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International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Angola

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The earliest meter seen is dated 1958. All franks are inscribed CORREIO (or CORREIOS) DE ANGOLA.

1. Universal “MultiValue” (MV), 1958.  [$5]

Circular frank inscribed “CORREIO DE ANGOLA” at top.
Large M# at bottom center.
V/F:  0$oo  00$oo  000$oo

2. Pitney Bowes “Automax” (MV), 1962.  [$5]

Circular frank inscribed “REPUBLICA PORTUGUESA” at top and “CORREIO DE ANGOLA” at bottom.
A. “No.” below left of frank, and M# below right
B. Unengraved block below left, a letter below right
C. Letter below left, blank below right
D. Letter below left, unengraved block below right
E. Unengraved blocks below left and right
V/F:  =00.oo  =00oo

3. Francotyp “Cc” (MV).

Frank is squared circle inscribed “CORREIO DE ANGOLA” at top.


A. M# with “No.” prefix below frank, centered or at right.  [$10]
B. M# inside frank at bottom center.  [$20]
V/F:   00$00  00$00

4. Hasler “Mailmaster” (MV).  [$10]

Rectangular frank with “CORREIOS DE” at top and “ANGOLA” at bottom.
M# with “H” prefix at top left and the number at bottom left.
“KZ” at left of value figures.
V/F:  0000.0

5. Pitney Bowes “5000” (MV).  [$20]

Frank is semi-circle inscribed “CORREIOS DE / ANGOLA” at top.
Value in inner rectangle open at right. Column of 5 dashes at top between TM and frank.
With “KZ” and “LW” vertical at sides of inner rectangle.
V/F:   00.oo

6. Pitney Bowes “5000” (MV).  [$20]

Similar to Type 5 but with arms of the country at top between TM and frank.
Blank at sides of inner rectangle.
V/F:   00.oo

7. Unidentified (Portugal, group PO-B machine D) (digital), 2010.

This is a Post Office machine stamp.
Printed without frank frame on self-adhesive label with pale red underprint "CA CORREOS ANGOLA".
A. Stamp for regular mail, post office name at upper left, value figures at upper right with small weight figure below, date at lower right
B. Stamp for registered mail, REGISTRADO at upper left, date and post office ID at top center, barcode across bottom
V/F:  (000)00 Kz