International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Antarctica

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Postage meters have been used in at least three different locations in Antarctica, McMurdo Sound (USA), South Pole (USA), and Scott Base (New Zealand). Most of the stamps can be identified by a town mark containing "ANTARCTICA", but there are exceptions.

The U.S. stamps have town marks "MCMURDO ANTARCTICA", "SOUTH POLE ANTARCTICA" or one of the following postal codes:

17038, 96599, 96692 (McMurdo)
10090, 17040, 96598, 96691, 96692 (South Pole)

Two New Zealand meters are known used in Antarctica. One has town mark "SCOTT BASE / ANTARCTICA". The other has an unengraved (solid ring) town mark with slogan reading "25th Anniversary / SCOTT BASE : 1982". Other versions may exist.