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International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Bosnia & HerzegovinaEdit

  • The nation emerged from the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991, but its standing as an independent country was not officially recognized by the international community until December 1995.
  • The nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is more a partnership than it is a typical country. It consists of two largely independent entities, the "Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina" and the Serb Republic ("Republika Srpska"). Both have their own postal systems and differently inscribed stamps. (The Serb Republic is different from the country of Serbia.)
  • The earliest meter stamp reported so far is from 1999. Earlier examples presumably exist.
  • The stamp are group as follows:
A - Stamps of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, inscribed “BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA”
B – Stamps of the Serb Republic, inscribed "REPUBLIKA SRPSKA"
PO-A - Stamps used only in post offices of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Post Office stamps from Republika Srpska have not yet been reported or seen by us.

Group A - Stamps issued by the Federation of Bosnia and HerzegovinaEdit

A1. Frama “M/E” (MV).
Horizontal rectangle with “BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA” in top panel.
Panel at right contains rhomboid shaped postal logo.
A. “BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA” in bottom panel as well as top
B. "POSTAGE PAID" in bottom panel
Value figures thick.
V/F:  00.00
a. Used for registered mail, with boxed number (vertical) and large "R" at left

A2. Frama “M/E” (MV).

As Type A1 but with different, triangular, postal logo.
“BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA” in top panel, "ВОСНА И ХЕРЦЕГОВИНА" (Cyrillic) in bottom panel.
V/F:  00.00

Group B - Stamps issued by the Serb RepublicEdit

B1. Francotyp Postalia (MV).

Horizontal rectangle with panels at top and bottom.
"REPUBLIKA SRPSKA" in top panel, "РЕПУБЛИКА СРБСКА" in bottom panel.
Circular double chevron logo in panel at right.
"KM" at left of value figures.
TM: SC spaced 5-6 mm from the frank
V/F:   0.00

B2. Hasler "Mailmaster" (MV).

Similar to Type B1 but circular logo at left.
TM: SC about 2 mm from the frank
V/F:   00.00

Group PO-A - Stamps used only in Post Offices in the Federation of Bosnia and HerzegovinaEdit

PO-A1. Unidentified (digital).
Self-adhesive label with pre-printed wide rectangular blue frame with separator dashes right of center.
At right, pre-printed "Bosna i Hercegovina" at top and "HR Herceg-Bosna" at bottom.
Point-of-sale data, added in gray-black, as follows:
At left: post office identification / date and time / transaction identification number
Value figures at right.
“BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA” in top panel, "ВОСНА И ХЕРЦЕГОВИНА" (Cyrillic) in bottom panel.
V/F:  *(000)0,00

NOTE: Stamps of similar design used in other Eastern European countries (e.g. Yugoslavia) have the option of adding a segment at left for registration data. Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina stamps such as this probably exist but have not yet been seen or reported.

PO-A2. Unidentified (digital)

Similar to Type PO-A1 but pre-printed frame is much shorter and separated into two equal sections, printed in red.
Preprinted at bottom right is "HP d.o.o. Mostar / BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA"
Point-of-sale data, added in black, as follows:
In left segment, town name / date and time / postal code
In right segment, the value figures.
At far left outside the frank, weight / transaction code
V/F:  0.00