/Chrysler 8.25"

The Chrysler 8.25", also known as the Corporate 8.25", is the 29 spline steel rear axle found in most Jeep Liberties. In 2003, the rear drum brakes were replaced with discs. Strength wise, the Chrysler 8.25" fits between the Dana 35 and Dana 44. The axle has two more splines than the Dana 35 and one less spline than the Dana 44. It also uses the larger 6508 bearings, while the Dana 35 uses smaller 5707 bearings. Unlike the Dana 44 and like the Dana 35 it has the weaker c-clips. The Chrysler 8.25" requires a Chrysler Bearing Preload Wrench, Miller# C-4164 or OTC# 6602, to set the carrier bearing preload. It also requires either a 1-1/8", 1-1/4", or 1-5/16" socket to remove and install the pinion nut.

2005 Jeep Liberty Chrysler 8.25" Rear Axle Housing and Differential Cover

Axle ShaftsEdit

Chrysler 8.25" C-Clips

The Chrysler 8.25" uses c-clips to hold the axle shafts into the differential side gears. Limited clearance between the axle shaft c-clip grooves and side gears can make c-clip installation and removal difficult. When c-clip installation is difficult, selecting thinner c-clips should allow easier future removal. ARB Air Lockers actually come with multiple c-clip thicknesses from which the installer can choose.

Removal of the c-clips is greatly eased by removing the spider gear pinion shaft. Rotate the carrier until the pinion shaft pin is exposed and remove the pin, pinion shaft, and small spider gears. The axle shafts can now be pushed in further to allow the c-clips to fall out with little effort. Re-install everything in the reverse order, being sure to retain the thrust washers on all four spider gears. Loctite is used on the pinion shaft pin from factory and should also be used during re-assembly.

Yukon manufactures 30-7/8" 29-spline c-clip axle shafts, specifically designed for the Jeep Liberty's Chrysler 8.25" rear axle. Made of 1541H steel, they are 25% stronger than the OEM shafts.

Superior also manufactured 30-7/8" 29-spline c-clip axle shafts, for the Jeep Liberty's Chrysler 8.25" rear axle. They were made of 4340 chromoly steel and were advertised to be 35% stronger than OEM shafts (Superior Gear is no longer in business).

The majority of aftermarket shafts (if not all) for the Chrysler 8.25" 27 and 29 spline are 1541H shafts.

Differential CoversEdit

The Ruff Stuff Specialties Chrysler 8.25" .375 One Piece Diff Cover is currently the only fabricated cover constructed of 3/8" plate steel with a 1/2" plate steel ring. It features a 1" fill plug. Many companies make 1/4" covers but Ruffstuff is the only company known for a 3/8" thick cover. This cover is welded inside and out and then machined flat.

The Blue Torch Fabworks 8.25" Differential Cover is constructed of 1/4" plate steel with a 3/8" plate steel ring. It's built to resist peel up and features a protected fill plug.

Moe's Metalworks 8.25" Differential Cover

The PML 8.25" Differential Cover is constructed of aluminum, features both a threaded fill plug and a threaded drain plug, and holds 3/4 quart more oil than stock. The cover also comes with heatsinking fins, but they must be ground off if the cover's to be used in conjunction with a fuel tank skid plate.

Gear LubeEdit

The gear lube in the Chrysler 8.25" should be changed every 12,000 miles. Off-roading and towing subjects the differential to increased torque, dirt, and water. If the Liberty isn't off-roaded, isn't used for towing, and follows the Schedule A maintenance plan, it may be possible to stretch this interval. The differential housing requires 4.4 pints (2.08 liters) of lube and, if a limited slip is present, 4 ounces (118 milliliters) of limited slip additive. Aftermarket differential covers will change the required lube volume. 75W-90 dino lube should be used for light duty applications and 75W-140 synthetic for heavy duty off-roading and towing.

Ring & Pinion GearsEdit

Yukon Gear & Axle Chrysler 8.25" 4.10 Ring Gear

The following companies sell ring and pinion gear sets for the 8.25":

  • Genuine Gear - considered the worst among off-roaders
  • Motive Gear
  • Richmond
  • Sierra Gear & Axle - re-branded by West Coast Differential
  • Superior Axle & Gear
  • US Gear - considered the best among off-roaders
  • Yukon Gear & Axle - Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Whitelk 4x4 Division - made in Italy gears historically considered the best

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