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International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/British Virgin Islands

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British Virgin IslandsEdit

All stamps inscribed "BR. VIRGIN IS.” in the frank. The earliest seen is from 1976.

1. Neopost “405/505” (MV).  [$20]

Square frank with single-line border.
“BR. VIRGIN IS” and “POSTAGE PAID” vertical outside border at left and right of frank.
Crown above value figures.
Two meters seen, 002 and 010.
V/F:  000  00•00

2. Neopost “205” and "2205" (MV).  [$20]

As Type 1 but much narrower frank.
Meters 003, 005, 006 and 008 seen.
Meter 008 has short date figures (model "2205") while the others have tall date figures (model "205").
V/F:  0.00