Introduction to English Literature

Introduction to English Literature
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Welcome to the Introduction to English Literature Wikibook. This wikitext aims to serve as an overview of some of the most influential and important literature in England's history as well as information about the culture, values, tastes and attitudes of each time period. If you feel something is missing from this text please feel free to either add it yourself or put a request on this text's discussion page.

Chapters Edit

The Middle Ages (449-1485) Edit

The Renaissance (1485-1660) Edit

  • The Elizabethan Age (1558-1603) 
  • The Jacobean Age () 
  • The Puritan Age () 

The Restoration and The Eighteenth Century (1660-1798) Edit

  • The Restoration 
  • The Age of Pope 
  • The Age of Johnson 

The Romantic Age Edit

The Victorian Age Edit